Tool Academy

Slated to premiere tonight: Sunday, January 11 @ 10/9c on VH1



“The guys, all secretly nominated by their girlfriends, initially believe they are taking part in a competition in search of “Mr. Awesome.” But the tables are turned almost immediately and they quickly learn that they are actually recruits in the Tool Academy, where they will be schooled in proper boyfriend behavior—covering topics like honesty, fidelity, maturity, and communication. Each week the guy who shows the least progress in the group is deemed a hopeless tool and dismissed from the academy.”

Yeah, um. I’ve dated ENOUGH Tools in real life. Do I really need / want to watch them on yet another pathetic Reality TV Show? I think Not.

If any of you happen to catch this show and there is at least ONE redeeming quality please let me know in the comments section of this post. Otherwise, I cannot be bothered with this noise.

Rock Of Love

Here is a shocker for ya’ll.

Bret Michaels is STILL trying to find love.


What … A Surprise.


99% of the women he is trying to hook up with are either washed up groupies or just a bunch of blond bimbo sluts. “Whats wrong with that?” you say? Well nothing if we were still living in 1988. But, we are in the year 2009.

Bret, who is now 45 years old? is looking for a girl who can keep up with his rock and roll life style and not be jealous of his “one true” passion, performing. Whatever.  Its over dood. Let it go. The only thing you’re gonna find on this reality show is a bunch of crazy women that make the rest of the female race look bad.

Anyway, for those of you with strong enough stomachs to watch this kind of garbage, Season Three, premiers sometime in the near future.

Hm. I wonder how far back Brett’s hairline would be if he ever took off that stupid cowboy hate or the bandanna?

We Interrupt This Program

To bring you some very important news.

My ‘Real Life Best Friend’ Leslie was just interviewed by: The PerkettPR Blog.


And yeah. It is a big f*cking deal. So, I am calling on ALL of my readers and ALL of my friends to swing on over HERE and get in on the buzz.

Leslie has started her own social networking consulting company called UpTown Uncorked. The focus of her company is to ‘help people and businesses learn to navigate the waters of social media tools to build their business, promote their brand, engage the customer, and build lasting social leverage that we then help turn into real world, off line successes and sales.’

Sounds awesome right? That’s because, IT. IS.

(I get so excited when I get to brag about the people I love.)

C’mon ya’ll. Get out of here already and go! Go! Go!

YES! Scrubs Is Back Baby!

Scrubs officially premieres TONIGHT. Tuesday January 6th, 2009 at 9/8c On ABC.

I *love* the TV Show Scrubs so very much. I have written about my love for this TV show time and again. And finally I am thrilled to announce that SCRUBS will be on ABC tonight.

Scrubs was created by Bill Lawrence back in 2001 and broadcast on NBC. The show has long since lived on my television. I welcomed every season with as much anticipation as any other thus far.

I have to admit; once George Clooney left the cast of ER back in 1999, I vowed I would never to watch another “hospital” related series. However, Scrubs takes on a completely different approach to work and life in a hospital setting with a comical twist.

Scrubs, is somewhat like the series ER, with the fast paced medical crisis and deeper hidden meanings of life. Mixed with a dash of the Seinfeld magic (four main characters which all have equal roles in each episode) and you have one very brilliant program.

The writing isn’t packed with medical jargon or overly dramatic scenes. Instead the lines are peppered with cunning sarcasm and steadfast wit. The writing is what makes the show unlike anything else out there these days. The story lines, the acting, the ever so perfect sound track, all good reasons as to why this sitcom has outlasted so many others over the past five years that have fallen short and to the wayside.

The lead character, Dr. John Dorian, “J.D.”, played by (none other than) Zack Braff, provides the viewer with his inner monologue during each episode. The seamless integration of reality and fantasy scenes are impeccable. J.D. embarks upon his forever battle to win the respect from his superior Dr. Percival “Perry Cox”, played by John C. McGinley. The never ending longing for approval and sheer nuisance of J.D.s desperate need to bond like father and son with Dr. Cox, gives way for multiple scenes in which Dr. Cox seems to get off degrading J.D. with the constant use of different female nicknames such as Vivian or Fiona. To quote Dr. Cox, “Back off Tiny Dancer, I have work to do.” Berating, all in the name of mentor. His wife, Jordan Sullivan, played by Christa Miller
is the only person that can get away with giving it to Perry, and she dishes out just as much if not more to damage his super ego.

The show becomes even funnier when it is complimented by J.D.’s “man-love” for his best friend, the surgeon, Dr. Christopher Duncan “Turk”, played by Donald Faison. J.D. and Turk have an onscreen friendship that leaves you wondering, scratch that, knowing, they must be having a great time while filming. They make you want to drink apple martinis and get to know them in real life.

You add one gangly, neurotic, basket case, smarty, (and hottie) Dr. Elliot Reed, played by Sarah Chalke, a woman everyone can relate to. Every woman has been an “Elliot Reed” in one situation or another. Lest not forget to mention Sarah Chalke has a gift for the scenes that require some pretty crafty physical comedy as well.

Top that with the gossipy, know what’s best for everyone else, can’t take her own advice, heart of gold, spicy girl from The Block named Nurse Carla Espinosa, played by Judy Reyes. Nurse Carla Espinosa is married (on Scrubs) to surgeon Dr Turk, aka Dr. Turkleton.
One of the key characters in the show has to be the Janitor, played by Neil Flynn. The Janitor is the arch nemesis to J.D. Only, J.D. doesn’t know the exact nature of the Janitor’s hatred, even though it is apparent the Janitor is out to get J.D. at every turn. He may not be a lead character, but the series would not be complete without our “jumpsuit.”

The all mighty head of Sacred Heart Hospital, Dr. Bob Kelso, played by Ken Jenkins. The best way to summarize Dr. Bob Kelso is to quote him. “What has two thumbs and doesn’t give a crap? Bob Kelso, Nice to meet you.”

For the hospital’s legal department you have a mid 40 year old, spineless, still living at home with his mother, incapable of confrontation without passing out unconscious, Ted Buckland, played by Sam Lloyd

Last but certainly not least you have a possibly gay? Possibly straight? Always inappropriate, high “5? obsessed, surgeon Todd Quinlan, played by Robert Maschio

I look forward to every single new episode. I own all of the previous seasons on DVD. The sound tracks are downloaded in my ITUNES. I watch Scrubs via syndication on Comedy Central. If you haven’t been watching Scrubs, you have seriously missed out on some of the best television program to come along!

How long have you been watching Scrubs? Are you excited for the return of the show?