One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute is a new series on Lifetime Television. Most of you, my dear readers, already know that I suffer from severe insomnia, but rather than watching hours of infomercials, or back-to-back episodes of Three’s Company, I stumbled upon this little show the other night somewhere around 3am. I had remembered seeing commercials advertising the series, and for once, I was glad to be awake to catch the first episode.

One Born Every Minute” takes an in-depth look at life inside the maternity ward at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, as expectant mothers enter their final stage of pregnancy. From the delivery room, to the operating room, to the front desk, to the nurses’ station, 40 cameras roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to capture the high drama, humor and overwhelming emotion of childbirth as new lives begin and others change forever.

Just check out this clip:

Okay, now… that was NOT the episode I saw. In fact , I think that is a preview for this upcoming Tuesday [02.08.2011] @ 10pm.

However, the episode I did see can be found HERE.

I have to say I was 100% captivated, intrigued, and fascinated – for the entire hour.

When I saw the commercial for this series I thought for sure the woman from this couple was going to be a complete nightmare:

Screen shot 2011-02-03 at 6.10.17 PM

But I was wrong. In fact, she TOTALLY had her shit together and handled labor & delivery like a real champ.

Then, there was this couple who had to endure and emergency C-Section:

Screen shot 2011-02-03 at 6.10.30 PM

And I found myself biting off my nails one by one with anticipation.

Finally, we had two “tree-huggers” who were determined to have Natural Child-Birth

Screen shot 2011-02-03 at 6.10.49 PM

Too bad I can’t jump through my television screen. Because if I could, I would have done my best to shake some sense into these nut cases.

I am definitely going to watch this show again.

Yanno, but only when I can’t sleep.


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  1. I wanted to see that and totally forgot to Tivo it. They aren’t replaying the last episode but it sounds like I can tune in at any time. I have set the Tivo for the next episode.

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