‘Burn Notice’ Star: Jeffrey Donovan, Arrested!

Jeffrey Donovan, famous  for his role as Michael Westen, and star of the hit USA Network series “Burn Notice,” was arrested on July 12 on suspicion of driving drunk, and has been charged with one count of DUI.


According to TMZ, Donovan flunked a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. That’s when he said, “The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with 3 glasses of wine.”

Um. Duh! It’s not exactly an airtight defense in a DUI case to argue, “I really think I’m only borderline and not too drunk.”

10 thoughts on “‘Burn Notice’ Star: Jeffrey Donovan, Arrested!

  1. well i think that was a pretty stupid response too,, but i do like the show.. who ever that girl is on that show is in the best shape i have ever seen.. she amazes me… and micheal is alright too!!!

  2. The girl is Gabrielle Anwar from The Scent of a Woman, and she is in SICK shape!! I love Burn Notice. In fact, I don’t know if you’ll remember, Mereb, but I wrote a post on it halfway into its first season. I think its gotten even better over time…like a good red wine. 😀 Sorry, I’m punchy this morning…

  3. Steph:
    You are adorable!

    They all have the MONEY to have drivers so they wont have to deal with DUI’s. I will never understand why these celebrities drive drunk! Or anyone for that matter!

  4. Maybe we should put in laws like they have in Finland for driving while drunk. The blood alcohol level is lower there and if you register at or above ‘drunk’ status, you could be arrested immediately. Your vehicle can be confiscated for driving drunk and fines that are paid are based on your income. So, someone who is low or middle class might pay $500 as a fine whereas a millionaire could pay $50,000. There is the possibility of one year in jail at hard labor. Alcohol consumption is a very big problem in Finland–as it is in most of the Scandinavian countries–and they are doing a lot to get to a ‘zero-tolerance’ level when it comes to drunk driving. I guess most people just leave their vehicles at home whenever they are going out for the evening–whether it is to a pub, bar, club, or restaurant. It is cheaper to pay for a cab than it is to try to get out of a drunk driving charge.

  5. CMK:
    I like the way the people in Finland think and deal with Drunk Drivers! I always take a CAB or call a SOBER person to drive if I am intoxicated.

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