Tonight @ 9/8C the NBC network will premiere a new show called Trauma. I have seen a few promotional commercials for this up and coming series as well as full length trailer. And I for one am pretty excited about this show. Of course, I have concerns this particular series may be too intense for Network Television?

But, I want you to tell me what you think!

If you were one of the unlucky drivers who got unexpectedly diverted off I-280 in downtown San Francisco back in March, only to witness an enormous ball of flame explode from a crashed tractor trailer, you can now go see what all the hubbub was about. They were filming the trailer for Trauma. The video of that footage is now available for your viewing pleasure.

See what I mean about INTENSE!

About The Show:


I sure could use a new action packed, drama filled, medical series!

Is this something YOU would consider watching?

I will definitely be tuning to watch the series premiere and I will regale you all with a full length, in-depth review tomorrow!

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