Internet Stalking – Via Photos YOU Post Online

Holy. Hell.

My very good friend who we will call “Fireman Jim” sent me an email with link and a “YOU MUST SEE THIS” kind of warning. I usually don’t take those warnings very seriously. However, since I consider him a good friend, I went ahead and clicked on the link he sent to me. And after watching THIS VIDEO, quite frankly – I’m a little freaked the fuck out.

How about you?

5 thoughts on “Internet Stalking – Via Photos YOU Post Online

  1. Now I had no idea GPS Cameras would automatically add location to EXIF data !
    I learn something new everyday. Fortunately, thus far I haven’t used such cameras especially with GPS always on.

    It’s always a smart idea to edit your image in an image editor, if possible remove all EXIF data and ‘export’ it to another file.

    Leave the originals in a safe place

  2. This is so scary to me! I’m glad I do NOT upload photos from my cell phone to the internet. I always use my regular old cannon camera and edit my pictures in iPhoto FIRST.

    “remove all EXIF data and ‘export’ it to another file.”

    Sage advice, Jaffer!
    Thank you.

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