According to Jim

According to Jim

Wrapping up it’s sixth season, ABC has not yet decided to renew or cancel this Emmy Nominated sitcom. So either way, if you are a fan of the show, do not miss the season finale of According to Jim as it may be the last episode.

Tonight there will be two episodes:

8:00pm: (Season Finale)

“Jim’s Birthday”
Jim is turning 50 and doesn’t want a birthday party, but Cheryl, not believing him, throws him a surprise party — which he deliberately sabotages. Later Jim confesses to Cheryl about being humiliated at his 13th birthday party — an event that scarred him for life.

9:00pm: (Repeat)

“Coach Jim”
Jim coaches his daughters’ wimpy, non-competitive basketball team and turns them into tough, aggressive winners.

[Wait? The show just ended! ABC is already running a repeat? Is that normal? Shouldnt the repeat be in first? as a teaser… and then the finale?]

The cast of the show includes:

Jim Belushi , Courtney Thorne Smith , Larry Joe Campbell , Kimberly Williams Paisley , Taylor Atelian, Bill Bruno , Conner Rayburn

You can also get your very own soundtrack for According to Jim just by clicking HERE!

Or watch it online!

Personally, I will be watching American Idol!

Jamie Pressly

Everyone loves Raymond, but I love the Emmy Nominated actress Jamie Pressly. No one in the history of television has played a white trash talking, trailer park living, ass kicking, scam artist, better than she. I hadn’t heard much about her before the glorious sitcom My Name Is Earl hit the TV hard and has been running strong ever since September 20th 2005. (more on that sitcom another day)

With the success of the show, the launch of her clothing line, and now featured in this month’s issue of Redbook Magazine I have no idea how she manages to stay looking so spectacular. I can’t even manage my own hair.

I am happy to announce the birth of her first baby Desi James who came into this world Friday May 11th at 7:31am.

Congratulation! And wow….what a Happy Mothers Day to you!

CBS Season Finales

It’s that time of year, when the TV season dwindles down to nothing much but the syndication re-runs all summer long. Some shows are ending for the season and some are saying fair well for good. It is always hard to say “goodbye” to shows that I have watched religiously.

I am sad to announce that CBS will be airing one season finale and one series finale tonight.

8:30pm – The season finale of Two and a Half Men : Charlie and Alan must confront their “daddy issues” when Evelyn’s new boyfriend invites them to Vegas on his private jet. Robert Wagner and Mike Connors guest star.

9:00pm – The series finale of The King of Queens : Doug and Carrie’s marriage continues to be on the rocks when Doug discovers that she didn’t get rid of her apartment in the city. But both will need to set aside their differences when they receive an unexpected phone call that will change their lives forever.

I will miss The King of Queens so much! Not just because people tell me all the time that I am an identical replica of Carrie played by the fabulous Leah Remini but because it was just such a great show. I was never once disappointed with a single episode. I will miss seeing Kevin James every night while I cook dinner. But, thanks to TBS, I will be able to keep this show, in my life, for along time to come.

Arrested Development

Since as we all know there is nothing to watch on TV on Friday nights, or for most of the weekend; I have decided to make this Friday night the kick off to my Arrested Development DVD weekend extravaganza.

I will be one with my sofa, while I laugh my face off as Jobe creates illusions; Lucille is three sheets to the wind, Tobias continues to stay a never nude, Lindsay over spends on hair care products, Michael tries to keep the rest of his family from burning through the money, George will make and fail at several attempts to escape from jail, and then just create a religious cult, George Michael will remain confused about his feelings for his cousin, Maeby will do anything to gain attention from her dysfunctional parents, and Buster will have several onscreen panic attacks that may or may not need ambulatory care.

Let the perfect weekend begin!

I can’t do this all on my own. No, I’m no superman.

Thanks to everyone who played the “Who from American Idol would be in a sitcom” game in yesterday’s post! The general consensus was to have the final four contestants, but mostly Paula Abdul, featured in an episode of Scrubs. Please read the comments HERE for the best ideas and classic mock scripts for a new episode.

Speaking of Scrubs! Tonight baby! Starting at a special time 9:23pm. I would hate if one of our readers missed the first 7 minutes of an all new episode.

Here is a quick caption of what you can expect for tonight’s episode:

Unexpectedly Expecting:

Elizabeth Banks from The 40 Year Old Virgin Guest Stars. As Eliot begins to plan her wedding with Keith, J.D. continues to question his true feelings for her. In an attempt to ease his best friend’s mind Turk takes him to a surgeon’s convention in Phoenix, but the plan backfires when J.D. runs into his ex-girlfriend Kim (guest star Elizabeth Banks) and comes face to face with the unexpected. Meanwhile, Kelso and his cronies party it up at the convention while unbeknown to him the Janitor takes on the role of Chief of Medicine back at Sacred Heart.

American Idol

I know this blog is for sitcoms and not reality TV, but come on! Who isn’t going to be watching American Idol tonight? It’s come down to the final four! And if you aren’t watching that, then what are you going to be watching? Even the people who wont admit to watching Idol, sit on their sofa’s nervously shoveling ice cream into their faces, waiting to see who gets sent home. (Oh wait, that’s me.)

So, in keeping with the sitcom theme, let’s play a game. In the comments why don’t you tell me which of the final four could star in an existing sitcom and who would they be?

Boston Legal

Okay, like Oh! Ma! Gawd! Holy hysterical! And on TV tonight!

(I know. I know… another show about lawyers? Just keep reading.)

My mother and my father have been telling me to watch the TV show Boston Legal for months now. But as usual I never listen to my parents. Who listens to their parents? I mean really. They are old, and so ‘un-cool’ what could they possible know about good TV. Just look at what they grew up watching. On the other hand, because they are parents, they know! Damn them! And, as usual, (as much as it pains me to admit) they were right.

I don’t know if Boston Legal counts as a “situation comedy” exactly. Boston Legal is like both a sitcom and a drama rolled into one. You never know which way it’s going to turn. This series makes me laugh until I need the use of my asthmatic inhaler, as well as it touches a soft spot in my cold bitter and disturbed black heart. It’s spoofy-ness on the legal system isn’t too far from the truth, but with a twist.

So whatever the “classification” of this series may fall under, trust me when I tell you Boston Legal is worthy enough to land on all blogger pages across the world

The cast is outrageous.

William Shatner as Denny Crane. Denny Craneis the senior partner of the law firm “Crane, Pool and Schimdt” whose mental elevator does not go all the way to the top. Yet somehow he seems to have all hit wits about him when it counts the most. His sexual tendencies keep an edge on each and every episode. At one point Denny had a blow up doll made to the exact likeness of another senior partner. I may have considered doing that with Alec Baldwin, but never, EVER, with some one from work! You will truly appreciate William Shatner’s finest role since Miss Congeniality

James Spader as Alan Shore. Alan Shore is the typically cast yuppie. Someone I would loathe if I ever came across them in real life. He is a high profile, blood sucking, doesn’t play nice (and I am sure that he colors outside of the lines) lawyer. Alan Shore is completely despised by all those he goes up against. He will stop at nothing and stoop to any level to win a case. He is a superstar at crossing witnesses and then recreating the code of ethics of the legal system. He is a powerful presence on the show. Arguably the main character and / or backbone of the show.

Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt.
Shirley Schmidt is the peacekeeper of an otherwise dysfunctional, yet effective, and somehow magically successful firm. Her unofficial duties include boosting the firm’s depleted moral. She manages to keep a sense of decency and an ounce of decorum that evens out the scales of insanity. If only she could teach me how to execute just a little dignity in my own office.

TONIGHT! 10PM (eastern standard time) on A B C

7th Heaven Box Set

It brings me to my knees to announce the arrival of the 7th Heaven Box Set. (And I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean that in the “please god make it stop” kind of way.)

Now I know there are people out here that are just dying to get their hands on the all new 7th Heaven Box Set. Those same people who managed to make this cheesy show into the longest running family drama. Thanks for preventing any other shows (ones with substance) from lighting up my screen. I am sure there will be plenty of people stocking up on these complete sets to hold them over the upcoming summer syndication months. Obviously, I am not one of those people.

The only thing that would possibly convince me to sit through a single episode of this series would be if the box set included “special features” like exclusive scenes from the Jessica Biel (a.k.a. Mary Camden) Gear Magazine photo shoot. The very shoot that got her fired from the show. Aside from her stunning beauty Jessica Biel played the only character that went through any real issues that any real teenagers face today. Fortunately she has long since moved on to a rather successful acting career.

I will pray that you do not have to suffer though an entire box set of this show, but if you do, may I suggest THIS fabulous drinking game!

DRINK whenever you feel you’re being judged. Either through the characters’ comments on other peoples’ lifestyles or just through the show’s overall purity.

DRINK whenever the twins speak in unison

DRINK whenever the dog barks at somebody as if he’s commenting on the situation at hand

DRINK when someone gives advice

DRINK whenever there’s a heart-to-heart

DRINK whenever someone decides they need to talk to Rev. Camden.

DRINK whenever a character refers to a character played by an actor who left the show more than one season earlier, yet still has ongoing story lines.

DRINK twice whenever someone enters into an age-inappropriate marriage because it’s not okay to have sex if you’re not married, but getting married at age seventeen is TOTALLY FINE.

FINISH THE BOTTLE whenever a married teenager announces a pregnancy that’s totally okay because she’s married.

Thanks to TIFAUX

Friday Night “roughing it”

Friday nights are tough as far as television is concerned. As well it should be. I suppose. Most people go out on Friday nights. Weather it be an attempt to shake of the work week or just to have fun. There are the married couples, like my parents, that spend a Friday night like this…“I am not going to be the one cooking, so lets have a date night.” Or there are the single people that I know (depending on age) who are out on the prowl looking for new companionship. The Networks, have responded to that demographic for the most part.

But then, there are the people like me. I am so exhausted and beaten down from the everyday grind, that I can’t even imagine attempting to get ready to go out, or be out, or stay awake past 11pm. Plus, I am not spending the money on any baby-sitter for a night I won’t even enjoy.

Which leaves me, well, home. Ahh… home! There is nothing more relaxing than unwinding on my sofa, in my pajamas, with a steaming cup of coffee, and my one true love…Television!

So, what is on TV for a homebody like me? Or you?

Well, lets take an overview:

8pm: Ghost Whisperer

Yeah, right! Um, sorry but…NO! This is Unless of course you are a prepubescent boy and are currently obsessed with cleavage.

9pm: Close To Home

I haven’t had the pleasure (or horror?) of watching, so I cant really give you an opinion on this one. Have you watched it? What is this all about? But most importantly, is it worth watching?

10pm: Numb3rs

While I am not a fan, I don’t dislike this show either. If there is absolutely nothing on at all, then yes, I will pretend to watch this while Instant Messaging my friends.

8pm: Dateline

Excellent show, unless you are home alone in a shady neighborhood and scare easily. I live in a rather nice neighborhood, and this show still gives me internal panic attacks.

10pm: Law & Order

Oh yes please, except when it is another tired old re-run.

8pm: Nanny 911

Yeah, well, here is a little secret in your ear, if you need this show to help you with parenting skills you are going to need a whole lot more than a weekend with a fake nanny. If you watch this show to feel better about yourself as a parent, don’t go patting yourself on the back, or thinking you have succeeded in a job well done. Chances are, you are still a lousy parent. Just the fact that you watch this show at all, it makes you a bad parent.

9pm: Bones

I tried. I really tried to like this show, but when you have two bad actors as lead characters, there is just no hope of having a good evening.

10pm: NEWS

Fine, what will the weather be this weekend?

8pm: Grey’s Anatomy

The re-run of what was on Thursday night. Which works out great for me, since my Thursday nights are already jammed up with a rockin’ line up.

9pm: Another Grey’s Anatomy re-run.

So I can catch up on all the episodes I missed. Since I still have to join this decade and get a DVR or a Tivo.

10pm: 20/20

Classic, news, fear driven, overdramatic, and you get to find out who killed their spouse wrapped up in one fantastic hour.

Alas, when all else fails, it’s HBO on demand to the rescue.

What do you watch on Friday nights? Or are you one of those people that has a life?


Tonight on NBC’s “Comedy Night Done Right” line up: My Name Is Earl, The Office, and Scrubs have all been supersized this week for their shiny new episodes, I don’t want anybody to miss out on thier favorite shows! So, I will hook you up with the new start times for tonight!
* My Name is Earl: 8:00pm
* The Office: 8:36pm
* Scrubs: 9:19

There is even special treat for My Name Is Earl fans! Please join us in the first ever Laugh ‘n Sniff episode! You may participate by clicking HERE!! I know I sure will. The only thing you’ll need to play the game is a TV GUIDE

Please feel free to come and join me tonight, during The Office in an NBC online forum. Click HERE to register! This episode of The Office will be the longest situation comedy on TV this week. The airtime will be running longer than 40 minutes! Now that is what I call supersized! Besides, who? doesn’t love a little extra Steve Carell in their living room.

Oh and you are going to want to check out this site for all of the best in Scrubs! There are free games, episode downloads, photo galleries and set sketches! (see the sketches when there were only seedlings in the imagination of the creators!)

And last but not least, the people over at NBC have gone all out for the special supersized occasion and given us TV lovers, some free fun stuff! For free wallpapers, letterheads, videos and even rare never seen before extra’s! Please click HERE! to indulge!

I love Thursday nights! Don’t you?