American Idol – Season Seven – Top 10



Last night they had to sing a song from the year they were born. Here is what I thought of their performances in no particular order. Dont forget to tell me your favorites or most hated in the comments!!


David Cook


Yes! He nailed it once again. My FAVORITE of the night. I am ready to buy his CD and tickets to any and all of his future concerts. He has revolutionized every single cover song he has ever sang on that stage. I am downloading all of them into my iTunes as you read this.

David Archuleta


Yeay. So Cute. So. Good. I didn’t even know the song he was singing. But I certainly liked it.

Jason Castro


Um, at this stage in the game you really need to BRING it, and he was um…boring. It wasnt BAD, but I was NOT blown away. There was no “wow” factor.

Michael John


Just because he can work a Freddy Mercury impersonation, does not make him an American Idol. He has NO versatility.



Well. I hate to say this, but he was sooo boring. I mean, I almost fell asleep.

Brooke White


Had me, and then LOST me.I whole heartedly agreed with the judges, she should have stayed solo with the piano.

Syeshe Mercado


WELL DONE. 2nd Favorite of the night. I really wish I looked like THAT in skinny jeans, or had her pipes!

Ramiele Malubay


Meh. Unimpressed.

Carly Smithson


Uncle. She got me. I give in. She can sing. FINE.

Kristi Lee Cook


Great song choice for her. Probably the only song I will ever remember her singing all year (aside from the 8 days a week fiasco). But Im really done with her.


3 thoughts on “American Idol – Season Seven – Top 10

  1. Woo Hoo, I was hoping you had a post about AI up!

    So I just watched Syesha’s performance and I didn’t like it. “If I Was Your Woman” is a big song and it’s not meant to be sung at the level she performed it at. I also thought she had too many runs. You know how the judges are always saying some songs you should make your own and then some songs shouldn’t ever be changed? I think this song falls into the latter category. I LOVE this song and Syesha, did not do it justice… This song comes gets its power and feeling from the lower notes. I dunno… I just wasn’t impressed. And it doesn’t help Syesha looks just like my ex-roommate who turned out to be b*tch!!!!! I dunno… something about her I dislike.

    Now I’ll go watch the rest! I just HAD to get this off my chest while it was fresh or else I would have forgotten what I wanted to say.

  2. I think I am a dirty old woman because I am in love with David Cook and he’s young enough to be my well – much younger brother. Hahaha. Boy, did he give an outstanding performance or what?

    I hate to say it but I think Ramiele will go tonight (or possibly Brooke.) It’s such a shame about Ramiele because she has a really great voice but she consistently picks bad songs. Oh, and the Aussie guy’s really annoying me now. Can he sing anything else besides Queen? Sheesh.

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