DEXTER (Season Two)


I am only HALFWAY through FINISHED WATCHING watching Season Two of the famed hit series DEXTER on Showtime. And it was even better than Season One. But, I seriously think that show changed me…as a person. I feel different. I am certainly ALTERED. Maybe watching the whole season in one sitting is all too much to handle mentally?

I don’t think I will get ANY sleep tonight. Or ever again.

I am thrilled my mother (who is also a HUGE FAN ) broke down and ordered SHOWTIME, just so we can watch this again. On Demand. wheeeeee.

Thanks Mom.

7 thoughts on “DEXTER (Season Two)

  1. Good to know you are finally watching decent television. The first season followed the first novel from Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter. It was my favorite show back then despite being somewhat repetitive.

    Season two was supposed to follow Lindsay’s second novel, but instead the season was completely rewritten for television. While the show couldn’t be what it was without Lindsay’s previous work, season two greatly surpassed season one.

    Dexter can’t be touched by any other television show, yet while you have Showtime, you might also try watching Californication, starring David Duchovny, and The Tudors starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Showtime seems to currently have the edge on quality television writing, while HBO seems to be going (have gone) into the crapper.

  2. Greg:

    I am totally checking out those other shows, but I gotta tell ya, I am still VERY DISTURBED by Season Two.

    Lila is the craziest bitch that ever walked the planet. I was so upset when Dooks (however you spell/say his name) was BLOWN UP…and I honestly thought for a SECOND that Dexter was going to turn himself in.

    I am IN LOVE with his sister…I really identify with her and her gutter mouth.

    I cant even believe Harry killed himself…

    I watched all of season two in ONE SITTING, I think was just way too much to absorb.
    The images were so upsetting and the plot was so intense there are lines that I missed. Which means I HAVE TO go back and watch it AGAIN.

    Even though, last night I couldn’t get out of my bed to go to the bathroom, because I was too scared that someone was going to jam a needle into my neck.

    On the drive to work this morning, with only 2 hours sleep, I still cant get those images out of my head.

    Plus there were some serious laughable lines…but I wasn’t even sure if it was a normal human response to laugh at them.

    Like I said… I am currently ALTERED and very disturbed.

    MY jaw is still ON THE FLOOR.

    Im just glad I dont live ALONE after having watched all of that.

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  4. OK, for someone who has Show time, I am addicted to The L Word. I know. I know. It’s like watching a car wreck. In Treatment rocks

  5. I love dexter too but I am sooo frustrated beyond belief because it is not on DVD yet and they haven’t played it again. I started getting interested in the series half way through the second season and haven’t seen the first 6 episodes of the second season yet. Does anyone have an idea when it will come out?? aarGH!

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