Living Lohan


Oh My God. I am super psyched. This is freeking awesome. I am in love with Lindsay Lohan no matter what a ‘mess’ she may or may not be. And I am dying to watch this show.

“E! began production on the tentatively-titled series last October and is expecting to premiere the show this summer. Living Lohan will take viewers inside Dina’s Long Island home as the single mom manages Lindsay’s chaotic life and career; attempts to start 14-year-old daughter Ali’s burgeoning singing and acting career; tries to keep track of her 11-year-old son Cody’s school and sports schedule; and makes sure her 20-year-old son Michael stays on track in college”

“Living Lohan will chronicle the family’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas’ Palms Casino, where Ali is scheduled to record tracks for her debut solo album for Interscope Records — a follow-up to her Christmas compilation.  In addition, Ali is determined to establish herself as a successful entertainer separate from her big sister as Dina tries to help her steer clear of the pitfalls of Hollywood, which Lindsay knows all too well.”

Hopefully Lindsay will be making appearances?

New Amsterdam


New Amsterdam Monday Nights 9pm on Fox

About The Show:

The main character John Amsterdam is a brilliant and enigmatic New York homicide detective unlike any other. And he has a profound secret…he is immortal.”

Now, normally, I would not get into a show like this one. But for the fact that it was first aired right after American Idol I don’t think I would have watched this at all. That being said, I watched it. I liked it.

I am not really a fan of the ‘crimes he solves’ portion of the show, because that part of the plot is more than predictable. However, the rest of the show…not too shabby.

I like the transitioning back and forth in time. (The guy has been alive for over 400 years, so there is plenty of material to work with.) I also like that his ‘real quest’ on earth, is to find and experience true love. (yeah that’s right. I am sucker for romance like that.)

If you missed the first two episodes you can catch up here.

I know I will be watching this show tonight.

Canterbury Law

Yes! A New show!

* Canterbury Law. Premiers: Monday (tonight) at 8pm on Fox.

Thank you!

There is virtually nothing to watch on Monday nights. And as much as I am sick of law shows, or lawyers, (with the exception of Boston Legal and my long time love affair with Law & Order) I am actually looking forward to this.

I have been a fan of Julianna Margulies, since her days on NYPD Blue, long before ER. I am excited to see her in this new series!!

*About The Show:

An attorney on the rise, she puts her career on the line to take on risky and unpopular cases, even when they take a toll on her personal life. Elizabeth and her law professor husband, MATT FUREY (Aidan Quinn), haunted by the unsolved disappearance of their young son, struggle to distance themselves from the tragedy and put their relationship back together. But those goals become elusive whenever Elizabeth’s work provides a stark reminder of the justice absent in their own lives.

Yes. I am sold.

**REVISED: I am watching this show RIGHT now…And it is TOTALLY-SUPER-AWESOME. Not only is she phenominal, the cases, the lines, the delivery, right down to her shoes…all of it…excellent excellent excellent!! I never saw it coming…the ‘personal tragedy’ she has to face. Wow.

Pop Fiction

Pop Fiction is some new show premiering on the E channel tonight. I guess the premise for the show is supposed to be kept under wraps? They are trying to create a buzz by being all sorts of secretive and hush-hush like with its weirdo promotional commercials that make no sense what so ever. The advertising for this new ‘series’ has left me confused, and aggravated. So why in the world would I tune into this show when I don’t have a clue what the f*ck it is about? Because I have nothing better to keep on in the background while I am writing at 1030 pm.



Oh shit…

I just saw a REAL commercial with actual information reguarding what the show IS about.

From what I can tell, the Celebrities are sick of the paparazzi, so, they basically “punk” the shutter bugs with fake stories.

This could be good.

I will keep you updated. After all I have nothing better to watch. (That is, until Dexter season 3 begins.)

Unhitched (take two)



Lets Hope So!!



From the ever-so famous Farrelly Brothers, the creators of ‘Something About Mary’ & ‘Dumb & Dumber’ comes a new TV series like NO OTHER.


“Take a couple having sex, add an aroused orangutan, and you’ve got an opening scene worthy of a Farrelly Brothers film. That it’s in a network TV comedy, Unhitched.

The series is about a group of newly single friends learning the lessons of starting over in their 30s. A 35-year-old man is a newcomer to the world of dating when his marriage crumbles after more than 10 happy years.

When you start with a menagerie a trois, “you know you’re in good hands. We’re going to push as far as we can on network television,” says Peter Farrelly, an executive producer who directed the pilot with his brother, Bobby.”

*Premiered LAST NIGHT, March 2, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. On FOX

Did anyone see this???


Me either.


Because when I tuned in to watch it, Family Guy was on. (Even though my channel guide, TV Guide, and my cable company said that Unhitched would be airing.) W.T.F.?

I was so disappointed. I was really looking forward to this.

Oh well.

Until I can figure out when it IS going to be on TV:

Watch this video clip.

American Idol – Season Seven – The Top 12!

David Cook


David Archuleta


Jason Castro


David Hernadez


Michael John



YES. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I don’t have to sit through another Danny Noreiaga performance. Thank you America!

Brooke White

Syeshe Mercado

Ramiele Malubay

Carly Smithson

Amanda Overmyer


Kristi Lee Cook


Congrats to all the winners!

(Um. But. What was on Paul’s head….and why?)

American Idol – Season Seven – Top 8 Girls

 ‘My Picks For The Top 8 Girls‘ !!! And away we go:

Amanda Overmyer:
Age: 23 Hometown: Mulberry, IN


What a Great Song choice for her! While she may be a walking cloned mini Roseanne Barr …. and even if I hate “the hair”, I loved the scarf… and I love her GUNS (arms).

Brooke White
Age: 24 Hometown: Mesa, AZ


Last week she surprised me with her abilities. I had no idea “CRAZY PEOPLE” could sing like that. Last night, I was just as surprised, but, not as impressed. She is still removed from reality, but maybe that is what gives her “the gift?”

BTW / Side Bar: Is Paula stranger than ever? Um. The hair? Why? I am so confused. She was always a wreck, but at least she looked good. Until last night. Here is my question. Doesn’t she have stylist? Assuming she does, they need to be fired. Um I was so distracted by the Paula hair situation/tragedy I missed these contestants:

Alexandrea Lushington
Age: 17 Hometown: Douglasville, GA


Asia’h Epperson
19 Hometown: Joplin, MO


Syeshe Mercado
Age: 21 Hometown: Sarasota, FL


But, I did see these contestants:




Ramiele Malubay
Age: 20 Hometown: Miramar, FL


Kudos. Congrats. But, I happened to agree with Simon (once again). She was predictable and the song choice was safe…but isn’t that what a player of a contest is supposed to do?

Kady Malloy
Age: 18 Hometown: Houston, TX (H-Town)


I am a bonafida- Fan fan fan fan…..I rarely disagree with Simon, but this time around,I would risk a debate team style challenge on Simon’s ass.. I think she did alright. She was good enough to be safe from being voted off.

Carly Smithson
Age: 24 Hometown: San Diego, CA


I am NOT enamored with her AT ALL. I do not like her. Yes, she has a great voice, but I dont think she  should win. Sorry.

American Idol – Season Seven – Top 8 Men

Okay folks, here we go with another installment of : My Picks – for the Top 8 Guys.

I really liked LOVED David Cook

Age: 25 Hometown: Blue Springs, MO

While I was not a fan of his hair, (at first) I am IN LOVE with his performance last night. He OWNED the show. Anyone who can do THAT to a Lionel Richie song is a fucking musical genius. Mad Props to this dood.

Another FAVORITE of the evening was David Archuleta
Age: 17 Hometown: Murray, UT


Maybe he didn’t bring down the house, but I still think he did a GREAT job. And I still think he is simply ADORABLE.

Of course, we have the cute face guy Jason Castro
Age: 20 Hometown: Rockwall, TX


No, he didn’t sing that song as well as Jeff Buckley, however I think he did done good. Although with his McDreamy eyes, and having been reminded of my favorite TV Show Scrubs while he sang ‘Hallelujah’…. I may be slightly biased.

Now for the Aussie HOTTIE, Michael Johns
Age: 29 Hometown: Buckhead, GA


Um. WTF was THAT all about? He managed to destroy the theme song to one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE 80’s movies. I swear on everything holy, if he ruined my future experiences watching The Breakfast Club, I might have to do something drastic. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still like to sleep with him. I just don’t want him to sing to me. Ever Again.

Now….I STILL really want this asshat OFF THE SHOW (like by Thursday)

Danny Noriega
Age: 18 Hometown: Azusa, CA


I loathe him. He is such a snot nosed little punk. As if it wasn’t bad enough to see him sporting The Skinny Jean, another one of my favorite songs will now and forever be “tainted” by his performance. GAH. “GO HOME!”

Next Up:

David Hernadez
Age: 24 Hometown: Glendale, AZ


Not bad. Not great. I did get a kick out of his most embarassing moment. Anyone who announces to the world that he completed an entire photo shoot with ‘A Bat In The Cave’ (also known as – visible booger hanging in his nose) is one brave sole. I gotta give credit where credit is due. I would take information like that TO THE GRAVE .



As for the last two: Luke & Chikezie…Um. I missed them. My. Bad. I never comment about a performance unless I saw it with my own eyes. I know you guys will keep me up to speed?

So give it to me people…unload YOUR opinions in the comments!