Tina Fey


Oh what can I say about Tina Fey.

She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s hilarious. She’s cutting edge. She is *awesome.* And, she is my hero. The End.

First, she stepped it up on SNL with this killer comedy skit.

Secondly, she topped the first SNL skit with  this killer comedy skit .

Finally, she took no prisoners and crushed it on SNL with this killer comedy skit.

(I’ve watched all of those videos at least 15 times, and I still cant get enough.)


The ONLY good thing about the elections this year is TINA FEY as SARA PALIN

Season Premieres Tonight

‘My Name Is Earl’ (NBC) 4th season premiere
. ‘Survivor’ (CBS) 17th season premiere
. ‘Ugly Betty’ (ABC) 3rd season premiere
. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (ABC) 5th season premiere
. ‘The Office’ (NBC) 5th season premiere
. ER’ (NBC) 15th season premiere

Whew. This week has been AWESOME for TV. Thankfully I only have ONE Must See TV Show for the evening! (‘My Name Is Earl’) After that, I just might be able to catch up with my favorite blogs again!

Season Premieres Tonight

‘Knight Rider’ (NBC) series premiere
. ‘New Adventures of Old Christine’ (CBS) 4th season premiere
. ‘Gary Unmarried’ (CBS) series premiere
. ‘Criminal Minds’ (CBS) 4th season premiere
. ‘CSI: NY’ (CBS) 5th season premiere
. ‘Lipstick Jungle’ (NBC) 2nd season premiere

Geez. There are just too many choices. My Head Might Explode. I am Psyched about:

. ‘New Adventures of Old Christine’ . ‘Criminal Minds’ . ‘CSI: NY’ and maybe even Lipstick Jungle.

Season Premieres Tonight

. ‘NCIS’ (CBS) 6th season premiere
. ‘Opportunity Knocks’ (ABC) series premiere
. ‘Eureka’ (SCI FI) 3rd season summer finale
. ‘The Mentalist’ (CBS) series premiere
. ‘Law & Order: SVU’ (NBC) 10th season premiere
. ‘Without a Trace’ (CBS) 7th season premiere

Besides Law & Order which I will watch forever, someone has convinced me to check out the TV show Eureka. Will do, and will do a follow up post about it. I’m also curious in checking out The Mentalist. Wow, I am really expanding my TV horizons this year!

Season Premieres Tonight

Oh Boy. Tonight is going to be a VERY busy night.

. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (CBS) 2nd season premiere
. ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (ABC) 7th season premiere
. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (CBS) 4th season premiere
. ‘Heroes’ (NBC) 3rd season premiere
. ‘Two and a Half Men’ (CBS) 6th season premiere
. ‘Worst Week’ (CBS) series premiere
. ‘Boston Legal’ (ABC) 5th season premiere
. ‘CSI: Miami’ (CBS) 7th season premiere


My FAVORITE show…(aside from House, Dexter, Scrubs, Chelsea Lately, & 30 Rock) is Boston Legal. I can’t get enough.

(I know. I know… another show about lawyers? Just keep reading.)

My mother and my father have been telling me to watch the TV show Boston Legal forever now. But as usual I never listen to my parents. Who listens to their parents? I mean really. They are old, what could they possible know about good TV. On the other hand, because they are parents, they DO know! Damn them! And, as usual, (as much as it pains me to admit) they were right. I started watching this show last year and I have been HOOKED ever since!

I don’t know if Boston Legal counts as a ‘situation comedy’ exactly. Boston Legal is like both a sitcom and a drama rolled into one. You never know which way it’s going to turn. This series makes me laugh until I need the use of my asthmatic inhaler, as well as it touches a soft spot in my cold bitter and disturbed black heart. It’s spoofy-ness on the legal system isn’t too far from the truth, but with a twist.

So whatever the ‘classification; of this series may fall under, trust me when I tell you Boston Legal is worthy enough to land on all blogger pages across the world. The cast is outrageous.

William Shatner as Denny Crane. Denny Craneis the senior partner of the law firm “Crane, Pool and Schimdt” whose mental elevator does not go all the way to the top. Yet somehow he seems to have all hit wits about him when it counts the most. His sexual tendencies keep an edge on each and every episode. At one point Denny had a blow up doll made to the exact likeness of another senior partner. I may have considered doing that with Alec Baldwin, but never, EVER, with some one from work! You will truly appreciate William Shatner’s finest role since Miss Congeniality.

I also loved the episode wherein he hired a complete ‘make up team’ including application of special effects like tubing put in his face to look ‘FAKE CRY’ in order to win over a womans heart.


James Spader as Alan Shore. Alan Shore is the typically cast yuppie. Someone I would loathe if I ever came across them in real life. He is a high profile, blood sucking, doesn’t play nice (and I am sure that he colors outside of the lines) lawyer. Alan Shore is completely despised by all those he goes up against. He will stop at nothing and stoop to any level to win a case. He is a superstar at crossing witnesses and then recreating the code of ethics of the legal system. He is a powerful presence on the show. Arguably the main character and / or backbone of the show.

Each episode ends with Alan Shore and Denny Crane having a heart to heart over a nice cigar and a glass of scotch.


Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt.
Shirley Schmidt is the peacekeeper of an otherwise dysfunctional, yet effective, and somehow magically successful firm. Her unofficial duties include boosting the firm’s depleted moral. She manages to keep a sense of decency and an ounce of decorum that evens out the scales of insanity. She is absolutely brilliant.

If only she could teach me how to execute just a little dignity in my own office.

I am SO excited to see what is in store for this season! Wooot!

And that is just the TIP of the ice burg.


Other Cast members include:

John Larroquette
Role: Carl Sack

Christian Clemenson
Role: Jerry Espenson (One of The Best characters on the show. Who suffers from Aspergers Disorder)

And Many Many More.


I am sure there are many of you out here just as excited for HEROES as well. Like I said, we have a lot of GOOD television to watch tonight! Yay!

60th Primetime Emmy® Awards

Tonight8pm on ABC


Emmy Winners: 2008

Best Series, Drama

‘Mad Men’

Best Series, Comedy

’30 Rock’

Best Actor, Drama

Bryan Cranston  Breaking Bad’

Best Actor, Comedy

Alec Baldwin  ’30 Rock’

Best Actress, Drama

Glenn Close  ‘Damages’

Best Actress, Comedy

Tina Fey  ’30 Rock’ 

Best Supporting Actor, Drama Series

Zeljko Ivanek    ‘Damages’

Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series

Dianne Wiest  ‘In Treatment’

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Series

Jeremy Piven  ‘Entourage’

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy Series

Jean Smart  ‘Samantha Who?’

Best Reality-Competition Program

‘The Amazing Race’

Best Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program

Jeff Probst

Best Made for Television Movie


Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series

‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’

Best Miniseries

‘John Adams’

Best Lead Actress, Miniseries or Movie

Laura Linney

Best Lead Actor, Miniseries or Movie

Paul Giamatti

Best Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie

Eileen Atkins

Best Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie

Tom Wilkinson

Best Directing, Drama Series

Greg Yaitanes, ‘House’

Best Directing, Comedy Series

Barry Sonnenfeld, ‘Pushing Daisies’

Best Directing, Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special

Jay Roach, ‘Recount’

Best Directing, Variety, Music Or Comedy Program

Louis J. Horvitz, ’80th Annual Academy Awards’

Best Individual Performance In A Variety Or Music Program

Don Rickles

Best Writing, Comedy Series

Tina Fey, ’30 Rock’

Best Writing, Drama Series

Matthew Weiner, ‘Mad Men’

Best Writing, Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special

Kirk Ellis, ‘John Adams’

Best Writing, Variety, Music Or Comedy Program

‘The Colbert Report’


Only The Best News EVER….

Tonight on Fox at 8pm/7central HOUSE Season Premiere.


Need I Say More?

Congratulations to the shows 4 nominations: Best Drama, Hugh for Best Drama Actor, Best Drama Direction and Outstanding Music Composition. Well deserved.

In case you have been living in a cave….About The Show:

HOUSE, an innovative take on the medical drama, solves mysteries where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients. DR. GREGORY HOUSE (Hugh Laurie) is devoid of bedside manner and wouldn’t even talk to his patients if he could get away with it. Dealing with his own constant physical pain, he uses a cane that seems to punctuate his acerbic, brutally honest demeanor. While his behavior can border on antisocial, House is a brilliant diagnostician whose unconventional thinking and flawless instincts afford him a great deal of respect. An infectious disease specialist, he thrives on the challenge of solving medical puzzles in order to save lives.

And…He is Totally Super Hot.

For the past four seasons, House has shepherded an elite team of young experts who helped him unravel diagnostic mysteries. In addition, he has a good friend and confidant in oncology specialist DR. JAMES WILSON (Robert Sean Leonard). There’s some volatile chemistry between House and DR. LISA CUDDY (Lisa Edelstein), the Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator; the two are in constant conflict over House’s duties and unconventional behavior, but even she would admit that his brilliance is worth the trouble.

And the rest of the cast kick ass.

I can not wait!!