Is My Blog Broken AGAIN?

No. It’s not ‘Broken’ exactly.


There IS something wrong with my blog!

Do any of you remember when THIS HAPPENED?

Well, that sort of problem has resurfaced. Apparently, there is some sort of WebHost/Server fiasco that I will never fully comprehend.

I know that a lot of you have been having a hard time getting into my blog and have been unable to leave comments over the last month or so. Thanks to all for your concern and emails. I am working on the problem. (And when I say “I” am working on it, that really means LESLIE had to find the time in her busy schedule to fix my blog.) I can assure you that no one has been banned or deleted and I have not switched to a private blog. Please bare with me while ‘we’ are trying to resolve these issues.

As a result of the constant and ongoing “cannot connect to the server” headaches, I have to MOVE my blog to a new HOST. During the ‘switch’ this blog and I may be “missing” and / or unavailable for the next 2-4 days while we undergo construction.

(I know. I am freaking out about that too.)

You can still try to access my page during the transition and you may try to leave comments. But, I don’t know if you will be able to. I may or may not be able to post or comment on my end. Who knows?

Thanks for all of your patience everyone.


3 thoughts on “Is My Blog Broken AGAIN?

  1. Jillian:
    I dont know how LESLIE keeps up with her own 12 million pages…and my two little blogs….but if it wasn’t for her….Id never even HAVE a website.

  2. I came over here for my meleah fix. AND looking for that last vid of your hunkster dad…I never realized this is the theme I used to have. Cool! Okay, so off to find your dad…

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