American Idol – Beatles Style

Why do they always have to push the envelope too far? As an AVID fan of the Beatles, I think A.I. should have left well enough alone after Lennon/McCartney night. Anyway, I think Kristy Lee Cook whatever her name is (who BTW needs to go away now WHY IS SHE STILL ON THE SHOW?) should have sung the song Chikezie sung…and in the same style that HE did it. That could have worked for her. Oh well. At least it worked for him.

Alas these are my favorites from American Idol Gone Beatles (video style).

David Cook
His version of ‘Day Tripper’? Freaking Rocked My Socks Off. He just keeps getting better and better. It was almost like seeing him in ‘concert’. (Oh …and I LOVE the AC on his guitar for his brother.)


— — — —

David Archuleta
Sang ‘The Long And
Winding Road, EFFORTLESSLY. (If there was ever going to be another ‘Rat Pack’ of singers for our generation, this cat is in the lead spot.)


— — — —

Carly Smithson
(I still don’t ‘like’ her, she is hard to look at, and don’t even get me started on her husband…) but I have to give her credit for the way she worked ‘BlackBird’.



Syesha Mercado
Nailed ‘Yesterday’ with an UN-forgettable performance. Finally, I hope people start to notice her more. She is absolutley talented.


2 thoughts on “American Idol – Beatles Style

  1. I agree, there was no reason to do a 2nd week. I was actually underwhelmed with Tuesday’s performances. And KLC does need to go.

    Did you see our boy David A. NAIL IT??? I LOVE HIM! I also think it’s so cute how all the girls were screaming for him. He must be so blown away by all of it.


    I did get a little annoyed during the show because it seemed like the contestants were a bit more mouthy than usual. It seemed like they were trying to talk over the judges. I admit, I don’t always agree with the stuff they say but I still want to hear their opinion. I dunno… it just annoyed me. What do you think?

  2. Jillian:
    I was soooooooo proud of our boy! I cant stand KLC at all.

    Oh I was totally irritated with the contestants being wise asses…and I am sorry, but sometimes SIMON really is the ONLY ‘Voice Of Reason’. In this generation of political correctness and sugar coating, its REFRESHING to hear The Truth every once in a while.

    Not that I agree with him ALL of the time, but at least he keeps it real!

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