She’s Got The Look


I am not really sure how I feel about this show.

The premise of the show is to find the next face of fashion industry, with a twist. All of the woman competing are 35 or older exuding sophistication, beauty and confidence.

I am all about upping the AGE (and SIZE) of the women typically shown in magazines and commercials. I am a fan of the “Real Women Look Like This” a quiet trend that seems to be slowly making its way into fashion.

The competition for ‘She’s Got The Look’ begins with a nationwide search, narrowing it down to twenty semi-finalists who are then flown to New York and immediately put to the test in their first ‘Photo Shoot’ where they must then face the judges.

While I am *fully* behind the concept that any woman at any age can be  beautiful. However, I did not like one of the commercials I saw for the show, wherein they make rude comment along the lines of “how can you put a woman over 35 in a bathing suit like that.”

Um… I happen to know plenty of 35+ women who look better than any 25 year old.

And AGE exudes more confidence naturally.

However, I have high hopes of this TV show may act as a catalyst – for possibly changing the ‘face’ (and raising the bar) for what is considered an acceptable age and size of women around the world.

This week:
The challenges continue to escalate as the remaining models are pushed to their limits – both physically and mentally. First, their strength and endurance are put to the test in a fitness photo shoot. Then, they face the ultimate psych out in a challenge that forces each of them to confront their deepest fears. As the competition intensifies, tensions run high at the loft. One model’s attitude sets off the judges during elimination, and emotions flare all around as all the models try to cling to their spot on the board.

Tune in July 9th at 9 p.m. on TV Land

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