‘Burn Notice’ Star: Jeffrey Donovan, Arrested!

Jeffrey Donovan, famous  for his role as Michael Westen, and star of the hit USA Network series “Burn Notice,” was arrested on July 12 on suspicion of driving drunk, and has been charged with one count of DUI.


According to TMZ, Donovan flunked a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. That’s when he said, “The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with 3 glasses of wine.”

Um. Duh! It’s not exactly an airtight defense in a DUI case to argue, “I really think I’m only borderline and not too drunk.”

Paula Abdul May Be Leaving American Idol?


Very sadly, it does not appear that she’s going to be back.” Said her manager. “She’s not a happy camper as a result of what’s going on. She’s hurt. She’s angry,” David Sonenberg, told the LA Times.

Negotiations have been under way since last season to re-sign Abdul, whose $5-million-a-year deal ends next month. But speculation is high that the shocking statement is the latest negotiating ploy in the protracted talks. Sonenberg has been representing Abdul only since last month and may have wanted merely to stir up public sympathy for her. It seems to have worked too. “KeepPaula” was the No. 1 topic on Twitter this weekend, according to trend reports. So far, American Idol producers declined to respond.

I can’t say that I wont miss Paula. I mean, sure she is a train-wreck and all, but she sure does provide a lot of entertainment. I am curious to see how all of this will pan out in the end.

What do you think?

Do you want Paula On or Off American Idol?


I have only watched two [maybe three] episodes of this show [so far] and I liked it. I don’t LOVE it,  like the way I love the show  FRINGE, but, the show Mental is quite clever. And, having nothing else to watch on Fridays Nights, this is a series I can get find myself getting into.

I am already a fan of Chris Vance who plays the lead character Dr. Jack Gallagher and I like most of the the supporting cast. Especially Annabella Sciorra. She is brilliant in her role as Nora Skoff, director of the metal hospital.

Are YOU watching Mental?

Mental broadcasts on the Fox Network airing Friday Nights @ 9/8c


About The Show:

A medical mystery drama featuring Dr. Jack Gallagher [played by Chris Vance]. A radically unorthodox psychiatrist who becomes Director of Mental Health Services at a Los Angeles hospital where he takes on patients battling unknown, misunderstood and often misdiagnosed psychiatric conditions. Dr. Gallagher delves inside their minds to gain a true understanding of who his patients are, allowing him to uncover what might be the key to their long-term recovery. As seen through the eyes of doctors and patients who, as Dr. Gallagher points out, have more in common then they’re willing to admit, Mental, also tracks the romantic and personal relationships of the team of doctors and hospital staff who work closely together as they delve into the mysteries, oddities and wonders of the human brain.

For More About The Show, Watch A Video Interview With Members of The Cast – By Clicking HERE!

NYC Prep

Okay. Okay. I have watched a few episodes of this show. I almost hate to admit it, but I was accidentally sucked into a Marathon of ‘Back To Back Episodes’ late one night while suffering writers block and insomnia. I gotta tell you, I am AMAZED at how these people live. I was utterly shocked to see such young kids with so much wealth at their disposal. I mean, half of them don’t even know what the limit is on their credit cards. While this show is certainly not on my ‘Must See TV’ list, nor will I go out of my way to watch an episode, but, if nothing else is on TV, I do find this series to be slightly intriguing.

NYC Prep airs on the Bravo Network on Tuesday Nights @ 9/8c


About The Show:

NYC Prep chronicles the lives of a group of privileged teenagers who are key players in Manhattan’s elite high school scene. Students who travel in packs – whether it’s on sophisticated vacations or to a townhouse for an exclusive midnight party, their lives intertwine as they network, shop, party, study, date and write college applications. Everyone’s beautiful and everyone’s connected. On the surface, it seems that these teens live an enviable life. They have access and privilege to spare, and can’t imagine that anything or anyone, will get in their way. Over the course of the series, we’ll see them on the benefit circuit, viewers will get to know their families, their entourage (trainers, college application advisors, stylists) and their guys/girls of the moment. But privilege has its price. Despite their carefree lives, the pressure of lofty expectations can sometimes be too much for even the most confident teenagers.

About The Cast:

taylor_2Taylor is a 15-year-old sophomore who bounces between her public school entourage and the fast-paced, wealthy Upper East Siders. As it is for most New York City kids, the academic bar is set extraordinarily high for Taylor. Her magnet public school is an intense academic pressure cooker, yet she finds time to be an active member of her school’s gymnastics and roller hockey teams. The rigorous pre-professional dance program she’s enrolled in at the prestigious STEPS keeps her sane with dance lessons up to six days a week. Taylor has an active interest in politics and has been known to frequent a student demonstration or two in Union Square. She loves to say that she’s “horrible at relationships,” which may explain why she continually leaves a flock of boys dangling in limbo, despite advice from her closest friends to “date the nice guy.”

[*Taylor appears to be the one that is the most down to earth. While she is ‘boy crazy’ she tries to avoid the gossip and games as much as possible. It’s obvious she has a good head on her shoulders, even though I have heard her say some pretty dumb things!]

sebastianSebastian is known among his circle of friends as the guy who constantly hooks up with the hottest girls – either in the City or at his place in the Hamptons. As a native French speaker, girls swoon at his surfer good looks and impeccable accent. Sebastian regularly hits up the town with wingman and best bud Gabe. Sebastian’s hobbies, aside from girls, are soccer, tennis and debate tournaments. He’s a member of the school newspaper and a certified ocean lifeguard. He is actively involved in charitable causes connected to his school, and has participated in several HMUN (Harvard Model United Nations) events across the east coast. Whether it’s “le football” in the Pyrenees or a debate team dais on the Upper East Side, 16-year-old Sebastian is sure to be surrounded by a sea of admirers.

[*Sebastian is a PLAYER. Or at least he likes to think he is. It’s not really his fault that these girls fawn all over him. He just knows how to use his good look and his charm to his benefit. Kelli and Taylor BOTH like him. And watching that triangle unfold has been quite entertaining.]

ny-prep-pc-125x125-1 PC is one of the most popular kids in the Upper East Side prep school scene. Attractive and wealthy, PC is interested in photography – both fine art photography and fashion photography – and is a music aficionado. He loves sports and plays ice hockey, tennis, golf and soccer. Like many New York kids, this jaded 18-year-old grew up fast, surrounded by rock stars, artists, and the city’s literati. For PC, money, women and life’s spoils are all he’s ever known, and as such, he can’t wait to get out of the “sandbox” of high school. A workout fiend, PC realizes that college is right around the corner and he needs to make an impactful change to his partying lifestyle. His first step is to reconnect with his old friend Jessie. They have a long history – they’ve dated, been best friends and lost touch – and as they pick up where they left off, the drama unfolds.

[*PC is a mess. He is in therapy that’s not working. I think he might be gay or at least he has gay tendencies, but he is too afraid to ‘come-out.’  He is arrogant and insecure at the same time. He thinks the world revolves around him. He expects that everyone is there for him when he need/wants something, but when the time comes for him to return the favor, he falls short, runs late, and lets his ‘friends’ down time and again. His best friend [or, fag-hag?] is Jessie, but she is really in love with him. At least that’s what I think.]

kelli_0 Kelli, While her parents spend much of their time in the Hamptons, Kelli recently moved to the Upper East Side for high school. A 17-year-old junior and the most recent import to the Manhattan social scene, Kelli’s apartment, which she shares with her older brother, often becomes a crash pad for friends – leaving one to wonder if the big city pressures will get to her. She loves exploring the city’s various high-end restaurants with her friends and also manages her brother’s basketball team. Instead of following the party-hunting majority, Kelli chooses to focus on jumpstarting a singing career for herself, working with a team of voice coaches, producers, image consultants, stylists and a dash from her own Mom. Kelli is passionate about setting up a benefit to raise money for cerebral palsy, which afflicts her older sister.

[*Kelli lives in an amazing Upper East Side apartment. But, for the LIFE OF ME, I cannot figure out WHY her parents think it’s OKAY to allow her and her brother to basically roam free. Left to their own devices, these two are without parental guidance. It’s no wonder when Kelli doesn’t know how to act sometimes, and WHY she is so desperate for love and attention. She is the least emotionally mature out of the bunch, but wouldn’t you be too if you were in her situation? I know that when I was her age, if I had my own apartment and unlimited funds, I would have been out of control!]

jessica-head-new Jessie always gets what she wants – in the case of her final year of high school, this means she’s anxious to get accepted by FIT, a top-tier college program to pursue her passion for all things fashion. To bolster her college application, she interviews for cutthroat fashion internships with top designers in New York. Always a leader among her friends, Jessie likes to throw parties for fun, as well as for good causes. As one of the student chairs of the “Operation Smile” junior committee, Jessie showcases her public relations abilities as she works all angles of their big event to raise money, find the perfect glam venue and solicit charitable donations from the city’s top haute couture designers. In her limited free time, Jessie enjoys spinning, exploring vintage stores, and vacations with her family.

[*Jessie is often misunderstood. She can come off as a bitch, but I’ve come to realize that’s just her nature. She truly loves her friends, and she works very hard, which is why she comes off abrasive at time. I have a lot of respect for this one. But, she needs to admit to herself she still has feelings for PC. “Jessie always gets what she wants” except for her true love!]

camille Camille, A junior in high school, 17-year-old Camille takes her studies seriously, balancing rigorous exams, lacrosse practice, studying for her SATS, the debate team and the college application process with aplomb. She’s constantly on the lookout for a boyfriend, but no one seems to meet her impossibly high standards, despite the bevy of suitors knocking on her door. Camille thrives on high school drama and can often be found playing peacemaker, brokering a classic junior vs. sophomore high school feud, or saving a naïve freshman from social suicide. Always armed with acid-tongued opinions and witty retorts, the refined Camille loves to blow off steam by going out on the town at hot clubs around the city.

[*Camille is Kelli’s best friend and she really likes to start trouble. She is my least favorite of the crew. She gets off on other people’s drama and loves to create tension. I find her to be intensely annoying. The reason she never has a boyfriend is NOT because of her ‘high standards’ but because she is too busy forever causing problems in other people’s lives.]

Miami Social

I have not had the chance to watch this show yet, however, the commercials are kind of entertaining. Has anyone here seen the show Miami Social yet?

Miami Social airs on the Bravo Network, Tuesday Nights @ 10/9C


About The Show:

Bravo is expanding its arts and culture slate with the network’s newest docu-series Miami Social. Heading to the country’s hottest city to show you what life is like in the lively social scene of South Beach, Bravo explores the lives of a group of hot, young professionals – corporate types by day and party animals by night – as they navigate the sometimes murky waters of Miami’s hottest locales. In Miami Social, Bravo will follow a successful group of friends who are some of the most connected and interesting young professionals in South Beach, as they go from the city’s night life, to the board room, to magazine offices where they lead their intertwined lives.

[And from what little I’ve seen, there is a never ending supply of drama! I am curious to hear from ya’ll before I decided whether or NOT to watch this show.]

Leverage – TONIGHT!


For those of you who are just as excited and as anxious as I am, I am THRILLED to announce that the hit new drama on TNT called Leverage returns to TV on Wednesday July 15th @ 9/8cPM. Just so you know. Mark Your Calenders!

[I will be sure to post a reminder just as soon as this glorious day arrives.]

When TNT says “We Know Drama”…they are not kidding.

I have to say, it takes a lot to get me hooked on a new show. I am pretty rigid with my TV schedule and I don’t often allow room for new TV ventures that come along to intrude on my viewing pleasure when most of them turn out to be more than a waste of my precious free time. However, I was pleasntly surprised last year when LEVERAGE turned out to be sofa king good.

The series follows a team of thieves, hackers and grifters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, taking revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize others.

Oscar Winner, Timothy Hutton [who I totally LOVE] plays former insurance investigator Nate Ford, a once-loyal corporate employee who had recovered millions of dollars in stolen goods for his employer. But when that employer denied his son’s insurance claims and allowed the boy to die, he realized he could no longer work for such an entity.

Last season:

Nate, out of work and descending into alcoholism, Ford is hired by an aeronautics executive to recover airplane designs the executive claims were stolen by a rival company. Helping him are four highly skilled team members: Parker, an expert thief; Alec Hardison, a specialist in Internet and computer fraud; Eliot Spencer, a high-octane “retrieval specialist” who can take out a gang of henchmen without breaking a sweat; and Sophie Devereaux, a grifter who could win awards for her acting skills during difficult scams.

At first the newly formed team is hesitant to trust each other after so many years working alone but being double-crossed changes the dynamic, ultimately forcing them to unite. They emerge from the job realizing they are far better working together than apart. Once they discover they can trust each other the group targets their cons toward the richest, the greediest and the most unjust.

I can’t even imagine what we have to look forward to this season.

More About The Characters:

Nathan Ford


Timothy Hutton plays; Nathan Ford: Good-looking and still sharp, despite the layers of insomnia and hangover damage he’s accumulating as fast as he can. Nate was an expert at recovering stolen items…until the insurance company he worked for (I.Y.S.) refused to pay for his 8-year-old son Sam’s “experimental” treatment. When his son died a couple of years ago, Nate went on the skids. In the pilot, Dubenich hires him as the one honest man to keep a group of thieves in check. Now, Nate leads the team to right injustices, funded by their unique take on “alternate revenue stream”. He has a long catch-and release history with Sophie, who is the only team member he selected himself.

Alec Hardison


Aldis Hodge plays; Alec Hardison: Young, thick-shouldered, and looks like he should be playing pro ball. But Hardison’s tall good looks are counter to type; he’s actually a geek of the first order and an expert at all things electronic. He loves orange soda…and might have a bit of a crush on Parker.

Eliot Spencer


Christian Kane plays; Eliot Spencer: Eliot is not a large guy, but he is deceptively dangerous. His coiled and precise movements belie his quiet cowboy charm. He doesn’t like guns and, it turns out, doesn’t need them. Despite his rep as a tough guy, he is an apparent whiz in the kitchen and known to take the occasional manly sip of tea. Delicious.



Beth Riesgraf plays; Parker: Petite, cute, blonde… and a social pariah. Parker’s idea of fun would scare the living daylights out of most people. She has neither modesty nor fear of heights. Like Hardison, Parker grew up in the foster care system, but her tale is one of abuse and neglect. She’s insecure about only one thing: her ability to pass herself off as a normal person.

Sophie Devereaux


Gina Bellman plays; Sophie Devereaux :Sophie has dark eyes and lips you find yourself staring at while she’s talking. Where Parker’s a stiletto, Sophie is all curves and mist. She’s a seductress capable of convincingly playing any character or nationality… as long as it’s not on an actual theatrical stage where she will overact magnificently. She may very well be in love with Nate.

So You Think You Can Dance, “Addiction” by – Mia Michaels.

Mia Micheals choreographed this piece called “Addiction” and it was danced by Kayla and Kupono.

Kupono was the addiction, Kayla the addicted.

I’ve watched this at least 30 times now, and every single time – I am moved even deeper.

What a brilliant piece.

Mia Michael’s is a choreographing genius and Kayla and Kupono really made the story come to life. The way the two of them are so insync with each other as he ‘controls’ her [much like a real addiction can control someone’s life] is utterly breath taking. From the opening scene where she appears to ingest him, to the way he puts his hands covering her mouth, and how she loses the battle in the end. Every single movement and every single gesture is absolutely deliberate.

This has to be The Most Powerful [and beautiful] dance I’ve been privileged to watch on this season. Seriously. This gave me the chills in my soul and, brings tears to my eyes.

You can see the video of it here:

She’s Got The Look


I am not really sure how I feel about this show.

The premise of the show is to find the next face of fashion industry, with a twist. All of the woman competing are 35 or older exuding sophistication, beauty and confidence.

I am all about upping the AGE (and SIZE) of the women typically shown in magazines and commercials. I am a fan of the “Real Women Look Like This” a quiet trend that seems to be slowly making its way into fashion.

The competition for ‘She’s Got The Look’ begins with a nationwide search, narrowing it down to twenty semi-finalists who are then flown to New York and immediately put to the test in their first ‘Photo Shoot’ where they must then face the judges.

While I am *fully* behind the concept that any woman at any age can be  beautiful. However, I did not like one of the commercials I saw for the show, wherein they make rude comment along the lines of “how can you put a woman over 35 in a bathing suit like that.”

Um… I happen to know plenty of 35+ women who look better than any 25 year old.

And AGE exudes more confidence naturally.

However, I have high hopes of this TV show may act as a catalyst – for possibly changing the ‘face’ (and raising the bar) for what is considered an acceptable age and size of women around the world.

This week:
The challenges continue to escalate as the remaining models are pushed to their limits – both physically and mentally. First, their strength and endurance are put to the test in a fitness photo shoot. Then, they face the ultimate psych out in a challenge that forces each of them to confront their deepest fears. As the competition intensifies, tensions run high at the loft. One model’s attitude sets off the judges during elimination, and emotions flare all around as all the models try to cling to their spot on the board.

Tune in July 9th at 9 p.m. on TV Land