New Amsterdam Part Two

New Amsterdam Monday Nights 9pm on Fox

*Yeah, yeah, I know. I am behind schedule this with posting this week. Sorry. I am only human. I will catch up with American Idol by tomorrow. Pinky Swear.*


About The Show:

The main character John Amsterdam is a brilliant and enigmatic New York homicide detective unlike any other. And he has a profound secret…he is immortal.”

If you missed the first few episodes you can catch up here. (And I suggest that you do!)

Sorry people. * SPOILER ALERT.*

(I don’t feel like a doing another ‘review’ … I want to TALK TV with you.)

~Last week’s episode:
The brutal rape and murder of a nun and similar attack on a photographer’s assistant who escapes death leads
Amsterdam to remember similar crimes he witnessed in the 1800s when he was a coachman for a wealthy landowner. And John & Sara ‘get to know’ each other better.

Yeah, Um…How happy are we that little miss doctor (Sara) is SEPARTED? Yes! And, in previous episodes, I was never really into the crime solving aspect…but, this week? Wow. I was thrilled with all of the twists and turns involved. Oh soooo good.

One thought on “New Amsterdam Part Two

  1. I’m liking this show more with each episode! I do like when he tells the people all around him about his exploits from 100 years ago–and, of course, they all think he’s joking. It is just a fun little inside joke for the viewers. 🙂

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