Thursdays Trivia: Married With Children

Okay. You all know the drill, but, if you are new here, the rules are simple. Please put your answers in the comments section of the post and we will reveal the answers tomorrowNow Posted. No Cheating! I trust that all of you will all use the honor system? That means you will not use Google, (or any other internet searches) or mooch off other peoples answers. Cheating is bad…mkay!

Todays Trivia Game has been brought to you by the one and only King of Trivia: Steve C., From: Dazd and Confuzed From Here:


1. Where does the show take place ?


2. What job does Al have ?

Shoe Salesman 

3. How many kids does Al have ?


4. What is Al’s wife name ?


5. What is Al’s wifesfavorite pasttime ?

Shopping. (but I like Larry’s answer better-see the comments)

6. Who plays the character Kelly?

Christina Applegate. 

7. Who is the son of the family?


8. Peggy gets a job and finds she is earning more money than Al, What job did she get ?

Cosmetics Salewoman. 

9. Does Bud ever move out and go to college ?


10. What is the name of the lady neighbor?


Have Fun! Good Luck!

5 thoughts on “Thursdays Trivia: Married With Children


    1. Chicago
    2. Unhappy shoe salesman
    3. Two
    4. Peg Bundy
    5. Watching TV, Eating Bon-Bons and not cooking
    6. Christina Applegate
    7. Bud Bundy / David Faustino
    8. Cosmetic sales
    9. Yes
    10. Al calls her “the little boy next door” but her name is Marcy Rhodes while married ot Steve Rhodes and then later she married Jefferson Darcy and became Marcy Darcy (HA!)

    I loved this show 🙁

  2. I could have kept going

    11. Al played football for?
    Polk High
    12. Family dogs name
    13. Al is a member of the _______ Club
    NO MA’AM
    14. Al’s two favorite things
    1. The toilet 2. Not having sex with Peg
    15. Opening theme
    Love and marrige by Frank Sinatra

    I figured since no one else partook (is that even a word?) in this weeks trivia I’d add 5 more Q&A’s.

  3. I even knew all the answers with out peeking! Loved this show. Such a Classic.

    and Larry could have gone on FOREVER with this one!

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