Sex In The City – The Movie



About The Movie: The Four Girls , we know and love, come together in this highly anticipated movie, for Carries Wedding To Mr. Big! So how will it all end? Will her Fairy Tail came true? I guess we will have to see the movie to find out.

Official Movie Trailer HERE

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I am soooo going to seeeing this movie. I have always loved this series. I can identify with each of the four characters depending on the day I am having or the relationship I happen to be in. I will be rallying together all of my girls (and my mom) this evening. I promise to post a full review aftrewards.

Sickest POPPER Alive

People Listen Up … You need to see this video.

Never In My Life, could I imagine being able to move my body, or see someone else move their body quite like this. I never wanted it to end. (And neither did the judges)

Robert Murraine

(And that’s why I watch the television show: So You Think You Can Dance!)

Someone needs to give that cat a ONE MAN show in VEGAS…STAT.

** Oh Yeah……AND…. there was THIS GUY (Phillip Chbeeb) who I thought was just as incredible. Yes. I am sooo excited SYTYCD is back on. This season is going to be off the chain!

You Tube videos for both of these guys keep getting removed, just Google their names if you are having a hard time with my links! (and let me know if they aren’t working in the comments so that I can fix it for ya’ll!)

American Idol (Season Seven) Finale & The Winner

Congratulations to DAVID COOK!

This Years Winner of American Idol.


Anyone else watch the Season Finale? It was actually pretty damn good. There were a few surprises I rather enjoyed. In case you missed it, the show went down kind of like this:

56% to 42% of the votes…was off the chain insane for a competition. (sigh) If only people voted like that for the election.

The show opened with ‘Home Town’ shots and video footage of the two winners followed by the Top 12 finalists. Singing Motown. Nice.

(BTW…That Brooke chick? Yup. Still Creepy.)

Next, David Cook & David Archuleta sang a song duet style. Sweet.

Ryan Secrest went onto some filler videos of a GURU that both of the finalist visited. Some of his advice was actually comical. But mostly, not.

Syeshe made an appearance…with SEAL!! (OMFG! Isn’t that Heidi Klum’s husband? …and then all I could think about was how much I adore Heidi.)

Then….a commercial came on TV for ‘The Love Guru’. The very same Guru that was just on AI – seconds ago.

Jason Castro was next…singing The Only Song her ever sang well… Halleluiah. (Pun Intended.)

Unfortunately, I was subject to one of those horrific A.I. promotional videos for some kind of FORD product. What.Ever. They offered up Ford Escape Hybrids as a “prizes” to BOTH of the finalists.

(Yeah. Cuz, that’s what the contestants really wanted.)

Next up?

The top 6 female vocalists sang, “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summer.

(I thought Simon hated ‘Cruise Like Performances?’ Apparently, that’s just a rumor. Simon did not appear to hate ‘Cruise Like Performances’.)

Finally…The real Donna graced the stage with her presence and saved us all from the [insert any insult] that was taking place on the stage.

Singing ‘The Letter’ was Carly Smithson & Michael John.

Oh. No. Gag.

Seeing him on stage again – was much like running into an EX that you were suddenly embarrassed to have ever dated. That was rough.

Then there was a “Review”…by Jimmy Kimmel (the guy who writes all of Sarah Silverman’s Jokes). He had some words about Simon Cowell’s Nipples and creepy Sanjaya parking cars.. He made fun of Paula’s delusions. And he created a collage of video moments worth a laugh.

The top 6 male vocalists came out singing…Bryan Adams Summer Of ‘69.
(That’s when I decided it would be a good time to take a shower and shave my legs considering I had an over night 3rd date to get ready for…)

But, The Powers That Be (at AI) had cleverly tricked me. The real Bryan Adams appeared. My 6th grade heart was pitter pattering away. I was helpless, staring at my TV.

When I came back from the shower with a slight case of Razor BURN, I was greeted with the end of a rendition of ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ by ZZ TOP – and David Cook.

Good times. I am sorry I missed THAT in its entirety.

That was followed by a performance by Graham Nash (of The CSN&Y) and that Crazy Bitch also known as Brooke White – singing “Teach Your Children Well”. Bombarded with high school nightmares, I decided that was a good time to refresh my coffee cup.

When I returned with a scolded mouth (and a hang nail)…it was time for another commercial.


When GLADYS NIGHT and the PIPS…took OVER the arena.

The “PIPS”?


Is that? IT IS!! Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Junior!! Jack Black pulled a Chris Farley with his pants…Ben Stiller was the proverbial black sheep left alone to fend for himself on stage…and Robert Downey Junior? Um. WOW. HELLO. Even though I feel like I am cheating on Alec Baldwin, I have to admit…He has NEVER looked better.

* said the girl licking the TV screen *

Carrie Underwood followed the trio. And, really? Who else could have followed THAT? She was amazing. She looked hot, she sounded fan-fucking-tastic. I may start listening to Country Music more often just based on THAT performance.

We had another round of the Top 12 singing…WHAM…what? What was worse than that? Waiting for George Michaels to STOP singing.


The judges said a ton of sh*t that didn’t matter because the votes had already been cast and counted. A MONUMENTAL moment took place on stage when Simon Cowell APOLOGIZED publicly to David Cook.

When Ryan Announced the winner (by 18 million votes) was DAVID COOK, I don’t think it registered in his brain immediately that he has WON.

And then he cried. And I of course lost it.

Now we just have to look out for David Archuleta showing up on TV with fresh bruises…from his over bearing and controlling father.

American Idol Season Seven Top Two

Its come down to the final two. A Battle of The Davids. Hmmm. I wonder…Will ‘Archie’ Get ‘Cooked‘?

I am not sure who WILL will WIN. But I know who I WANT to WIN . Although, I do worry that if David Archuleta looses A.I. his father might really beat his ass.

Anyway, last night went like this…

They OPENED the show as if was a real HBO Boxing Match, with the real announcer, robes and gloves on in each contestant while waiting in their perspective corners.

It was The Best opening to the show All Season Long.



Round One:

Clive Davis chose the song ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ by Sir Elton John.

David was simply brilliant. My mother had chills on her scalp from this performance. All I could think while “Archie” was singing this song was, Man that Clive Davis really knows what he’s doing, when it comes to song choices. I keep forgetting this huge voice belongs to a 17 year old.

(*Has anyone else noticed that little David looks like he is about to Pass Out after listening to each judge?)

Round Two:

An Unknown song chosen by Andrew Lloyd Webber titled ‘In This Moment.’

Solid – from Jump Street. Every single note was awesome. He had perfect pitch and total control over his voice effortlessly. (I actually teared up.)

Round Three:

He chose his own song, and ran with his version of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon.

His version is all sorts of changed up from the original. Its more uplifting and way less melancholy. In fact, it was Un-fucking-be-leeeee-vable. AND Fan-Fucking-Tastic.

(*I really wanted David Cook to win, but now? Im not so sure…)




Round One:

Clive Davis chose the song ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ by U2.

I had chills from the first note. Full Blown GOOSE BUMPS up and down my legs. This cat is ready to hold his own concert. That was one Kick Ass cover. Even Simon said, “Phenomenal.” Damn Skippy.

Round Two:

An Unknown song chosen by Andrew Lloyd Webber titled ‘Dream Big?’

Since I have never heard that song or anything of the like, it was AWESOME to hear an ‘original’ coming from him. Whoever does make that into a song will forever be compared to Cook (at least in my book). I think it was pretty fucking terrific.

Round Three:

He chose for himself ‘The World I Know’ by Collective Soul.

He sang that Acoustic Style bitches! Like an Artist n’ shit. For real. It was So Very MTV Unplugged. (Yanno, back when MTV used to have, um, how you say….MUSIC)

When he was finished singing he was all teary eyed. I lost it when I saw the expression on his face. It was as if he knew ha had been defeated. And that broke my heart!


Who do YOU think will be the last man standing? And who do YOU think will be The Next American Idol?

Chelsea Lately.

This really is my “All Time Favorite Show” on the E Channel. (Aside from THS) I cannot go to bed until I get my daily dose of Chelsea Handler. She is one of the funniest women alive. (Second only to my beloved Tina Fey.) Her fast paced wit and humor are truly a gift.

Check out Chelsea interview Poppy Montgomery in THIS VIDEO.

And you will see why I have a total “Girl Crush” on Chelsea.

American Idol-Season Seven-Final Three

And here is what I thought of last night’s performances:

Last night the contestants sang music from: All Over The Place.

I will state for the record, that was the best Paula has looked all season. Yet, she still sounded like she was slurring and hallucinating. However, I do not think AI would be the same without her.

Anyway. On to the contestants (in no particular order).

Syesha Mercado:


1st song: Randy chose for her – If I Aint Got You by Alicia Keys.

Now, that is one of my favorite Alicia songs. Ever. Syesha had some big shoes to fill. And she must have big feet, because she did a fantastic job. All while looking simply stunning.

2nd song: She chose for herself -Fever by Peggy Lee.

At first her voice sounded a little forced. I think Ryan Seacrest must’ve made her slightly self-conscious of the chair by making such a big deal about it before she sang. Nonetheless, I waited the whole song for it to Pick Up, or Get Going, a Big Bang, something…and that just never happened. I did not like this song for her. At. All. But again, she looked beautiful.

3rd Song: Producers chose – Hit Me Up (by-I have no idea?)

Her performance factor has definitely blossomed over this season, but again, this fell short of my expectations of her.

—– —— ——

David Cook:


1st Song: Simon chose – The 1st Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack.

OMFG. WHAT? Yes. And can I just tell you…He rocked the hell out of that ballad. He started off traditional and ended with a rocker punch. The way he transtioned from point A to point B with that song, was BRILLIANT.

2nd Song: He chose to sing – Dare You To Move by SwitchFoot.

The lyrics were perfection for this stage in the game, and the pressure that was last night. However…Not His Best Song. Although, David Cook could ‘sing the phonebook’ and I would buy a ticket to any of his concerts.

3rd Song: The producers chose – Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith.

Um. Yeah. Now THAT is how you cover Aerosmith, and make it your own. (Let’s hope Michael John was watching at home and taking notes!)

—– —– —–

David Archuleta:


1st Song: Paula chose – And So It Goes by Billy Joel.

He did a great job. But. I think it would have been nicer had he held the notes longer. There was way too much trilling in his voice. I think that might be due to his young age and not fully capable of understanding or translating to the audience the deeper meaning of that song.

2nd Song: He chose to sing – With You by Chris Brown.

Well. Hmm. While it sure was nice to see him having a good time out on that stage instead of the more shy/serious side we always see, I don’t necessarily think that venue is his bag. He really does a much better job when he sings more along the lines of the classic Rat Pack jams.

3rd Song: Producers chose – Longer Than by Dan Folgerberg.

Which was right in David’s wheelhouse. A gooey, mushy, slow ballad. Just perfect, for him.

*** I think all three final contestants did a wonderful job. I am positive it will come down to a battle between the David’s for the sought after title American Idol. (And yes, I am routing for David Cook.) I also found it rather interesting that all three finalists picked BAD song choices for themselves. They did a much better job when someone else picked a song for them. ***