Groovy TV


Ah yes. The Glory Days of ‘Groovy’ Television. Don’t you remember way back when the world seemed so much simpler? How much did you (or still do) love all that the 70’s had to offer as far as TV programming? As much as this guy?

If you did, then I would like to take a moment and direct your attention to This Ultra-Super-Fly-Far-Out Post. I couldn’t have written this any better if I tried.


Being yanked from the warmth of my mother’s womb and placed into the cold harshness that was the last week of 1973 (I’m thinking of starting a novel using that last sentence, but wanted to try it out here first), I don’t remember a lot about 70s TV as it was happening. I did however grow up on 70s reruns. Lots of them. In fact, by the time this post is over, you may well think I grew up on too many 70s reruns…

Read the complete post HERE.

Thank me later.

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