American Idol – Season Seven: McCartney / Lennon Night

David Cook


Yes! He nailed it once again. My FAVORITE of the night. He completely housed ‘Elenore Rigby’.

David Archuleta


Oh. No. My poor baby. That was a HOT MESS. I cannot believe he screwed up the lyrics like that. I wonder if his performance was so…um…crappy, due to the ‘rumors’ of being ostricised by the other contestants? Or if this just wasn’t his bag? Either way I still love this kid.

Jason Castro


The first two notes of ‘Yesterday’ were good, and then, not so much. and then, Not. Even. A. Little. good. It was like he was struggling to sing. Nope. I did not like it. At All.

David Hernadez


Um. ‘Saw Her Standing There’ has now been destroyed. Not Pretty.

Michael John


Totally redeemed himself after last weeks fiasco. He did a wonderful job with ‘Across The Universe’.


Randy was right. WHO KNEW? This dood blew it up. He was incredible. Just like a pro. I loved it. LOVED. He looked like he was having a great time, he sounded great, hell he even put me in a GREAT mood.

SIDEBAR: Paula finally had a ‘good hair day’.

Brooke White


She has manged to shock me for THREE weeks now. Okay okay, uncle. I am a fan. I give up. Crazy is good. Her rendition of ‘Let It Be’ was phenom.

Syeshe Mercado


Meh. Unimpressed. “Forgettable” version of ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’.

Ramiele Malubay


‘In My Life’ is one of my FAVORITE songs. I think she did alright, but I kept waiting for a big moment, or something to blow me away…and that moment never arrived.

Carly Smithson


hmmm…’Come Together’ great song for her. She did done good. But I still dont like HER. Not sure why?

Amanda Overmyer


She sang ‘You Cant Do That’ and while she did ok, I think she would have done MUCH better with a song like Revolution.

Kristi Lee Cook


Time To Go Home. WTF was that all about? ‘8 Days A Week’ country, complete with banjos? John is rolling over in his grave.

Talk to me people! Who did you love and hate? And who do you hope gets KICKED OFF??

5 thoughts on “American Idol – Season Seven: McCartney / Lennon Night

  1. I hated the country version of 8 Days A week. I had to leave the room. Loved Chikezie but my fave of the night was David Cook. I now officially have a crush on him!

  2. Selma:
    The Beatles are my son’s favorite…HE WAS PISSED at the 8 Days A Week rendition. Yep. David Cook is AWESOMENESS

  3. Whew… OK, finally got a chance to catch all of this. Seriously…lol, I have to fight for the TV around here.

    Hahahaha @ “Eight Days A Week”. The H, who hates “American Idol” said they were talking about her on the radio. You know you sucked when even Paul (people-pleaser extraordinaire) can’t find ANYTHING nice to say about you. Haha.

    I felt bad for poor David A. That was a mess. Hopefully not enough to get sent home.

    Micheal did alright.

    Everyone else was…. Meh.

    OK, I just don’t like Amanda O. I dunno, I just don’t like her voice or the style of singing she does. And I think she’s really taking things to heart because she has a very hard time smiling and looking comfortable being there. I wonder what else is going on. And I HATE her hair, although it looks better than that scary-do she had a few weeks ago.

    I liked Carly’s song. I thought she did a very good job.

    I have a special place for Chikezie. He used to work for the Transportation Security Administration and so did I for TWO years. That job fucking sucks and Amen to him for getting the hell out of there. And he worked at LAX, too… as did I. I might write about that one day. Worthless bunch of….

  4. Jillian:

    As usual WE are on the SAME page.

    I have NO IDEA who was sent home. I missed it. (*hangs head in shame*)

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