Listen UP People.

I am calling all FANS of the TV series Dexter. AND anyone who has NEVER had the time, or opportunity, to watch the show.

Did you guys know? Showtime now has an “All Things Dexter” section in the ‘On Demand’ menu! Finally, there is full access to all of Season One and all of Season Two, plus bonus material, exclusive interviews, and behind the scenes!!!

Even though I have already watched every single episode, I have a glorious three day weekend ahead of me. I may never leave my house (or sleep). Why would I when I have 40 full hours of Dexter to watch?



6 thoughts on “DEXTER

  1. i gotta go right now and put this dang thing on my netflix… every time you talk about it i say i am going to do it,, and i don’t… here i go….

  2. Well, K is working this weekend, so I think I just might take over the living room and have myself a Dexter marathon!

  3. CMK:
    You will not be disappointed. The Ice Truck killer was all to shocking…but SEASON TWO is re-god-damn-diculous. So worth every second.

    grrl, FOR REAL…you MUST watch this. I promise it will not be a waste of your time…and THIS is s show right up your alley.


  4. I thought I was going to LOVE this show. I was all excited and then didn’t make it past the pilot. Maybe I should give it another try?

  5. FanGirl:

    You REALLY need to give it another shot. You would miss out on one of the best television series in the HISTORY of the WORLD. (and for once in my life, I am NOT exaggrating.)

  6. I LOVE this show. I haven’t seen it for years since I couldn’t find it on tv anymore. Thanks for the announcement. I guess I better order showtime now…

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