American Idol- Season Seven – Top Six

And here is what I thought of last night’s performances:

Last night the contestants sang music by: Andrew Lloyd Weber. A highly successful British composer of musical theatre.

Anyway. On to the contestants….(in no particular order.)

Syesha Mercado:


Damn it. I missed her performance. She opened lasts nights show. I have No Idea how my girl did. SOME ONE has to tell me!! Please!

Jason Castro:


Sang ‘Memories’ from the play Cats. It was little weak. (to speak kindly). It may have been just a poor song choice for him. Clearly, he is NOT one of the strongest singers, nor do I see him lasting too much longer on AI. In fact he may be in danger of getting booted this week. But his performance wasn’t as awful as the judges implied.

David Cook:


Sang The Music Of The Night from Phantom Of The Opera. Okay, that’s it. I am officially swooning. I heard a whole new timber to his voice. I saw yet another side of David, and just how talented he is. Which in turn has only made me fall even harder for this cat. Once again, he has taken a song that I know and love to a whole new level. AMAZING.

Carly Smithson:


Sang the theme for Jesus Christ Superstar. ( I LOVE THAT PLAY) So, yes, I am incredibly biased. I am used to a very specific sound attached to that song. She looked FABULOUS. In fact, for the first time all season, I thought she really looked comfortable on the stage, and actually had a good time with it. It may not have been her best performance ever, but she did one hell of a good job.

David Archuleta:


Sang Think Of Me from the famed Phantom Of The Opera. That said….could he BE more amazing? Um. No. I don’t know any other 17 year old that can or will ever be able to give me chills the way his voice does. So What if his eyes are “closed” when he sings. He is un-freaking-believable.

Sorry Simon. You are waaaaaay off with your assessment.

Brooke White:


Yep. Still Crazy. And Annoying Me. She sang You Must Love Me a song by Madonna from the 1996 soundtrack to the film Evita.

Oh Snap! She screwed up the words within the first 5 seconds….And had to START OVER. (Which I think was a very brave thing to do. And The Right Thing To Do.)

I never saw that happen on AI.

Anywhoo, when she pulled herself together (and this PAINS ME TO ADMIT). The girl pulled it off.

Okay….people. Talk to me. What did you think of the contestants last night? And who should go home?

7 thoughts on “American Idol- Season Seven – Top Six

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  2. Argh! I am SO behind on my TV watching. I’ve been obsessed with getting trying to get my WP theme to work in all browsers. The person helping me (read: doing ALL the work) actually created the theme and anyway…. it’s a struggle.

    Seriously… why do people still use IE??? Or better yet, why can’t IE just WORK?

    But still good to see my boy Archuleta is still in the running! And forgetting the words must SUCK the big one. I find it hard to even laugh at her because that just…. sucks.

  3. Jillian:

    I dont even notice typeo’s anymore……

    I did feel bad for Crazy Ass Brooke…and she did a good job AFTER she fucked up.

  4. Brooke needs to go. What’s with all the frowning?

    I am officially IN LOVE with David Cook. I wish I could be transformed into a 20 year old so I could become one of his groupies. (Yes, I am a dirty old woman.) He is awesome. And I’m sorry you missed, Syesha – she was fantastic. I was really impressed!

  5. I know! What is up with her facial expressions. I cant with Brooke anymore.

    I am feeling you on the Dirty Old Lady thang! hahhahahaahahahaha

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