Sneak Peak at the FOX Fall Line Up (part two)

rules for starting over

The Rules For Starting Over

Brought to you by the Farrelly Brothers, the creators of Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary, comes another new situation comedy on FOX. The Rules For Starting Over is set in Boston, about a group of four newly single friends, who learn some pretty painful lessons about having to start over in their 30’s. They have all been divorced and have to go back to the dating scene again. But “dating” in your twenties, is much different then “dating” in your thirties. All of the characters are looking for love, and want to get remarried, that is, if they could just find their true loves.

You can watch the video preview for the show HERE

I know just how miserable, dreadful, even down right horrific dating can be. As a thirty something myself, and quite single, I can attest to the slow painful torture that dating really is. And being a helpless romantic, does not make matters any better for me. I am glad I will have a TV show to watch other people suffer through and somehow manage to make the dating scene into something comical.

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