American Idol, Season 10

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Well, well, well. Tonight’s the big night when American Idol returns to television, at 8pm on Fox. I am definitely going to watch this, but only out of SHEER curiosity. Although NO ONE will ever be able to replace the dream team that was Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell, and while I wished they had chosen: Mariah Carey [for the crazy factor] and Harry Connick Jr [for the hotness and humor factor] as judges, I am interested in seeing how Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson interact with each other. And, I am very curious to find out who will be assuming the Brutally Honest role. Because SOMEONE has to be able to crush the dreams of the deranged and delusional. Right?

Will you be watching this season?

4 thoughts on “American Idol, Season 10

  1. I love American Idol!!! I agree with you about missing I missed Paula last year. The auditions are my favorite part!!!

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