Groovy TV


Ah yes. The Glory Days of ‘Groovy’ Television. Don’t you remember way back when the world seemed so much simpler? How much did you (or still do) love all that the 70’s had to offer as far as TV programming? As much as this guy?

If you did, then I would like to take a moment and direct your attention to This Ultra-Super-Fly-Far-Out Post. I couldn’t have written this any better if I tried.


Being yanked from the warmth of my mother’s womb and placed into the cold harshness that was the last week of 1973 (I’m thinking of starting a novel using that last sentence, but wanted to try it out here first), I don’t remember a lot about 70s TV as it was happening. I did however grow up on 70s reruns. Lots of them. In fact, by the time this post is over, you may well think I grew up on too many 70s reruns…

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Thank me later.

The Moment Of Truth


Could you? Would you? Tell the truth for half a million dollars!! Even if telling the truth means you might get fired from your job or divorced from your spouse?

The Moment Of Truth. A New television show airing TONIGHT @ 9/8 C on Fox.

I am SO watching this.

“While contestants are strapped to a lie detector test, at a chance to win $500,000 participants have to tell the truth. Of course, the questions are easier when the stakes are low – but as the prize amount increases, they will be challenged to fess up to matters they might normally lie about. The touchier questions could be especially revealing because participants reveal their answers in front of spouses, relatives and friends, hanging on every word. What deep dark secret will someone divulge for hundreds of thousands of dollars?”

Lets Find Out!

Match Game and Match Game PM




(This post is for my pal Larry!)  

Thank you to all that is the ‘Game Show Glory’ and the only network (GSN) that gives the gift that keeps on givin’. I can still find great game shows right here.

Match Game is my all time favorite game show. Ever.

Complete with game show host, and the longest microphone, Gene Rayburn, accompanied by regular panelist such as, Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, Betty White, and Fannie Flagg, (amongst numerous other celebs) who all played a game where you are supposed to fill in the BLANK.

This game is like NO OTHER. I wish TV was still like this!

2 contestants are challenged to give answers. Their task is to a fill in the blank questions and hope their answers match the 6 celebrity panelists.

First, watch this video clip of the show.

Now… let US play the game!

Fill in the BLANKS to these questions: (in the comments)

“Norm said, ‘I wish my mother-in-law would stop barging in our house. Last night, she came in while my wife and I were blanking on the couch.’”

“Nick said, ‘My girlfriend is almost beautiful, from the back she looks like Miss America, unfortunately from the front she looks like B-L-A-N-K’”

But before you answer don’t miss Gene Rayburn’s nipple blooper! Oh, and……don’t forget to visit the Match Game Wall Paper Factory!!

I just love Gene’s microphone. But, can any one tell me what was Richard Dawson always drinking? Or, what Charles Nelson Reilly was smoking?

By the by, Bret Somers is the one we need to thank for making giant glasses so awesome, NOT Nicole Richie.

Without Prejudice


Without Prejudice on The Game Show Network Tuesday Nights at 9pm/8C

Could you make the final decision or be able to choose the winner on this new Reality Game Show? And could you do that Without Prejudice?

Let’s first take a look at what “without prejudice” means. According to wiki:

“In law, the phrase without prejudice means that a claim, lawsuit, or proceeding has been brought to a temporary end but that no legal rights or privileges have been determined, waived, or lost by the result. For example, if a party brings a lawsuit in small claims court but discovers that the claim is greater than the amount for that court to have jurisdiction, the lawsuit can be dismissed “without prejudice”. This means that the dismissal is no bar to bringing a new lawsuit in a court that does have jurisdiction.

By contrast with prejudice means that a party’s legal rights have in fact been determined and lost. To continue the same example, if instead the court had jurisdiction, but the plaintiff did not appear for the trial, the court would dismiss the case “with prejudice”. That dismissal is a judgment against the plaintiff “on the merits” of the case, and extinguishes the claim that was being sued over. However, this does not prevent an appeal or a trial de novo if ordered by a higher court.”

But what does that mean in real life? Outside of the courtroom and laws, there are so many stereo typical classifications in society I deem it nearly impossible to go through life “without prejudice.” How many of us have decided what some one is like based solely on the clothes they wear? Or simply judged someone because of the location they live. Not to mention the color of their skin. While it is sad, but true that in 2007 these are still real issues plaguing our society as a whole. From racial profiling to raging ignorance, prejudice is still running rampant.

There have been multiple TV shows in the past, that have brought to light some of the prejudice fat people experience, having ‘skinny’ people dress up in ‘fat’ suits and going out into the world to see what its like as someone else. Same thing has been done for color reversal scenarios.

But, this “new” “Game Show” is incredibly powerful. First off, it is celebrity free; secondly the show isn’t really about the PRIZE. I mean come on; $25,000.00 isn’t exactly what I’d call a windfall. But it does show just how UN-politically correct we still are when given the chance to judge other people.

The premise of the show: five people, sequestered in the green room revealing little facts about themselves such as: jobs, their beliefs, or even love lives — to another five people, who sit in judgment of them. The contestants don’t do anything other than be themselves. It’s up to the panelists to vote them off eventually picking a winner based on their appearances and their answers to questions from the producers and the panel. The viewers watch the questioning, and watch the panelists’ contemplation.

I was shocked and appalled when one panelist had announced his dislike for a contestant simply because he’s black and, that panelist just doesn’t like black people period. When is the last time you heard that? In public? On television!

I think this show is sure to raise a few hairs on the backs of all of our necks. It sure made me more aware and a little sick to my stomach.

So I will ask again. Could YOU choose a winner “without prejudice”?