Stephen Colbert Has Skate Expectations!


You may have heard recently about Stephen Colbert rallying his fans in support of America’s Speed Skating team. In short, the team experienced a $300,000 budget shortfall and Stephen called upon his fan base, the Colbert Nation, to help him in an effort to raise the money and send the team to Vancouver. He succeeded and is now at the Winter Games covering the events all month long!

Comedy Central is releasing web exclusives on a daily basis and the new episodes, starting next week, feature footage of Stephen at the Olympics, with some shows even being taped in Vancouver!

Tweet about his escapades using #skateexpectations! YOU can pledge your support for Stephen and America’s Speed Skating Team on Twitter by sending him and the team best wishes and using #skateexpectations in your Tweet!

For all things Stephen Colbert and Skate Expectation 2010 click HERE!

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