I have only watched two [maybe three] episodes of this show [so far] and I liked it. I don’t LOVE it,  like the way I love the show  FRINGE, but, the show Mental is quite clever. And, having nothing else to watch on Fridays Nights, this is a series I can get find myself getting into.

I am already a fan of Chris Vance who plays the lead character Dr. Jack Gallagher and I like most of the the supporting cast. Especially Annabella Sciorra. She is brilliant in her role as Nora Skoff, director of the metal hospital.

Are YOU watching Mental?

Mental broadcasts on the Fox Network airing Friday Nights @ 9/8c


About The Show:

A medical mystery drama featuring Dr. Jack Gallagher [played by Chris Vance]. A radically unorthodox psychiatrist who becomes Director of Mental Health Services at a Los Angeles hospital where he takes on patients battling unknown, misunderstood and often misdiagnosed psychiatric conditions. Dr. Gallagher delves inside their minds to gain a true understanding of who his patients are, allowing him to uncover what might be the key to their long-term recovery. As seen through the eyes of doctors and patients who, as Dr. Gallagher points out, have more in common then they’re willing to admit, Mental, also tracks the romantic and personal relationships of the team of doctors and hospital staff who work closely together as they delve into the mysteries, oddities and wonders of the human brain.

For More About The Show, Watch A Video Interview With Members of The Cast – By Clicking HERE!

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