A Little Holiday Cheer from Comedy Central and Jon Lajoie

Canadian comedian and actor Jon Lajoie is one of the few talents who has been able to manifest the cult following for his Internet videos into a mainstream audience, placing him in a preeminent spot in the comedy landscape.


Despite some crude subject matter, his surprisingly intelligent lyrics and well crafted songs chronicle everything from boring everyday activities to genitals. His videos have over 200 million aggregate views on YouTube and the web, with “Show Me Your Genitals ” nearing the benchmark of 20 million views on YouTube.

Or feel free to watch my PERSONAL favorite video by John Lajoie: Pedophile Beards

Now Lajoie’s back spreading some cheer with “Cold Blooded Christmas,” a song that will put a smile on everyone’s face during the holidays. Besides, we all love Christmas… except for people who don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God.

Jon Lajoie – Cold Blooded Christmas

Jon Lajoie – Cold Blooded Christmas
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