All New Hot In Cleveland


Tune in for an all new HOT IN CLEVELAND on Wednesday February 2nd @ 10pm on TV LAND

Melanie, Joy and Victoria compete for the affection of Elka’s extremely attractive new lawyer. The lawyer’s plan is for Elka to act crazy at a competency hearing in front of the judge, so she’ll be ruled incompetent to stand trial. However, Elka’s heart isn’t in it after she learns Max is getting married. Guest Stars: Sherri Shepherd, Carl Reiner

Watch a preview clip here:

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Onion SportsDome


Hit the deck and find a big piece of tin to hide under, because the SportsDome’s buzzing your house with the biggest Super Bowl analysis anywhere. Alex Reiser and Mark Shepard are dropping a full payload of Agent Sports all over your village and watching it burn to Super Bowl Sports-Cinders. Tune in to Onion SportsDome TONIGHT 1030/930c on Comedy Central.

Tonight’s stories include:

– Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger just one win shy of becoming a good person.
– The NFL puts the big game on hold to give Doritos more time to finish their Super Bowl commercial.
– And in non-Super Bowl action, an epic performance out of Todd Minnick in the National Crystal Meth Hallucination League.

All of that plus more Super Bowl analysis than you can fit in a lunch pail. The Dome’s your home for the big game, don’t go anywhere else.

Clip: NFL delays Super Bowl to give Doritos time to finish its commercial!

The NFL hoped to avoid the delay, but in the end realized that they couldn’t disappoint the millions of viewers around the world expecting a hip and witty Doritos commercial