American Idol, Season 10, ‘Elton John’Week : Re-Cap

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Alrighty, people. We are down to the Top 11. Every single contestant needed to really ‘bring it’ – or else they will be facing immediate elimination, especially since there are no more ‘saves’. Not to mention TWO people will be going home this week.

Before I go any further, I would like to say ‘My Picks’ for the ‘Final Four’ are as follows:

Casey. Pia. Lauren. James. [In that order.] Just sayin’.

Moving along.

The show opened with: ‘Country Boy’ Scotty who sang Elton’s only country song ‘Country Comfort’. Gee, what an amazing stretch for him. Way to step up your game kid, and take such a huge risk. Not. However, for what he does, Scott is extremely talented. I have to give credit where credit is due. Alas, he simply cannot diversify himself whatsoever. And this is NOT just a ‘country singing’ competition. This is a competition to find ‘The Best Singer’, and I’m pretty sure that person should be able to sing more than one genre.


[Sidebar: I immediately noticed JLo’s makeup looked fantastic, as did her hair, and her smoking hot dress. Thankfully, whatever was going on with her eyebrows last week, seems to been fixed. Honestly, she has to be one of the most beautiful women ON Earth!]

The next singer to take the stage was Naima. I was definitely NOT a fan of her turning an Elton classic, ‘I’m Still Standing’ into that Rastafarian version. It did nothing for me. It was flat. And it was boring.

* Much to my surprise the judges kind of, kind of, told her the truth.

The next two contestants went something like this.

1. My least favorite guy, otherwise known as Pedophile Paul, has now and forever ruined the Elton song ‘Rocket Man’. Seriously, that guy makes me cringe. And listening to his version of that song was absolutely painful. Please go away, like immediately!

* I think the judges are stone.cold.fuck.nuts.bat.shit.crazy for liking this creepy cat.

2. My most favorite girl, otherwise known as the very beautiful and super talented, Pia, still chose yet another ballad, when she sang Elton’s ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’. And while yes, she completely crushed it; I think she also played it way too safe. I need to see her step outside of her comfort zone to find out what she’s REALLY capable of. Nevertheless, I truly liked her performance.

* Again, the judges could have given her more ‘direct orders’ for next week. They really need to start pushing her a lot harder. If she’s going to be a super star, she needs to showcase other ‘themes’.

Stefano was up next, and he chose Elton’s ‘Tiny Dancer’. And quite frankly, that song was just way too big for him. But there is something very cute about him, and he almost has a David Archuleta quality about him, so I think he will be safe for at least another week.

* Yet again, the judges could have been tougher on him. Coddling these contestants will NOT bring out the best in them. In fact, being ‘nice’ will be detrimental to their future careers.

The lovely Lauren, boldly took on the most famous Elton John song, ‘Candle In The Wind.’ She started off a teeny bit shaky, but within a matter of seconds in, she found her zone. And then she brought it home. She executed wonderful control, she made it her own, and I was highly impressed with her rendition.

In fact, Lauren may have even been better than Pia, simply because Lauren seemed, and sounded, much more vulnerable. She delivered the notes with true emotion. While Pia, as wonderful as she is, sounds way more detached.

* Finally, the judges and I agreed on SOMETHING. They gave the right praise to Lauren. Along with the right advice on the direction she should take next week.

Rocker boy, James, hit the stage next, with Elton’s ‘Saturday Night’s Alright’, in good ole fashioned rocker style. He brought the crowd to their feet, and he had and honest to goodness great time giving his genuine performance. Was it his BEST performance? No. But it was nice to see him have so much fun out there.

* I couldn’t believe the judges and I agreed, again. Especially with what Randy had to say about James.

The next contestant to sing was, Thia. She chose Elton’s song, ‘Daniel’. It’s a song I hold very close to my heart, and I was fully expecting to hear the voice of an angel. Sadly, that’s not exactly what happened. It was all right. It was even good. But, it definitely lacked that “oomph” factor.

* The judges are way too soft on her – even if she is only 15 years old.

And then, something magical happened.

Casey, my love, sang Elton’s ‘Your Song’ – and for very personal reasons, I broke down and started crying like a baby. So, I am probably way too impartial to even comment on his performance. Nevertheless, I will! Casey was fucking BRILLIANT. He is totally-super-amazing, with a side of holy-spectacular. He is the walking, living, breathing, singing, DEFINITION of an ARTIST. In Every Sense Of The Word. And I love his new cleaned-up look.

* The judges didn’t give him NEARLY enough credit for what he did.

Next we listened to, Jacob. He chose Elton’s ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’.

[Sidebar: I am very sorry Elton John. But, I happen to like Mary J. Blige’s version a little better.]


Last week Jacob gave what I thought was the best performance of the night. I was almost prepared to “become a fan”. However, my dear friend, Monique, warned me not to take the male version of ‘Nene Leakes’ so seriously.  And then she made me promise not to jump on his bandwagon so quickly. And she was right.

Although, the last note Jacob sang sent chills up and down my spine, and, I was very happy he chose to use restraint rather than get all sorts of overly dramatic. I gotta say, I was NOT thrilled with Jacob’s overall performance.

* The judges came close to giving him a halfway decent critique.

Lastly, the show closed with, Halley. She chose Elton’s ‘Bennie and the Jets’. Let me just start by saying, I have NEVER liked a SINGLE performance by her. Nadda. One. She’s completely forgettable. And last night was no different. My father argued citing her ‘incredible rage’ – but I really felt the piano did all the work, not her voice. As far as I’m concerned I will NOT miss her when she leaves the show.

So, tell me boys and girls…

  1. Who are YOUR favorites, and why?
  2. Who are your hopefuls for the ‘Final Four’?

The comments are now open!

4 thoughts on “American Idol, Season 10, ‘Elton John’Week : Re-Cap

  1. Haha!!! You absolutely nailed it.

    Of course it’s no secret that I am a diehard Casey fan. I want the final 4 to be 4 versions of him and his awesomeness. However, I don’t think people grasp just how talented he is. Grrrrrrr! Him being in the bottom 3 EVER is ridiculous!

    I won’t even talk about Jacob. Ugh. I knew he couldn’t wow me two weeks in a row and I really have no idea what the judges and everyone else sees in him.

    I guess I just talked about him eh?

    My all time least favorite is Halley or whatever her name is. Her growling rendition of an Elton classic was beyond boring. And what the fuck was she doing with her arms???? She looked like she was trying to do the backstroke outside of the pool. She can gtfo already.

    Oh and Paul is still on because of that pathetic site, vote for the worst.

  2. This is the first season I have watched AI since the very first and while I missed those 9, I feel that I have missed nothing. That being said yes I am far from an Idol fan or expert. Yes Pia is the best girl, no doubt about it, but to me she is totally forgettable.

    I now know your part of the Casey fan club, but not me. I have no idea why the judges and you for that matter are bat shit crazy over this dude???? Wow he trimmed his beard, wow he trembled beyond belief last week because the judges are dolts. The only thing memorable last week was how badly he destroyed Nirvana, Kurt is puking in his grave.

    The best part of Idol is when they do the mass auditions to see the cracked out wannabes. Now it’s just mind numbing. It would be bearable had they picked a unique and gifted musician, instead of churning out yet another middle of the road talent(sic).

    I think I will wait another 9 years to watch the next batch of talent, unless Britain’s Got Talent finds another Paul or Susan.

  3. “The best part of Idol is when they do the mass auditions to see the cracked out wannabes

    that’s my favorite part too!

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