Live Fanchat and Video Q&A for A&E’s HEAVY


On Monday, January 24 A&E will host a special online fan chat and live online Q&A session via streaming video with participants from the hit original series “Heavy.” Starting at 10 PM ET/9c viewers can log on to the “Heavy” facebook page or to chat with fellow fans during the episode’s premiere. Immediately following the premiere at 11 PM ET/10c, episode subjects Rickywayne McCartney and Jessica Murphy, along with expert trainers Britny Fowler and David Richardson will appear live along with the series Executive Producer Jonathan Nowzaradan via streaming video for a Q&A session.

Fans can RSVP by clicking HERE for details and to see who else is joining the party.

About episode 2 – Rickywayne/Jessica:
Rickywayne, 35 years old and 555 pounds, started putting on weight when he was in the 5th grade. Getting creative with how to sneak the extra food, he was eating six or seven meals a day. After losing his mother, he’s carried guilt that drives him to eat uncontrollably. Now Rickywayne must lose the weight, before he loses his life. Jessica, 28 years old and 288 pounds, has always been known as the fat girl. She’s struggled with a pathological eating compulsion that leaves nothing on her plate when she’s done. She fears that if she doesn’t lose the weight now, her family will continue to outpace her and leave her out of her own family.

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