Sesame Street, Katy Perry, Boobs, & Disney Characters

[WARNING: Another title for this post could have been: ‘Wherein I Rant And Possibly Offend Many Readers’.]


I’m sure by now you have all seen [and/or heard] about the drama that ensued regarding singer Katy Perry’s skit with Elmo. Yes? If not, here’s the clip that everyone’s talking about.

Apparently, that skit was deemed too ‘racy’ by some over-protective parents and subsequently yanked from ‘Sesame Street’. Some of the quotes from these outraged parents include references with respects to Katy Perry’s cleavage. I realize this is a children’s television show, and she does have impressive and ample breasts. However, I do not think that her performance was offensive in the least.

Honestly, I have no idea what people are so upset about. While yes, it’s true, as a fellow parent I have been known to overreact to certain situations that involve my own child [ie: that time he dyed his hair]. But for the life of me, I just can’t figure out the logic behind this kind of unnecessary uproar.

And here’s why…

Have these very same parents ever taken a really good look at the way Female ‘Disney Characters’ are drawn? I’m thinking not. Because if they had? Surely they would have to be just as livid. Or, am I just the only person on the planet that has noticed the excessively-large-stripper-like-breasts depicted on 90% of the Female Disney Princesses?

I believe my point will be better demonstrated with some photographic evidence.

[Side bar: I did not enhance these pictures in any way, shape, or form. I only wrote captions on them.]

Example One: This is probably the least offensive of them all.

Example Two:

Example Three:

Example Four: Ah yes, the crème de la crème of examples.

So what makes those images okay for children’s eyes? Is it just because they are cartoon characters?

Seriously people.

Boobs are everywhere.

And for all intensive purposes – we as a culture are obsessed with them.

Quite frankly, I think if these parents are going to get their panties in a twist over Katy Perry’s appearance on Sesame Street they should probably also reconsider dressing-up their little girls like these characters.

Just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “Sesame Street, Katy Perry, Boobs, & Disney Characters

  1. Gee, I never noticed before! Well, I didn’t when I was at the age of watching Sesame Street. Seriously, if I was an animator, and could draw worth a darn, I’d have similar concepts when creating a vision of a perfect female. Those parents better watch out when picking up Halloween Costumes!

  2. Melanie:
    So glad to be back on your blog…its been awhile!~ This is so true. I wonder if most of the Disney animation artists are male? Or is it the producers that request curvaceous female Disney characters? You should see Ariel’s sisters…they are all pretty well-endowed. I like Katy Perry but she really could have worn something with more coverage. It’s not like she’s gonna sell more music to her her three year old viewers or their moms? I’m surprised her agent/manager/stylist whomever/ didn’t suggest otherwise.

  3. KAL! OMG! It’s been way too long! Im surprised the people at Sesame Street didnt ask her to cover up. They allowed her to dress that way in the first place!

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