The TV Junkie has been exiled to ReHab.

Or at least I feel that way.

I have been so busy I havent had any time to watch TV.  I have no idea whats going on, and whats even worse? I missed last weeks DSM.  *sigh*

I know the new show Samantha Who (starring Christina Applegate) is starting soon. I do NOT want to miss that.

I think there are a few other great shows I havent had the chance to watch or write about. Please let me know what I have been missing?

The TV Junkie needs a fix.

6 thoughts on “Rehab

  1. Samantha Who started last week. BUT b/c she is on ABC you should be able to watch it online at their site for free. BooYah.

  2. Dirty Sexy Money is one of my new favorite guilty pleasures! I swore off of following actual celebrity gossip, but somehow watching the lives of imaginary socialites seems more acceptable. Amazing cast of characters and ridiculous drama (we’ll just say transvestite, illegitimate children, and a murder mystery already!) Also on for free, equally boo-yah worthy

  3. Oh hell yeah Exposed !! D.S.M. is one of the best shows around…. I have a post somewhere around here. its a fantastic show. I am completely hooked.

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