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So… Um…

This whole season has been filled with ‘Holy Shit’ moments. Between Teresa coming home from “camp” to her and Melissa finally forming a true union, to Jacqueline acting completely out of character and quite frankly crazy – my jaw has been on the floor. ON. THE. FLOOR. This has been one of my favorite seasons. Except for the season when Teresa flipped tables, almost punched Any Cohen, and Danielle Staub was all the rage.

However the saddest, yet most touching episode this season, had to be episode 14:
The Importance of Being Family.”
Teresa struggles to stay strong as she says goodbye to her husband, Joe, who begins his 41-month prison sentence.
[We all know the drama surrounding Teresa & Joe Giudice.If you don’t? Click HERE.]


I cried when Teresa came home and hugged her four daughters for the first time as a free woman. But NOTHING made me cry harder than watching Milania, the 3rd daughter, say saying goodbye to her father.

Poor Milania! I actually feel bad watching her pain, on camera.

However, Teresa’s brother, Joe, stepping up to the plate? MOST EXCELLENT! Warmed my whole heart. Yay family!


Holler @ Melissa! Way to be an awesome Sister-In-Law. Cannot wait to go shopping in her store! In fact, I already have a full-cart online.

Now …

Normally, I don’t like new cast members. It usually takes me a year or two to get used to them. But, I totally love me some Dolores & Siggy. These two have been a FABULOUS edition to the show.

I just don’t understand why they couldn’t see how immature Jacqueline behaved?

I don’t know if Jacqueline needs to change her meds. Or, get ON meds. Or see a hormonal specialist. Because she was NOT okay. And she hasn’t been ‘okay’ ALL SEASON.



Anyone who says they’re friends with Melissa OR Teresa, has NO BUSINESS hanging with that cunt-bag-lying-coke-whore-white-trash-piece-of-shit, Kim D.












It’s been a while.


Like, a really long while.



I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with details, excuses, or dramatic re-enactments explaining my disappearance. Aint nobody got time for that. This isn’t an episode of Snapped.


And, luckily for y’all…

My undying love – for all things television – has NOT been compromised.

not. even. a. little.

In fact – during my unexplained absence – my love affair with TV has grown even stronger.



With the newest viewing options; from cable and networks providing ondemand capabilities – to Smart TV’s and RoKu apps, such as: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime?

I’ve inevitably developed a sixth-sense.

For real, people.

I’ve been given a gift. Finding the most awesome television shows, ever.

Some people read fortunes, see the dead, or communicate with the other side. Other people provide stock options, develop retirement plans, or figure out super fancy shit with money. Some people learn. Some people teach. Some people have degrees. And some people just flip burgers or mop floors.

I am not any of those people.

I’m just a television junkie. Committed to all things TV since 1974.



And I am here to give you the inside info.

  1. I’ll let you know when something is worthy of binge-watching. And I’ll give you the reasons why.
  1. I’ll let you know when something is NOT worthy of binge-watching. And I’ll give you those reasons why.



Because I’m nice like that.



On the other hand?

I am NOT going to research facts, or spend hours perusing IMBD, or spend one second looking up Rotten Tomato or other notable Critic Scores. I am NOT going to read reviews before, during, or after – watching any show, on any venue, ever.

This is just an unbiased and un-researched television junkie’s blog.

That. Is. All.



Brew some coffee, or pour yourself a cocktail, and let’s watch worthy TV, together, again!

Hope y’all enjoy my recommendations, as much as I enjoy watching these shows.


* PS: Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome, usually on my Facebook account. Except for anything SyFy and/or History. NO. Because, BORING. Denied.
FYI: I favor crime/suspense/murder/mystery – on any & all venues. And then I will lean on: Comedy, HGTV, IDTV, BRAVOTV, or even Reality TV, when desperate.





A Great Find.

This is one of the funniest articles that I have seen in the past few weeks. It is about an upcoming reality TV show. Staring yet another once upon a time, Metal Rock “Glam Star”… turned into pathetic has been.

Facing Reality: The Rock of Love

By, Scott Wharton, From: Metal Martyr


“Anyway this new show will be about Brett Michaels trying to find love like Flava Flave (Flavor Flav, I’m not sure how it’s spelled but who really cares) in the Flava of love. Now I know 99% of you don’t watch this garbage and you’re not missing anything. From what I’ve gathered from the preview, the women he is trying to hook up with are either washed up groupies or just a bunch of blond bimbo sluts. “Whats wrong with that?” you say? Well nothing if we were still in 1988”

Please read the full article HERE

Thank me later! (Thanks to Leslie for the link!)

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