It’s Time For A Contest! You Can WIN A FREE DVD – Ron White “Behavioral Problems”

Hello loyal readers of Melevision, if you love Stand Up Comedy as much as I do,  there has to be at least a few Ron White fans who read this blog. I figured since Ron White just released his newest special, “Behavioral Problems” I would do a little contest complete with a free DVD giveaway of his new special. The Prized DVD is uncensored, unedited, and filled with 40 minutes of Bonus Material not seen on Comedy Central!

For those of you who have been here before, you all know the drill, but, if you are new here, the rules are very simple. Please put your answers in the comments section of the post and I will reveal the answers tomorrow. Below! No Cheating! I trust that all of you will all use the honor system? That means you will not use Google, (or any other internet searches) or mooch off other peoples answers. Cheating is bad…mkay!

Ready to play?

Just answer the trivia questions below either True or False in the comments section. The person with the most correct answers WINS ! And away, we go…


1. Ron White won’t perform anywhere that doesn’t let him smoke onstage. TRUE

2. A man actually died of a heart attack during one of Ron White’s performances. TRUE

3. Ron White’s stand-up comedy act, “You Can’t Fix Stupid”, attracted over 4.5 million viewers. TRUE

4. The city of Lincoln considered fining Ron White $100 for smoking on stage. TRUE

5. Ron White’s “Drunk In Public” tour in 2004, ranked in the top fifty tours by Pollstar Magazine. TRUE

6. Ron White calls his son, Marshal, “Tater Tot.” TRUE

7. Ron met Jeff Foxworthy when Ron was starting out as a comedian and helped launch his comedy career TRUE

8. Ron recently wrote a book containing life stories and comedy acts entitled I Had the Right to Remain Silent… But I Didn’t Have the Ability. TRUE

9. Ron’s nickname is “Tater Salad.” TRUE

10. In 1990, Ron White was arrested for being drunk in public after he was kicked out of a bar in New York City. TRUE

* Good Luck Everyone! And remember to have fun!


* Drum Roll Please:

The winners are Eric also known as Speedy and Heather from One Shot Beyond

‘Sit Down, Shut Up’


Sit Down, Shut UP,” is FOX’s latest addition to Sunday’s Animation Domination. The show made its premiere last weekend on Sunday at 8:30pm – right after ‘The Simpsons” and before “Family Guy.”  Unfortunately, I missed the premiere. But, that’s not going to happen again.

Now, truthfully, I am NOT a fan of animated anything. However as soon as I found out this show is a great new comedy by the creator of “Arrested Development.”  Featuring: Will Arnett, Will Forte, Kenan Thompson, Jason Bateman, Henry Winkler and Kristin Chenoweth are just a few of the actors voicing the characters, I just have to tune in and see what its all about.

I mean this show HAS TO BE GOOD. Just take a look at this video clip:

How To Tell If Your Students Are On Steroids

(Gym teacher  Larry Littlejunk (voiced by Jason Bateman) explains that his students can’t possibly be on steroids because they’re horrible at every sport. )

Hm. I am wondering if anyone here DID see the premiere? If so, please tell me what you thought of it in the comments section! Anyway….

About The Show:

Based on the hit live-action Australian series, “Sit Down, Shut Up”  revolves around the lives of high school faculty members in a small Florida fishing town who are so preoccupied with their own personal needs and agendas that the students ALWAYS come second. At Knob Haven High the teachers are essentially the students and their insecurities, prejudices, power struggles, unrequited loves and petty squabbles take center stage, leaving the students hungry for learning and any kind of attention or leadership.

There’s one educator who can actually teach and feels the focus should be on academics, yet despite his efforts and being the only teacher who truly gives a damn, has been relegated to gym.  LARRY LITTLEJUNK (voiced by Jason Bateman) can be found jogging, eating sensibly or attempting to be the voice of reason when he’s not teaching P.E. or trying to impress science teacher, MIRACLE GROHE (voiced by Kristin Chenoweth). MIRACLE, whose career as a science teacher has had some help due to her good looks and flirtatious nature, can pretty much be found at all times with her concerned baby, MERCH, and promoting the spiritual life that rules her universe.

SUE SEZNO (voiced by Kenan Thompson), who has taken over as acting principal of Knob Haven due to a mysterious accident involving the last principal (can you say escape attempts?) can be found giving lots of “no’s” for answers in her stern, firm and no nonsense manner. Then there’s Vice Principal STUART PROSZACKIAN (voiced by Will Forte) whose terrifically upbeat and positive attitude explain why his prior job was a Prison Clown for Florida’s Department of Corrections.

Every educational institution must have a jock (or someone who thinks that he is one) and that’s English teacher ENNIS HOFFTARD (voiced by Will Arnett) whose love of the ladies is eclipsed only by his love of himself. ENNIS can often be found badgering the aging German teacher WILLARD DEUTSCHEBOG (voiced by Henry Winkler), a deeply defeated and poor man who loves to spend time shopping at the local 49-cent store and eating anything involving bologna.

Rounding out the staff is HELEN KLENCH (voiced by Cheri Oteri), the feisty and frustrated librarian who believes that the library is the core of the school and loves to tell people to “Quiet Down!” She is single, desperate and not picky, and can be found spending a lot of time gossiping with the bisexual drama teacher, ANDREW LEGUSTAMBOS (voiced by Nick Kroll). Finally there’s HAPPY- real name Muhannad Sabeeh Fa-ach Nuabar – (voiced by Tom Kenny), the plotting secretive custodian who many don’t know too much about.


The Unusuals

I accidentally stubmled upon a brand new show called The Unusuals airing on ABC @ 10/9c, last Wednesday. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. I couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be funny, or serious, or a spoof or what. But then I let down my cynical wall and just let myself just go with the flow. And quite frankly, I fell in love with the characters rather quickly. Now that I have watched TWO full episodes I can honestly say, I truly enjoy it. I have added my commentary in bold below.


About The Show:

Like a modern-day M*A*S*H, The Unusuals explores both the grounded drama and comic insanity of the world of New York City police detectives, where every cop has a secret. [There is a lot more comedy than drama, which is ever so refreshing.]

It also helps to have a twisted sense of humor, since every day could be your last.  Detective Casey Shraeger (Amber Tamblyn) has just been transferred to the NYPD’s Homicide unit from Vice and is instantly thrown into a setting of bullets and bodies. As she begins her new assignment, Casey finds that the force is full of secrets, which serves her well, since she’s keeping a few of her own. [Casey is a terrific character. She is from a super weathly family, that does not approve of her career choice. And she has to hide her background from the force in order to be taken seriously by her co-workers. Only the boss knows that she is really a rich princess. And, she happens to be very lovable.]

But her first case is not an easy one, as she’s assigned to investigate the death of one of the department’s own, the former partner of Detective Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner), who is now her new partner. [They make a great team.]

As the duo seeks out the cop killer, the secrets and eccentricities of the rest of the department begin to emerge. Prank-magnet and social climber Detective Eddie Alvarez (Kai Lennox) has no qualms about stealing cases, as long as he can turn them into front-page stories; [That guy is HILARIOUS]

Eric Delahoy (Adam Goldberg), who is trying to get himself killed in the line of duty. [Of course, because he is essentially trying to kill himself, and he fails at every attempt, he ends up being the hero in critical situations. No one other than his doctor knows why he has a ‘death wish’.]

And Leo Banks (Harold Perrineau), an overly cautious officer who refuses to remove his bulletproof vest. [I think it is beyond funny he will NOT take off his bullet proof vest. EVER. It makes for great outfits. And so far he might be one of my favorite cast members.]

Delahoy & Banks are polar opposites!

And the very religious Detective Henry Cole (Josh Close) is trying to keep his secret past from both his streetwise partner [is kind of  a creepy character.]

Allison Beaumont (Monique Gabriela Curnen), and Sgt. Brown (Terry Kinney), who is struggling to rid the 2nd precinct of corruption. [Not sure about them yet. I haven’t made up my mind if I like them or not.]

* I am certainly enjoying the way the show’s plot lines, characters and humor. I didn’t expect to be that amused. I just finished watching the second episode but I dont want to give that away just yet!

In case you missed last week…

About The Premiere:

Casey is taken off the streets where she’s been working as an undercover hooker and finds herself reassigned to the Second Precinct, effective immediately. She meets her new partner, Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner), whose last partner, Detective Burt Kowalski, was just murdered. Tasked with tracking down the murderer, Walsh races off to investigate Kowalski’s past, with Shraeger trailing behind.

As the duo seeks out the cop killer, the secrets and eccentricities of the rest of the department begin to emerge: Prank-magnet and social climber Detective Eddie Alvarez  has no qualms about stealing cases, as long as he can turn them into front-page stories that make him look good; Detective Eric Delahoy ( is trying to get himself killed in the line of duty for reasons known only to him and his doctor; his partner, Leo Banks , is convinced he is going to die and refuses to take off his bulletproof vest; and the very religious Detective Henry Cole is trying to keep his unholy past from both his streetwise partner, Alison Beaumont, and from his boss, Sgt. Brown, who is struggling to rid the Second Precinct of corruption.

If you’d like to watch the pilot you may do so by following this link:  Watch The Pilot Episode.


I LOVE this comedian So Very Much.  So, pour yourself a glass of scoth and light up a stogie because this Sunday, “RON WHITE: BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS debutes on APRIL 19 AT 9 P.M. ET/PT on Comedy Central.


Maybe he can’t fix stupid, but Ron White delivers the laughs in his brand-new stand-up special, “Behavioral Problems.”  It’s another brilliant addition to his already impressive resume which also features the wildly successful “They Call Me Tater Salad.”

In this special, White riffs on such wide-ranging topics such as the unintended consequences of excessive drinking, his unique approach to funding the war and the joys of a bidet. White proves that he still hasn’t solved his “behavioral problems.”

Comedian, Ron “Tater Salad” White, is best known as the cigar smoking, scotch drinking funnyman from the “Blue Collar Comedy” phenomenon. But with two Grammy nominations, a Gold record, top-rated one-hour specials on Comedy Central, a book that appeared on The New York Times best seller list and CD and DVD sales of over 10 million units, White has established himself as a star in his own right.

*Encore presentations air Sunday, April 19 at 10:00 p.m. and Tuesday, April 21 at 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. and Saturday, May 2 at 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

*Ron White: Behavioral Problems – Live, Extended And Uncensored” DVD is a single disc and features an extra 40 minutes that did not air on COMEDY CENTRAL. The DVD will be available in stores nationwide on Tuesday, April 21 and released by COMEDY CENTRAL and Paramount Home Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Here:

The product that keeps you from ruining your couch if you spill your drink on it is well-named.

Reno 911!

An All New Eposide Airs TONIGT on Comedy Central.


On this week’s all new Reno 911! Lt. Dangle and Williams haggle with a convicted serial killer to get him to show them where he buried his victims. Tune in to Reno 911! every Wednesday at 10:30pm on Comedy Central.

Here are some sneak previews and exclusive video clips!

Police Helicopter
Dangle and the Reno police chopper get their wires crossed in the middle of a hot pursuit.

Workin’It – Hygiene
Don’t eat food that falls out of your mouth onto the floor, or you’ll have it coming out of both ends.


Last night, I watched an all new episode of the hit new show on Fox called Fringe. As I’ve mentioned before, this show can be totally gory and totally creepy. Fringe is so Not My Kind Of Show, yet…I can’t look away.


Just to recap last night’s episode:

It begins at a demolition site. The workers prepare for a building to be demolished. After the final sweep, Dennis, one of the workers, gets a strange feeling and heads back inside. Looking at the building’s blueprints, which reveals a room they didn’t check. Dennis finds a hollow spot in the floor and kicks it in — revealing a dungeon of hidden passages below. A few workers follow him into the dark and eerie passages. They find a room cordoned off by bars, and inside, huddled in the corner, is a young boy: hairless, emaciated, trembling, and naked.

[The super skinny, super pale, under ground dwelling,  child – scared the crap out of me. It took HOURS to erase that image from my mind]

At the FBI, Charlie talks on the phone and receives some startling information. At the fax machine he finds a creepy invitation to an art exhibition. Charlie’s look suggests this isn’t just any ordinary fax.

At Olivia’s apartment, [I love, LOVE, Olivia] Rachel and Olivia help Ella pick out an outfit for school. Rachel [Olivia’s Sister] admits that she and Ella went apartment hunting the day before, despite Olivia’s insistence that having them stay with her is no problem.

Olivia receives a call from Charlie, who informs her that “The Artist” has returned. And just as Olivia is about to rush to join the investigation, Broyles calls and tells her to fetch the Bishops and meet him at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Broyles shows Olivia, Peter, and Walter [My FAVORITE Character is Walter] the boy from the demolition site. The tunnel in which the boy was found had been sealed shut for at least 70 years, but somehow the boy managed to get down there — and survive. He hasn’t spoken a single word since he was found. Walter tells Broyles that he’ll need a piece of special equipment: a record player. The boy’s attending physician, Dr. Winick, tells the team that the boy is having trouble breathing. Walter explains that he was trapped in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere for so long that his body became accustomed to it. To get the boy breathing normally, they need to deprive him of oxygen.

At the Laundromat, a man folding his clothes at a table strikes up a conversation with a female customer, commenting on her griffin tattoo. She gives him the cold shoulder. Moments later, she sees to her embarrassment that the man is wheelchair-bound. Later, the man is loading his laundry into his van outside as the woman exits. She offers help and he accepts. As she sets his basket of clothes inside the van, the man stands up behind her and pulls out a needle. Inside the van, the man, now splattered with blood, turns on a small saw and gets to work. [Very Dexter-Like.]

Back at the hospital, Walter is proven right [ shocking] as the boy’s breathing returns to normal. Walter instructs the doctors to increase the oxygen concentration by 10% every hour until he acclimates to the normal atmosphere. Winick says the boy is actually in surprisingly good health; he responds to sound, he has no brain damage, and his heart and blood pressure are strong.

Olivia is trying unsuccessfully to communicate with the boy when her phone rings. It’s Charlie with more details about “The Artist” case. The boy eyes Olivia as she writes down an address. And then the boy gently takes Olivia’s hand and pulls her notepad into his lap. As the two lock eyes, the boy’s hand writes down the words: “Sam Gilmore” upside-down. [The way the boy wrote on the paper looked crazy. He wrote upside down and backwards. Try it. I did. Its really hard to do!]

Charlie and Olivia arrive at a crime scene. The woman from the Laundromat is dead, propped up, wearing a wig, and dressed in a gown. The officer in charge tells them that the victim’s name is Samantha Gilmore. [And, That – is when I freaked out!]

At the FBI, Charlie briefs a room full of agents on the Artist. His M.O. is to kill women and then “enhance” their appearance to fit conventional norms of beauty; in Samantha Gilmore’s case, he bleached her tattoos and removed her piercings. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Broyles that the boy’s photo has been given to Samantha Gilmore’s family, but so far no one recognizes him. [See! Creepy!]

Later, Walter says that based on the boy’s blood-work he was likely raised, if not born, in the basement of the building where he was found. Olivia reiterates that the place had been sealed off for decades. How did the boy get there? Walter suggests that the boy may be significantly older than he appears. Then an agent comes in and tells Olivia they got another fax. The Artist is going after another victim. [That’s when I started biting my nails off.]

A woman walks a dog down a wide street as she is approached by the man from the Laundromat, the Artist. He kneels and pets the dog while looking at its owner. He has found his next victim. [ I was yelling at the TV, telling the charcter to run! While my parents looked at me as if I’d lost my mind.]

At the hospital, Olivia brings the boy a bag of M&M’s to entice him to eat. She tells him that as a kid she used to live on them — but not the yellow ones, which reminded her of medicine. The conversation is interrupted by Eliot Michale’s from the Department of Social Services.[It was a rather touching scene.]

The two talk outside the boy’s hearing. Eliot tells Olivia that since there’s nothing physically wrong with the boy, he’s arranged to have him moved the next day. The boy worriedly watches them, as though he knows what they’re saying. Suddenly the boy’s vital monitors start beeping as his blood pressure and heart rate spike. Olivia comes back and the boy returns to normal almost immediately.

As Eliot leaves the hospital he speaks cryptically to someone on his phone. He informs them that he’s located “another one.” [Serial Killing and Science Fiction. That’s just a good recipe for riveting television.]

Back in the boy’s room, Olivia is about to leave when the boy scribbles another message for her: “547 Marlborough.”

On Marlborough Street, Charlie and Olivia have no other leads, so they split up to knock on doors. As Olivia walks down the street, someone watches her from inside a parked van. It’s the Artist, his hand firmly pressed over his latest victim’s mouth to muffle her screams. Olivia continues down the street, oblivious. [Again, I was yelling at the TV trying to tell Olivia where the victim was.]

Later that night, Olivia and her sister enjoy a nightcap at the apartment. Rachel asks Olivia if she likes her job. She does most days, but not today. Then Charlie calls to say they’ve found the Artist’s second victim. She was not found on Marlborough… but they found the victim’s dog tied to a fence there.

Peter and Walter’s hotel room. Olivia asks Walter if he knows how the boy could be coming up with these clues. Walter posits that the boy might be hypersensitive to people’s emotions. So much so that he may be able to intuitively detect the feelings and thoughts of others. Similar to the manner that sharks sense bioelectric fields, and other animals sense pheromones. Walter also believes that the boy has thoughts despite his inability to communicate them, and there may be a way he can access them.

Olivia goes to the hospital to fetch the boy. On his food tray, a pile of yellow M&M’s have been shaped into what appears to be a fir tree. The two leave together. [The boy was giving her clues all along! ]

In the Harvard lab. Walter brings out the neurostimulator (last seen in “The Ghost Network”), which he’ll use to translate the boy’s thoughts into sound. He’ll make some minor adjustments to the halo ring so it won’t need to be drilled into the boy’s head.

Meanwhile, Elliot Michaels [who is totally a Bad Guy] discovers that the boy has been discharged from the hospital.

In the lab, Olivia explains the procedure to the boy. She tells him if he doesn’t like what’s happening to simply squeeze her hand. Walter has a plan to loosen the boy up. He puts an Al Green record on and begins to dance joyfully with the scary-looking neurostimulator. The boy smiles, loosens his grip on Olivia’s hand, and Walter gently slips the neurostimulator onto the boy’s head. [They had me – at Al Green.]

Soon thereafter, Eliot Michaels arrives with Broyles and reveals that he’s not actually with Social Services, but with a classified division of the CIA Directorate of Science & Technology. He’s here to take the boy so that his abilities don’t slip into the wrong hands. Astrid interrupts with news: they’ve received another invitation from the Artist. Broyles asks Michaels for one more day, and Michaels reluctantly agrees, on the condition that after 24 hours they’ll turn over the boy without a fight.

Later. Walter is reciting mnemonics, trying to remember the proper wiring sequence for the neurostimulator. Olivia says the forensics report found blood under the fingernails of the Artist’s second victim. But the blood isn’t human; it’s cow’s blood with plastic polymers in it. Peter says he used to work at a meat-packing plant where they wrapped the cuts of beef in plastic sheeting. [Finally a solid lead/clue!]

Olivia arrives at a meat-packing plant. Simultaneously, Walter calibrates the language-translation apparatus that’s attached to the neurostimulator on the boy’s head. As Walter tweaks the dials, the computer begins to generate language-like sounds based on the boy’s thoughts. But suddenly the boy begins to shiver uncontrollably, and Peter aborts the procedure. At the meat packing plant, Olivia also shivers as she questions the manager. After Olivia asks for a sample of their plastic, the manager admits that he sold some plastic to a man the day before.

Somewhere on the street, the Artist helps a woman load groceries into her car. He’s found his next victim.

Olivia calls Peter to say she’s gotten a sketch of the man who bought the plastic — finally, a solid lead. Walter interrupts Peter’s conversation and asks if the plant was refrigerated, because that would explain everything.

When Olivia returns to the lab, Walter explains his theory. The boy has developed an emotional connection with Olivia. He can sense and feel what she does, and he’s relaying information about the crimes because he knows that information is important to her. Olivia speaks with the boy, but senses that he’s mad at her for some reason. Astrid suggests that this is because he “felt” the conversation she had with Eliot, and doesn’t want to be sent away. Olivia apologizes to the boy and tells him, very sincerely, that she wishes she could stop Eliot from taking him. She can’t, but she needs his help anyway. The boy writes down a set of cross streets for her: York and Glenway. [At this point we know she is going to catch ‘The Aritist’, but again, I was on the egde of my seat.]

A roadblock has been set up at the corner of York and Glenway. Charlie and Olivia stop and search cars. A familiar van appears, with the Artist behind the wheel. The sketch isn’t a very good match to his face. Olivia asks a few questions, and then notices the air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. It’s yellow, in the shape of a fir tree — the same design the boy made with the yellow M&M’s. Olivia tells the Artist they need to check the back of the van. He punches the gas and peels out. Olivia shoots out the van’s tires. It crashes into a fence, and the Artist takes off running, Olivia close behind.

Charlie checks the back of the van and finds the Artist’s third victim, fortunately still alive. Olivia, now in a cemetery, searches for the Artist. He comes from around a corner wielding a knife. A struggle ensues, and Olivia takes control of the Artist’s knife and stabs him dead just as Charlie rounds the corner.

At the FBI, Broyles receives a call from Olivia; she needs his help with something. Later, she stops by Boston Children’s Hospital, and asks Dr. Winick for a favor.

Olivia arrives with Dr. Winick at the lab. She tells the boy that Dr. Winick is going to take him to live with a nice family. Olivia and the boy share an emotional goodbye. [Yes, I had tears in my eyes. I am lame.]

At the FBI Broyles lies to Eliot Michaels, telling him the boy disappeared from protective detail.

Olivia returns home and shares a nice moment with Rachel and Ella playing Simon Says.

Dr. Winick drives down a suburban road. The boy sits quietly content in the back seat. Out the window, the boy spots a bald man in a black suit standing by the side of the road. It’s a man we’ve come to know as… the Observer. As the car passes by, the two make eye contact, and the boy watches as the Observer fades into the distance.

There are Five More ‘All New’ Episodes coming up over the next Five Weeks. To say that I am excited is an understatement!