The Big C


The Big C is back for it’s second season on Showtime. Airing MONDAY nights at 10:30PM ET/PT . And I for one am totally-super-psyched about it! Personally I think this is Laura Linney’s FINEST performance. She is absolutely BRILLIANT in her role as Cathy Jamison. The season finale of season one literally left me in a puddle of tears – but, in a good way. I am really looking forward to seeing how this next season unfolds.

*If you think there isn’t any really good television to watch during the summer, may I suggest tuning into this show.


Laura Linney returns in her Golden Globe® winning role for a new season of The Big C, the hit Showtime Original Series about living… with cancer. After spending most of season one ignoring her illness, Cathy Jamison has decided to fight back. “Bring it on,” says Cathy, as she enters an experimental clinical trial while continuing to live life to the fullest in this heartfelt and surprising comedy. Conservative Minneapolis wife and mother Cathy Jamison let her freak flag fly when she got her cancer diagnosis. She also decided against treatment, at least until her loved ones learned the truth. But now she’s opting to face cancer head on. Her family and friends can have their problems, she’s got a life to live… and fight for.

Here’s the official trailer for Season Two:

Is anyone else here watching this?

If not, you’re definitely missing out!

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