From the creators of “My So-Called Life,” and “thirtysomething” quarterlife is ‘sort of’ a New Show premiering on NBC Tonight @10pm. (This show will air regularly on Sunday nights at 9pm.)

I say ‘sort of a new show’ because it has been running on MySpace & You Tube for awhile. Alas, the series has finally been picked up by network television.

About the show:

“The first network-quality series that was produced first for the Internet. quarterlife tells the ongoing stories of six creative people in their twenties. Starting with Dylan, a young woman whose overly truthful video blog spills the closest secrets of her friends unbeknownst to them.”

** Video preview HERE **

I am definitely going to check this one out. I am very interested in seeing how this show plays out on television. Lord knows we can all use something NEW to watch.

8 thoughts on “quarterlife

  1. OK, I am not looking forward to this show. LOL, I am tired of shows about college-aged kids and their “struggles” in life. I’ve seen “Felicity”, I remember “Wasteland”.

    It just seems like this show is going to be full of angst… which I hate.

    But just because I’m not looking forward to it, doesn’t mean I won’t give the first episode a shot.

    Shows I hope come back: “The Big Bang Theory” and “Cavemen” (it wasn’t THAT bad :-P)

  2. I, too, am tired of watching shows about 20-somethings and their ‘problems.’ Now, I’m not saying I want to watch a show about people MY age living MY life, but still–enough with the 20-somethings! (As far as a show depicting my life: It would last only 15 minutes before being yanked off of the air–NO ONE wants to see anything so boring! :)) With the lack of quality shows, I’m just glad the hockey season is still going on. 😉

  3. I liked “Cavemen”. Because it was a new show, the humor wasn’t consistent. I think they were still finding their footing. I believe that if the show had been given a chance it would have turned out pretty good.

    Oh well, I still hope for its return… and I STILL quote it in conversation.

    Favorite line: “These pretty ladies aren’t gonna make love to themselves are they?…. Or are they?

    Ahhh, good times.

  4. So apparently this shows was canceled after only ONE episode. LOL… wow! Not that I was looking forward to it [I said as much] but they just really aren’t into giving shows a chance these days are they? Do they really expect everything to be a hit right off the bat?

    “Seinfeld” wasn’t all that funny during the 1st season and look what happened to it?

    Wow. It IS funny, though.

  5. Jill:

    that is CLASSIC. I am soooo glad they gave Seinfeld a REAL chance. That show is one of my ALL TIME favorites EVER.

    That & Scrubs. I cant get enough of either!

    ps….Ill get back on top of American Idol this week. *pinky swear*

    um…and there is a NEW show that looks pretty funny. I cant wait to hear your thoughts on that one.

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