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TITLE: Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen TV shows I loved as a kid (and still do)


1. “Get Smart”. Don Adams was my idol, I couldn’t believe it when he died. We were in the car with my mother and heard it on the radio. I went “No!” and looked at her and she said “I didn’t know how to tell you”. Yes, that’s how much I adored that man for this awesome TV show. Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 and his faithful and lovely partner (and later also wife) Agent 99, the Chief, Sigfried, Agent 13… they all made me laugh and entertained me for years with this spoof to James Bond and all the shows and movies about the Cold War. I still watch it over and over again. There’s also a movie with the original cast; new one could be ok but it can’t be compared to this classic.


2. “Mork and Mindy”. Robin Williams was just the best. And this show was so sweet and funny, all because of Mork and that crazy friend he had, Exidor. Also, he (Robin) looked so cute with that hair, although he got a haircut later, similar to today’s and Mindy almost dies. He was one of the first actors I “fell in love with”, along with Don Adams (yes, I’ve always liked older men). I read how he got the part for the show. They say they were looking for someone who could portray Mork, an alien, and some people had been interviewed, so in comes Robin and sits upside down on his chair. They hired him immediately. The casting chap said “he was the only one to behave as an alien” 🙂


3. “Taxi”. Aw, man, I loved “Taxi”. I started watching it cause of Tony Danza (*drools* lol). I’d first seen him on “Who’s the boss?” and this older show was on another channel. At that time, films like “Back to the Future” or “Twins” were very big too, so I recognised and really liked watching Christopher “Doc” Lloyd and Danny DeVito (he was awesome as the mean boss). The whole cast was great, specially DeVito and Andy Kaufman as Latka; so so funny.


4. “Who’s the Boss?”. As I said, I only liked this show because I was mad about Tony Danza. Nah, it was cute and funny, but yes, Tony taking a shower or shirtless at the beach added to the show’s appeal. His relationship with Angela, her mother and the kids made it the typical show for the family, like “Step by Step” or “Full House”, but this one was better, not only because Tony was hot, I’ve always admired him as an actor too, though I bet he plays himself :P, he doesn’t seem to change much from one performance to another. (In fact, his character in this show was also named Tony). Anyway, you’ve got to love that italian-american accent.


5. “Batman”. Of course, how could this not be included. The craziest show on TV. What the hell were they smoking while they wrote this? Lol. Actually, Adam West once explained, the show was intended as a parody, that’s why it has little or nothing to do with the comic books and looks like a spoof. Cesar Romero’s Joker was great as well as the sexy Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Remember those “Bam!”, Crash!”, “Plunk!”, *add any crazy made-up word* for when they were fighting? And I loved the voice and words on the screen at the end of each episode (at least in my country), something like: “Will Batman and Robin be able to escape Mr. Freeze’s trap? We’ll find out next time, at the same bat-hour, on the same bat-channel!”.


6. “Cheers”. I was also watching “Frasier” at the time and loved it, so it was really cool seeing the beginnings of the character Kelsey Grammer portrayed. Ted Danson was great too, very different from his “Becker”, also on during those years. All the characters had something to offer, the stories were cute, though I prefer the Kirstey Alley times to Shelly Long, I couldn’t stand Diane.


7. “The Simpsons”. Of course again. Probably the best show ever and an icon for my generation. Awesome characters, simple animation mixed with great stories, sometimes funny, other times sad, always making you think, fabulous voices (both originals and latinamerican dubbing, Humberto Vélez as Homer being the best in the latter; original voices, I love them all, Dan Castellaneta is wonderful but I’d have to say Harry Shearer wins for his fantastic performance as Mr. Burns and many more). When me and my friends get together, or even just me in any meeting (and people thinking “freak”), there’s always a Simpson quote. I hope the movie does justice to the show that nowadays is definitely not what it used to be, d’oh!


8. “Seinfeld”. To many, the best show in the history of television. And it was great, indeed. The “Yadda, yadda, yadda” episode has to be one of the best ever. “Seinfeld” made you laugh and think about the world around you at all times. It was so real and yet crazy. Kramer was a very cool character but George has to be my favourite, specially when he’d get mad or nervous and yell something in a very particular way. Another very quoted show.


9. “Married with children”. “Let’s rock” would say Al Bundy, and the audience went crazy. No wonder this show lasted 10 years. Every episode was so damn funny. The hot dumb daughter, the virgin son, the tv-watching, non-cooking wife and poor shoe seller Al Bundy in the middle. Also, the neighbours, the “No Ma’am” club… I always remember the Elvis’ sweat on a shirt episode with Marcy’s “orgasm” retelling her experience watching Elvis sing and dance and one of Al’s friends going “he’s alive, I tell you he’s alive!”. Hilarious.


10. “MacGyver”. Could Richard Dean Anderson have been cuter? And you’ve got to love that theme song. Besides, MacGyver was so cool. We all tried at least once to act like him, putting a string on a door to see if someone walks in or something stupid like that. It was great watching him again on “Stargate SG-1”, a show I haven’t got the chance to watch often because it’s on really late and also I’d like to get it on DVD to watch it from the beginning cause it got me really hooked. MacGyver is usually on in this retro tv channel, as well as many of the series I mention.


11. “ALF”. Aw, who didn’t want an alien like ALF? My mother can’t see him, lol. My best friend tells her “how can you not like ALF?” But she’s scared of him or something. So you see, I couldn’t have got one at home :P. The show was nice and very funny, and was all about ALF chasing the cat or getting in trouble. Trivia: do you know what ALF means? Alien Life Form 😉


12. “Baywatch”. Yes, “Baywatch”, got anything to say? I know it was bad, but come on. I was little, there were hot guys (and chicks for men) and it was all about watching them in swimsuits and wanting to be at the beach while you had to go to school. So it was kinda like dreaming for half an hour about a life and a career you’d never have as a hot lifeguard or about being saved by one of them 😛 (Oh, my favourite was David Chokachi as Cody. Btw, have you watched that drunk David Hasselhoff video? To think he looked so good on the show).


13. “Frasier”. I’ve mentioned it, this was a very cool show. Funny, witty and just a pleasure to watch. The relationship between Frasier and his brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce in a great performance), both psychiatrists, and his father, a retired policeman was the best. The “Café Mimosa”, some episodes related to “Cheers”, Niles and Daphne’s neverending come and go, Frasier’s many dates and the crazy calls to his radio show with partner Roz, “enemy” Gil… Another great TV show.

Hope you liked it! It was very fun and nostalgic for me 🙂

Thank you so much W for Wonder!

*What were some of YOUR favorite classics? Tell us, we are dying to know!!

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Singing Bee


Singing Bee is set to premiere on NBC on Tuesday July 10th at 930pm/830c

This new game / reality TV show looks cute. Music transcends time, space, and age. Lyrics, on the other hand, can be a little harder to decipher. I mean, does anyone really know what Mick Jagger is saying half the time? Ellen Degeneres does a comedy bit in one of her HBO special’s, on how embarrassing it can be when you find out that you have been singing the wrong lyrics for years. That’s what this whole show is about. Knowing the right lyrics.

“The Singing Bee challenges contestants to accurately sing the lyrics to popular songs — when the band stops playing! Scored like a spelling bee, there is no middle ground for partially correct answers. Contestants must be perfect, or they’re out.”

I am usually pretty good with figuring out lyrics. Sure, I could look up the lyrics if I am truly stumped [love the internet] but isn’t it more fun to learn them just by listening to the music over and over again? I am looking forward to watching and playing along at home. This could be a lot of fun.

Hey Paula!

Hey Paula! Starring, Paula Abdul.

Premiere: Thursday June 29th at 10 pm on the Bravo Network.

“A seven-episode unscripted show that profiles singer, dancer, entrepreneur and “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul. First up: Abdul gets red-carpet glamorous for the Grammy Awards, but one of her pooches chews on a loaned $1million ring, irking the jewelry representative”

I couldn’t agree more with, Michael Anthony, from the TV Guide, when he states that Bravo, could have done a much better job with the Title of the show.

Nonetheless, let’s take a sneak peak at first episode. (video clip here)

50 seconds into this clip you can see two QVC women assistances laughing at Paula as they lurk in the doorway. C’mon, ladies, why so mean? Paula just wanted her designs to be “Straight Up” like the samples she approved. I guess not being able to wear sweat pants can make some people (including myself) a bit cranky.

I can’t wait to watch this show. I am going to have to work up another drinking game for this!

Shaq’s Big Challenge


Shaq’s Big Challenge Tonight 9pm/8c on ABC

Shaquille O’Neal will be taking 6 children, who are incredibly overweight, under his wing to help get them psychically active and healthy again.

* Preview video clips here

This is a long over due topic and one that I am rather passionate about. I think there needs to be a lot more focus and attention directed towards this particular issue. This is a growing epidemic in our country. This is problem that cannot be blamed on just one single party, (but I will mention a few). There are so many different reasons that can lead to bad habits and the excessive overeating :

The Parents: Yeah, I said it, the parents. (bring out the torches and pitch forks). The parents are ultimately in charge of what goes in their child’s mouth. You can disagree all you want, but who does the food shopping? What comes into the house is the responsibility of the parents. If the fridge is full of pudding and soda, then your kid(s) will eat pudding and soda. If your refrigerator is full of water and carrots, then your child will drink water and eat carrots. Of course that’s not to say when s/he visits a friend’s house their wont be chips and cake, but at least it won’t be part of the daily diet.

The Schools: (at least where I live) don’t have enough sporting activities, or even enough Gym time. School is also known as famous ground for the ridicule, teasing, taunting, and the sense of shame that can stem from such acts of cruelty. Inevitably, that only leads to more overeating.

Video Games: Are addictive. The more video games our kids have to pick and choose from, the less they want to go outside and play. (Video games will be a whole post one day….but not today.)

Media, Advertising: I see at least 75 commercials in one night for food, and food related products. Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy’s. It is a non stop barrage of tantalizing seared cholesterol on a bun.

Personal Traumas: Divorces, re-marriages, new babies, moving, deaths, are all conducive to a child wanting and needing some sort of control or power of the situations happening around them. Since those situations are beyond their reach, what can they control? How much they do, or do not, eat. What can they reach for? That box of doughnuts sitting in the pantry.

The list of reasons, could go on forever. So could the list of health issues, and potential health issues.

It is so nice to see a well respected athlete step up to the plate and lend a hand. I can only hope this show inspires more activity and healthier eating for all of our kids.

Even though my child is ‘okay’ weight wise, (he had a chubby phase, which I ended simply. I eliminated the milkshakes before bed every night. No more milkshakes = chubby phase-over) . But, he is certainly inactive. I am going to watch this show with my son. I want him to learn what healthy living looks like. I want him to learn what unhealthy living looks like. I also want him to see the pain these overweight children are in; so that maybe in the future he won’t be so quick with his judgment.

Match Game!




This is still my all time favorite game show to ever air on television. No, wait; it’s my favorite game show. Ever. Complete with game show host, Gene Rayburn, and accompanied by regular panelist such as, Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, Betty White, and Fannie Flagg, (amongst numerous other celebs) who all played a game where you are supposed to fill in the BLANK. This game is like NO OTHER. I wish TV was still like this!

2 contestants, are challenged to give answers to a fill in the blank questions, and hope their answers match the 6 celebrity panelists. Here’s a video clip of the show.

Now, let US play the game! Fill in the BLANKS to these questions: (in the comments)

“Norm said, ‘I wish my mother-in-law would stop barging in our house. Last night, she came in while my wife and I were blanking on the couch.’”

“Nick said, ‘My girlfriend is almost beautiful, from the back she looks like Miss America, unfortunately from the front she looks like B-L-A-N-K’”

But before you answer, don’t miss Gene Rayburn’s nipple blooper! Oh, don’t forget to visit the Match Game Wall Paper Factory!!

I just love Gene’s microphone. But, can any one tell me what was Richard Dawson always drinking? Or, what Charles Nelson Reilly was smoking?

By the by, Bret Somers is the one we need to thank for making giant glasses so awesome, NOT Nicole Richie.

The Closer

The Closer, Monday Nights 9pm/8c, on the TNT Network.

Wheee!! It was an all new episode last night! Anyone else catch that? If you missed it, I will hook you up, because I am good like that. Here is the link to watch it online.

While I reveled in the first day of summer, the longest day of the year; the thunderstorms put an end to my picture perfect weather. Rolling in with black clouds that ripped across my sky, much like the lightening ripped into my internet connection; after freaking out because I couldn’t use my computer, I managed to find solace, in my television.

Golden Globe winner, Kyra Sedgwick (married to Kevin Bacon) is friggin phenomenal in this dramatic series. She plays the role of Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson, an investigator and interrogator with a remarkable talent for trapping criminals in their lies.

Brenda Johnson is a brilliant woman that knows just how to use her ‘flaws’ to her advantage. Her clumsiness, at times total awkwardness, lead the other members of her police team (and the guilty parties) into thinking there was no way she could ever be able to solve, crack, and bust into the criminals the way she does. Topped off with a charming southern accent and the trademarked “Thank You” she ends most conversations with and you have a delectable combination.

I am so happy this has come back for yet another sizzling summer season. I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of her interrogations. Who knows what kind of secrets I have, that she would be able to pull out into the light!


So You Think You Can Dance?




Wednesday Nights at 8pm/7c and Thursday Nights at 9pm/8c on FOX

So, You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows this summer. There is not one element missing from this show. From the contestants, the music, the movement, the costumes, (oh the costumes!) the choreographers, the judges, the passion…all of it, move me to chills and even tears. (is that truly lame?)

Maybe I am biased so in love with this show because I used to dream of being a dancer when I was a little girl. I used to envision myself as a back up dancer on Solid Gold. I also would have given a limb to be a contestant on Dance Fever. I am sure that my hard core appreciation for this show is deep rooted since half of my life was spent dancing. I took tap, ballet, jazz, and modern for 6 or 7 years in my youth. As I grew older, I continued to dance, but, let’s just say I never made it to Broadway. I went another route.

Anyhoo…when I watch So You Think You Can Dance, I am personally brought back to that special place in my childhood. Back to my long since forgotten happy moments. The show almost makes me want to start taking dance lessons again.

Or, maybe I am so in love with this show for a simpler reason, my obsession with shiny things. Like the fantastic costumes.

Either way, I will be watching this tonight, and TAPING it. This way I can study the dancers moves and try to imitate them in the privacy of my own home.

(okay, so that is truly lame)



what? I cannot believe who is in the bottom three….. wow. not. cool.

The 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards


The 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be on tonight! Friday night, June 15th, at 9pm/8c on CBS

Nominees include: Rachel Ray, Ellen Degeneres, The View, and Oprah, just to name a few. For a complete list, Please Click here

Personally, I want Ellen to win every award in every category she has been nominated for. But, if someone else has to win another award, I am routing for Rachel Ray.

Congratulations to all the nominees, you are all winners (except that you’re not).