HOUSE-New Night-New Time-New Episodes

Ah!! Yes! Dr. Gregory M. House MD will be on TV tonight.


Is it a new episode tonight? Not sure. But I am watching it. Just.In.Case.

What I do know (for a fact) is that as of April 21st, House will permanently be on Fox on Monday Nights @ 9/8C and we are guaranteed a NEW EPISODE on April 28th!!!!

** Be sure to set you Alarms, DVR’s and Tivos. I might even suggest that you mark your calenders. **

(But don’t worry. I promise I will remind you to tune in on that day too! )

4 thoughts on “HOUSE-New Night-New Time-New Episodes

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  2. What happened at the end of the show last night? I watched up to the part where the guy fell through the glass and they had to drain fluids from his head. I had to run off to a phone call up to the part where he started losing his vision. Somebody please catch me up!

    Is it on one of these episodes that they have on Fancast? I don’t know what the episode’s name was.

  3. I am still shocked a bit in the way women react to “House”. I hear that he is SO HOT all the time.
    I am completely unable to tell a good looking guy from a not good looking guy… and ask other women sometimes “Is that guy good looking?”
    Hugh is always getting a good review. What exacty is the thing with this guy?

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