American Idol – Season 7 – Top 12 Guys


I love American Idol. I have been a fan since Season One. I love to watch undiscovered talent and dreams come true. But now is when the season really kicks in for me. I bring to you My Picks for the Top 12 Guys.

I really liked David Cook

Age: 25 Hometown: Blue Springs, MO

But I am not a fan of his hair, and there is something about his look I just don’t like. I think he will be on the show for a while.

Then there was Robbie Carrico
Age: 26 Hometown: Melbourne, FL

He’s a rocker, he’s kinda cute, but looks a little too much like Bret Michaels for my tastes. However, we may be looking at a finalist?

My FAVORITE of the night was David Archuleta
Age: 17 Hometown: Murray, UT


Oh my god. How cute is he? I can’t stand it. He has a light that shines through him. I really really want him to win, or at least walk away 2nd runner up.

Then we have this very good looking guy Jason Castro
Age: 20 Hometown: Rockwall, TX

(look at his eyes!) *swooning* If only he was just a little older…

My other favorite is the Aussie HOTTIE, Michael Johns
Age: 29 Hometown: Buckhead, GA


Ladies, he is not just a beautiful man, he can really sing, quite well. Yum. Me. (I hope he lasts all season just so I can drool over him).

*Of course there are contestants I can’t wait to get kicked off. Like these two:

Garrett Haley
Age: 17 Hometown: Elida, OH

He isn’t a bad dood, he’s just too Leif Garret for me and he is not a strong singer.

But the one I really want OFF THE SHOW (like by Thursday…) is this cat.

Danny Noriega
Age: 18 Hometown: Azusa, CA


Now he is one cocky, arrogant, bratty, ungreatful kid that has no redeeming qualities. He might be able to hold a note (for a minuet) but his attitude is such a turn-off, I can’t with him.

Lastly, there was the Ellen Degeneres look a like:

Colton Berry
Age: 18 Hometown: Staunton, VA

Need I say more?

The others as far as I am concerned were “forgettable.”

12 thoughts on “American Idol – Season 7 – Top 12 Guys

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  2. OK, so we had the exact same picks. I can’t wait for those 3 to be gone. Danny Noriega annoys the hell out of me. Especially with his head-bobbin’ comments to Simon. Haven’t they learned they have to watch what they say?? My Husband said last night (about Jason Castro) “The girls will just keep voting for him because of his eyes.” Gorgeous eyes and he can sing. And I would take home Michael Johns any and everyday. Just to look at him and listen to him speak. I think he’ll be the winner.

  3. Chef Mom:

    we do have the same taste huh? I knew I liked you for good reason!! 🙂

    I *heart* Michael Johns sooooo much. He is RIDICULOUS cute. I hope he wins.

  4. OK, I like David Archuleta as well! I thought he was so cute and modest and his voice! He can really sing.

    I like the New Zealand guy, he seems nice, he’s hot AND he can sing.

    I HATE Danny Noriega…. ugh. I really want to kick him in the nuts, seriously… he needs it.

    There is something about Colton Berry, I just don’t like.

  5. Leslie:

    Dreadlock guy isnt that cute..but his EYES are awesome.


    I loved loved LOVED David. He is so young, and polite and NICE…I hope my
    tenage boy acts that way when he is 17. Sheesh.

    And that Aussie is a H-O-T-T-I-E I hope my next boyfriend looks like THAT

  6. I’m rooting for David Cook , David Archuleta and Michael Johns. They’re the only 3 who have real promise as far as I’m concerned. My personal fav would be Michael Johns. Now for the girls tonight 🙂

  7. Well, I have to go for the Aussie. He is a great singer and not too bad looking, either (understatement of the year…) I also like Jason and David. I also like Chikezie(did I spell it right?) – good soul singer. I hope they all get through! We’re not allowed to vote in Oz so I am getting my sister to vote for the ones I like as she lives in North Carolina. Good luck, guys!

  8. OMG…. I just watched Danny Noriega’s Elvis performance and ewww. Several things got to me. I have to write them down. He might deserving of a post. I’ll link here of course, since this is where I’m sure I’ll come for AI rants, opinions and whatnot. 😀

  9. Jillian:

    Oh! I know I really HATE that kid.

    whooo hoo link love for me? Thanks!

    and yes…lets make this the AI ranting spot!

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