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For those of you who are just as excited and as anxious as I am, I am THRILLED to announce that the hit new drama on TNT called Leverage returns to TV on Wednesday July 15th @ 9/8cPM. Just so you know. Mark Your Calenders!

[I will be sure to post a reminder just as soon as this glorious day arrives.]

When TNT says “We Know Drama”…they are not kidding.

I have to say, it takes a lot to get me hooked on a new show. I am pretty rigid with my TV schedule and I don’t often allow room for new TV ventures that come along to intrude on my viewing pleasure when most of them turn out to be more than a waste of my precious free time. However, I was pleasntly surprised last year when LEVERAGE turned out to be sofa king good.

The series follows a team of thieves, hackers and grifters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, taking revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize others.

Oscar Winner, Timothy Hutton [who I totally LOVE] plays former insurance investigator Nate Ford, a once-loyal corporate employee who had recovered millions of dollars in stolen goods for his employer. But when that employer denied his son’s insurance claims and allowed the boy to die, he realized he could no longer work for such an entity.

Last season:

Nate, out of work and descending into alcoholism, Ford is hired by an aeronautics executive to recover airplane designs the executive claims were stolen by a rival company. Helping him are four highly skilled team members: Parker, an expert thief; Alec Hardison, a specialist in Internet and computer fraud; Eliot Spencer, a high-octane “retrieval specialist” who can take out a gang of henchmen without breaking a sweat; and Sophie Devereaux, a grifter who could win awards for her acting skills during difficult scams.

At first the newly formed team is hesitant to trust each other after so many years working alone but being double-crossed changes the dynamic, ultimately forcing them to unite. They emerge from the job realizing they are far better working together than apart. Once they discover they can trust each other the group targets their cons toward the richest, the greediest and the most unjust.

I can’t even imagine what we have to look forward to this season.

More About The Characters:

Nathan Ford


Timothy Hutton plays; Nathan Ford: Good-looking and still sharp, despite the layers of insomnia and hangover damage he’s accumulating as fast as he can. Nate was an expert at recovering stolen items…until the insurance company he worked for (I.Y.S.) refused to pay for his 8-year-old son Sam’s “experimental” treatment. When his son died a couple of years ago, Nate went on the skids. In the pilot, Dubenich hires him as the one honest man to keep a group of thieves in check. Now, Nate leads the team to right injustices, funded by their unique take on “alternate revenue stream”. He has a long catch-and release history with Sophie, who is the only team member he selected himself.

Alec Hardison


Aldis Hodge plays; Alec Hardison: Young, thick-shouldered, and looks like he should be playing pro ball. But Hardison’s tall good looks are counter to type; he’s actually a geek of the first order and an expert at all things electronic. He loves orange soda…and might have a bit of a crush on Parker.

Eliot Spencer


Christian Kane plays; Eliot Spencer: Eliot is not a large guy, but he is deceptively dangerous. His coiled and precise movements belie his quiet cowboy charm. He doesn’t like guns and, it turns out, doesn’t need them. Despite his rep as a tough guy, he is an apparent whiz in the kitchen and known to take the occasional manly sip of tea. Delicious.



Beth Riesgraf plays; Parker: Petite, cute, blonde… and a social pariah. Parker’s idea of fun would scare the living daylights out of most people. She has neither modesty nor fear of heights. Like Hardison, Parker grew up in the foster care system, but her tale is one of abuse and neglect. She’s insecure about only one thing: her ability to pass herself off as a normal person.

Sophie Devereaux


Gina Bellman plays; Sophie Devereaux :Sophie has dark eyes and lips you find yourself staring at while she’s talking. Where Parker’s a stiletto, Sophie is all curves and mist. She’s a seductress capable of convincingly playing any character or nationality… as long as it’s not on an actual theatrical stage where she will overact magnificently. She may very well be in love with Nate.

3 thoughts on “Leverage – TONIGHT!

  1. Watched this last night and LOVED it! So many laughable moments. I almost peed when Sophie slammed Nathan with the baking sheet! (I know, it SOUNDS horrid, but you had to see it in order to understand the humor.) I think this season will be as good–if not better–than last.

  2. CMK:
    It was SOOOOOO good. I laughed at that same scene and I think this season will be awesome. That was an excellent premiere!

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