Thursdays Trivia: CHEERS

Only one of the best shows on TV. Ever.

Cheers! How much do you love this show! I still watch it when I can find it on somewhere late at night and it still makes me laugh.


Okay you all know the drill, but, if you are new here, the rules are simple. Please put your answers in the comments section of the post and we will reveal the answers tomorrow. NOW POSTED. No Cheating! I trust that all of you will all use the honor system? That means you will not use Google, (or any other internet searches) or mooch off other peoples answers. Cheating is bad….. mkay!

Todays Trivia Game has been brought to you by the one and only King of Trivia: Steve C., From: Dazd and Confuzed From Here:

1. What actor played Sam?
Ted Danson

2. What was Norm’s wife’s name?

3. What is Sam’s favorite hobby?

4. What kind of bike does Woody have?
A Schwinn with a Banana Seat

5. What is one of Carla’s nicknames?

6.What is Norm’s real first name?

7.  How did Woody know Coach?
They were pen pals

8. What year did Cheers first episode air?

9. Sam Malone, the bartender and owner of the eponymous bar on the show “Cheers”, was a former major league pitcher. What was his nickname as a player?
Mayday Malone

10.  What was Carla’s last name?

11. What was the name of Woody’s girlfriend on the show?

12. What is Cliff’s last name?

13. What was the name of the bar that always played practical jokes on the gang at Cheers?
Gary’s Old Time Tavern

14. Tom Kershaw, owner of Cheers, opened the now world-famous bar in what year?

15. This was the only character to appear in every single episode of the series.
Norm Peterson

And here’s the Bonus Question worth 5 points!

What was the name of the wooden Indian which stood in the bar?


Nothing is bigger in my TV life than this…..


*THURSDAY, October 4th @ 8pm On NBC *

(The following is a re-post).


There are few and far between any decent sitcoms to come along in awhile. Especially ones with this level of intellect and humor. 30 Rock is, by far, the best show to hit Television. I think 10 Emmy Nominations including, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Comedy speaks for itself. But, I will tell you more anyway. This show is the perfect remedy to the monotony of all that ‘Reality TV’.

30 Rock mirrors the personal life of Tina Fey and her experiences as THE FIRST FEMALE head writer on SNL.

(Anyone who knows me, knows that I love her more than anyone else in the world…almost as much as I love Alec).

Alas, the long awaited 2nd SEASON PREMIERE is just around the corner. Whee! Set your TiVo’s and DVRS, clear the calendar for…

*THURSDAY, October 4th @ 8pm On NBC *

[Oh, and some other famous guy, named Jerry Seinfeld or something like that , will be playing the role of himself, opening night. I never thought 30Rock could be any better than it already is. THIS is beyond icing on the cake.]





If you haven’t watched the show yet, you can get caught up before the premiere of SEASON TWO with SEASON ONE on DVD. (Made available for purchase on 09/04/2007).In the meantime, here is a quick run down…


The role of Liz Lemon, head writer for a challenging live TV show and extreme introvert, played by Tina Fey, delivers non-stop uber relatable content to the viewer. Liz Lemon is a frustrated single woman, lacking in social skills. She tries to get the best out of her fellow writers and support the insane cast of actors, all while trying to appease her boss, a meddling pain in the neck network executive, Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin. Tina Fey displays her smart comedic genius in every episode. She will force you to fall in love with her and the character Liz Lemon.

(Not like its hard to LOVE Tina. I mean really!)


Alec Baldwin is busy showcasing one of, if not his best, acting performance outside of the movie The Departed. His perfect execution and flawless delivery of each line will crack you up. Anger issues come in handy when playing this role. For real. That’s not just my huge crush talking either! He received the TCA Award this year, for Individual Achievement in a Comedy.

You get the added benefit of these incredible cast members:

Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan: A wild and unpredictable star. Judah Friedlander as Frank: The crass and wisecracking writer. Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney: The star of “The Girlie Show.” Jack McBrayer as Kenneth, the over-eager NBC gopher. And finally, Scott Adsit as producer Pete Hornberger.

Every week 30 Rock proved to be witty, fast paced, refreshing, and funnier than the week prior.

Ah yes. 30 Rock is coming back baby! I can’t wait.

Match Game and Match Game PM




(This post is for my pal Larry!)  

Thank you to all that is the ‘Game Show Glory’ and the only network (GSN) that gives the gift that keeps on givin’. I can still find great game shows right here.

Match Game is my all time favorite game show. Ever.

Complete with game show host, and the longest microphone, Gene Rayburn, accompanied by regular panelist such as, Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, Betty White, and Fannie Flagg, (amongst numerous other celebs) who all played a game where you are supposed to fill in the BLANK.

This game is like NO OTHER. I wish TV was still like this!

2 contestants are challenged to give answers. Their task is to a fill in the blank questions and hope their answers match the 6 celebrity panelists.

First, watch this video clip of the show.

Now… let US play the game!

Fill in the BLANKS to these questions: (in the comments)

“Norm said, ‘I wish my mother-in-law would stop barging in our house. Last night, she came in while my wife and I were blanking on the couch.’”

“Nick said, ‘My girlfriend is almost beautiful, from the back she looks like Miss America, unfortunately from the front she looks like B-L-A-N-K’”

But before you answer don’t miss Gene Rayburn’s nipple blooper! Oh, and……don’t forget to visit the Match Game Wall Paper Factory!!

I just love Gene’s microphone. But, can any one tell me what was Richard Dawson always drinking? Or, what Charles Nelson Reilly was smoking?

By the by, Bret Somers is the one we need to thank for making giant glasses so awesome, NOT Nicole Richie.