So You Think You Can Dance [SYTYCD] Season Six!



My favorite ‘Summer Show’ is having a surprise ‘Fall Season’!

And I for one could not be happier about this.


So You Think You Can Dance airs TONIGHT on Fox @ 8/7C!!


Feel free to judge me, but I am forever amazed with what the human body is capable of doing with some of the dance moves. There is not one element missing from this fabulous show. From the contestants, to the music, the movement, the costumes, [oh the costumes!], the makeup, the hair, the choreographers, the judges, and the passion. All of it, literally moves me to chills and sometimes even tears.

[Is that totally lame? Wait. Don’t answer that!]

Maybe I am biased so in love with this show because I used to dream of being a dancer when I was a little girl. I used to envision myself as a back up dancer on Solid Gold. And I would have given a limb to be a contestant on Dance Fever. I am sure that my hard core appreciation is deep rooted since half of my life was spent dancing.

About The Show:

So You Think You Can Dance, the original dance competition series. The competition will inspire and amaze viewers while dancers skilled in styles ranging from hip-hop to ballroom compete to be named America’s Favorite Dancer.

Lets start with some information on the judges and hosts shall we?

Cat Deeley is the main host, and she is freaking adorable. I just love her Birmingham, England accent and the way she dresses. She is beautiful to look at and a sheer pleasure as the host. She is also one of the foremost television presenters in the UK and has recently become one of the hottest new faces on American TV.

Nigel Lythgoe, is one of the judges that sits on the panel every episode. And I also believe he may be one of the producers? Nigel is always honest and accurate when assessing or judging a performance and NOT in a cruel Simon Cowell kind of way. [But I do love me a dose of  brutal reailty dished out by Simon.] Nigel is kind, generous, and seemingly fair when subject to making decisions about who should be cut from the show.

Mary Murphy, is also one of the judges that sits on the panel every episode. And she IRRITATES me to no end. I cannot stand when she screams. I cannot stand when she looses control. Her laugh cuts into me like nails on a chalk board. But, she does have extensive knowledge and provides excellent training as a world-class technical dance instructor.

Mia Michaels often sits in as a guest judge, and choreographs the most brilliant routines I have ever witnessed. She is MY FAVORITE dancer/judge/choreographer/artist – EVER. Mia turns dancing into inspired and unique works of passion and beauty. Mia Michaels is a choreographic GENIUS. And Mia Michaels was the 2007 Emmy Winner – So You Think You Can Dance: “Calling You”!

I don’t know how many of you saw Mia Michael’s work in season five [last season] but the routine she choreographed: ‘ADDICTION’, was not only heart-stopping, chilling, poignant, and universal…it was The Most Beautiful I have ever seen.

Seriously, watch this:

There are many other talented guest judges, and choreographers, that frequently appear on the series,  I just don’t know all of their names. My bad!


I am totally SUPER psyched about this. And, I am very much looking forward to watching AMAZING new talent this fall!



Last night Fox premiered it’s newest television show Glee. Unfortunately, I missed it. However, I have heard mixed reviews and I’d love to hear from any of you if you saw the show last night. With all of the Season Premieres starting this month, my time is limited. Therefore, I wont have room in my schedule to add a new series. Unless of course, it’s REALLY worth watching.

I do know one thing for sure. I LOVE me some Jane Lynch, who plays one of the main characters Sue Sylvester.


Jane Lynch’s Bio:

Jane Lynch cut her theatrical teeth at The Second City, Steppenwolf Theatre and in many church basements all over the greater Chicago area. Lynch’s film credits include the upcoming “Julie & Julia,” “Post Grad” and “Paul and Brownie Masters.” Her past film work includes Christopher Guest’s “For Your Consideration,” “A Mighty Wind” and “Best in Show,” as well as “Role Models,” “The Rocker,” “Spring Breakdown,” “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” “Walk Hard,” “Talladega Nights,” “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” Margaret Cho’s “Celeste and Bam Bam,” Alan Cumming’s “Suffering Man’s Charity,” “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events,” “Sleepover,” “Surviving Eden” and the animated film “Space Chimps.” Her recent television credits include the series “Party Down,” “Lovespring International,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Weeds,” as well as the last season of “The L Word” opposite Cybill Shepherd. She has had recurring roles on “Boston Legal,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Criminal Minds” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

Seriously. She rocks. I might tune in just to see her in action.

About The Show:

The series follows an optimistic teacher, WILL SCHUESTER (Matthew Morrison), who – against all odds and a malicious cheerleading coach – attempts to save McKinley High’s Glee Club from obscurity, while helping a group of aspiring underdogs realize their true star potential. It’s a tall order when the brightest stars of the group include KURT (Chris Colfer), a soprano who hits a high note in fashion; MERCEDES (Amber Riley), a larger-than-life diva with a voice to match; ARTIE (Kevin McHale), a geeky guitarist who rocks and rolls; and TINA (Jenna Ushkowitz), a punk rocker who hides behind her stutter and blue hair extensions. Will’s only hope lies with two true talents: RACHEL BERRY (Lea Michele), a self-proclaimed star who is convinced that MySpace and show choir and are her tickets to fame; and FINN HUDSON (Cory Monteith), the popular high school quarterback with movie star looks who must protect his reputation from his holier-than-thou girlfriend and “Cheerios” head cheerleader, QUINN (Dianna Agron), and his arrogant football teammate, PUCK (Mark Salling). Will is determined to do whatever it takes to make Glee great again, but his only ally is fellow teacher and germaphobe EMMA PILLSBURY (Jayma Mays). Everyone else around him thinks he’s nuts – from his tough-as-nails wife TERRI SCHUESTER (Jessalyn Gilsig) to McKinley’s scheming cheerleading coach SUE SYLVESTER (Jane Lynch) – but he’s out to prove them wrong.

So, tell me ya’ll what do you think? Is this TV show a Keeper? or a Crapper?