Halloween programming to watch to get into the Halloween spirit!

This October also known as “FEARtober”, FEARnet, will be featuring 31 days of horror, thriller, and suspense original programming! And although it’s a web series, I wanted to let you know about FEARtober’s Fear Clinic.  It features Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), Danielle Harris (Halloween franchise) and Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th franchise). The series was previewed in July of this year at Comic Con and the packed house gave the show an explosive ovation.

FEARNET, the web’s #1 horror site, is always FREE and available 24/7 at Fearnet.com as well as FEARNET On Demand (check local cable provider), and FEARNET Mobile. That’s three portals for the most original lineup of horror and thriller entertainment anywhere.

Here is a sampling of what viewers can expect this FEARtober:

? STREETS OF FEAR – Take a walk on the wild side, but make sure you are well-armed, as this hit series returns October 5 for a new season with 10 original, spine-tingling episodes and encore engagement of last year’s premiere episodes that take viewers to the creepiest addresses in America. Hosted by Spider, we take you on a daily journey where no site has gone before — behind the eerie legends and real-death tales of terror as we dig up the dirt on these byways that have earned such terrifying namesakes as Bloody Spring Road, Gore Orphanage Road and Hell Hollow Road. No GPS system on earth can save you once you’ve made a wrong turn onto these streets! New episodes will spotlight such terrorizing locales as: Bloods Point Road in Cherry Valley, IL; Convict Hill Road in Austin, TX; Bristol, CT’s Witches Rock Road, and Bloody Pond Road in Lake George, NY.

? PUMPKIN PALOOZA – Each day of FEARtober will dawn with the unveiling of a new artistic homage to Fear, with each masterpiece carved in PUMPKIN by Russ Leno, perhaps the world’s greatest living pumpkin carver. Not your father’s jack-o-lanterns for sure, these squash sculptures are being created exclusively for FEARNET, and 31 days means 31 different tricked-out pumpkins carved with the delicate skill and methodical creativity of a mad scientist — check back each day for the newest work of macabre art to be unveiled, because as the days pass, Leno’s creations become bigger and more fantastic, culminating in a week of pumpkins so big, so intricate and so terrifying that … well, you’ll just have to check Fearnet.com for yourself each day. Leno’s victims – er, subjects – will be selected with great care, and include Horror Icons, Headline Newsmakers, Sexy Scream Queens and Celebrities we Fear Most.

? ROUTE 666: AMERICA’S SCARIEST HOME HAUNTS – “Scream Queen” Danielle Harris (of “Halloween” fame and this month’s original series FEAR CLINIC) is your host for this guided tour of the country’s “scare the crap out of you” most frightening and innovative haunted houses. From severed limbs to disemboweled victims, we’ll take viewers behind the chainsaw to meet the mad creators of these hell holes, who share their inspiration, methodology and tricks of the trade.

? How-To Tips: TRICKS OF THE TRADE – Want to know how to make fake blood, the proper way to gouge out the eyes of a pumpkin, or how to fashion a gory, oozing wound in order to make your Halloween a real treat? Each day throughout FEARtober, we’ll feature a different 1-2 minute “how-to” trick guaranteed to help make you the life – or death – of the party. Where else can you learn how to create that “just electrocuted” look we all crave?

? MOVIES TO DIE FOR – Viewers already know FEARNET as the home of 25+ different FREE movies each and every week of the year, but this FEARtober we are serving up some tasty morsels that have even our mouths watering. Just to whet your appetite, here is a sampling of what you’ll find at Fearnet.com throughout the month:

Clive Barker’s THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN will be available in Unrated Director’s Cut (starring Bradley Cooper and Leslie Bibb)

BUG (starring Ashley Judd)

BOOGEYMAN (starring 7th Heaven’s Barry Watson and Bones’ Emily Deschanel)

THE SEVENTH SIGN (starring Demi Moore)

THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE (starring Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter)

THE BURNING (starring Jason Alexander)

Rob Zombie’s HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES

NINE LIVES (Starring Paris Hilton)

And so much more.

Face some fear … if you dare.

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