And The Winner Is….

I want to thank everyone the one person who played our Trivia Game. You did such a great job. I am wishing for anyone who entered the sweepstakes, to win that trip to Malibu. (And then…you can take me with you!)

First, here are the Correct answers:

1. What kind of car does Charlie drive?

2. What season did the show first air?
2003 Season

3. What actor plays Jake Harper?
Angus T. Jones

4. What does Charlie do for a living?
A freelance jingle composer

5. What does Alan do for a living?
A chiropractor

6. How much is Alan’s alimony to Judith a month?
$3875 a month

7. What is the mothers name to Charlie and Alan?

8. Who guest starred as Evelyn’s latest fling last season?
Rogert Wagner

9. What other popular TV sitcom is Chuck Lorre responsible for creating?
Dharma and Greg

10. What is the connection between Charlie and Rose?
Rose and Charlie had a one-night fling

11. What degree does Rose claim to have?
A Master’s degree in psychology

12. What is Alan’s second wife’s name?

13. What famous rock star appeared on an episode season 4?
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

14. What is the full name of the character Jake?
Jacob David Harper

15. What movie in 2002 did Angus play opposite of Dennis Quaid?
The Rookie

* Now, the winner of this weeks trivia game, and winner of the FREE DVD complete box set for Season One of Two And A Half Men is…..

CMK from Out Of My Mind.


* I want to give a special THANK YOU to my ‘Humble Trivia Servant’ Steve C, for these games would be nothing with out you. Also, another big Thank You to Charlie @ Buzztone Inc. for inviting MeleVision to participate in this challenge.

4 thoughts on “And The Winner Is….

  1. Well, hot damn! To think I could win a trivia contest with only two correct answers! 😀 If I’m on a roll, the hubby and I probably should go to the local pub tomorrow night and play in their trivia game. 🙂

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