Sneak Peak at the CBS Fall Line Up (part one)


The Big Bang Theory, Monday Nights at 8:30pm on CBS

The Big Bang Theory stars Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki (mostly known for his role as David on Roseanne) as brilliant theoretical physicists who meet a woman, Kaley Cuoco, who shows them just how little they know about real life.

Video link can be found HERE

I love the fact that nerds are taking over, however there was nothing about this comedy that grabbed me. I may take my chances and watch a full episode and report back later. But simply based off the video I am not setting any reminders or marking my calendar.

11 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at the CBS Fall Line Up (part one)

  1. I will agree with you on at least giving this a try and watching one full episode. But that will probably be the last time I will watch it unless there is really nothing else on to watch.

  2. I think you are out of your mind. This looks like the funniest new comedy for the Fall season. It comes from Chuck Lorre who has a string of great sitcom hits. He has the #1 sitcom in Two and Half Men and has hit another winner. I will watch this show, and probably never miss it.

  3. Hey Jessica: ! I agree, if there is nothing else on I may watch it.

    Jimmy: Thanks for your comment, but, um…yeah, I am not a real big fan of “Two and a Half Men” either… sorry dood! I think the Christina Applegate / Jean Smart show “SAM I AM” will prove to be much funnier than this one will ever be!

  4. I will watch Sam am I, too. Since they are on in different time slots I would watch both of them. I heard the advertisers are buying up lots of advertising for Back To You (Kelsey Grammer on FOX), Sam Am I, and the Big Bang Theory. These three will be the biggest sitcom hits this season. Try them, you may like them.

  5. Hey Jimmy! Thanks for answering! Yeah, I will watch all of them, But I dont think I will like all of them. I love sitcoms, and I’d like to give them a chance. We need new, and GOOD sitcoms!

    I wrote post(s) about both “SAM I AM” and “BACK TO YOU” here, if you wanted to read them and weigh in with your opinion. You can see my clear opinions on all three shows.

    and you can always come back and let me know when or if you agree or disagree ( I love me a great debate!)

  6. I am a sitcom lover, too. I just think these three will be the best. The ones I think will be really losers are those ABC ones. Carpoolers and Cavemen. Now those sound stupid to me. I will watch all the new ones at least 2 or 3 episodes and then choose the ones I like.

  7. well, cavemen, yes, total waste of time, money, energy. there is a post here about cavemen that includes my loathing.

    funny you should mention Carpoolers, because my POST for tomorrow will be on that very show.

    we are definitely going to disagree on that one.

    (but I am rather impartial as a LOVER of Arrested Development)

  8. Personally, I think it is a little dumb on yours, mine or anybody else’s part to judge shows based on a synopsis or a preview we see online. I always watch the first 3 episodes of new sitcoms. You never can tell if a show is good or not based on the pilot. I, personally, will give them all a chance and take it from there.

  9. well, my time is too valuable for all that nonsense, and my time is quite limited. I think it is WISE to review, preveiw and WEED OUT what NOT to watch / and what to avoid, so I may preserve my time sweet precious TIME to dedicate to the shows that deserve my attention.

    It must be nice to have THAT kind of time

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