American Idol- Season Seven – Top Five

And here is what I thought of last night’s performances:

Last night the contestants sang music by: Neil Diamond. (Times Two.)

Who doesn’t *LOVE* at least One Neil Diamond song? C’mon! It’s okay. You can admit to it.

Anyway. On to the contestants (in no particular order).

Syesha Mercado:


Song One: Hello. She FLOORED me with her voice. She sang that song pitch-perfect and beautifully. I honestly think she “owned” Round One.

Song Two: Thank The Lord For The Night Time. This time, I was not as impressed as I was with her first go at it. That performance was a little more hackneyed. Possibly a little too ‘Broadway’ for me. (But wait? Have you ever been to a Broadway Play? Yeah. You need some pretty powerful pipes to work that. So I think thats a compliment.)

—– —– —–

Jason Castro:


-Was unfamiliar with any Neil Diamond songs. Um. Yeah. What? How is THAT even possible?

Song One: Honey Sweet. I was throughly unimpressed. It was boring, flat, and not entertaining At. All.

Song Two: Sepetember Morn (and again) he was boring, flat, and not entertaining At. All.

He had absolutely no charisma last night. It was as if he was simply going through the motions. Hmm…I think he might be in some danger of going home? *fingers crossed*

—– —— ——

David Cook:


I always look forward to hearing the magical brilliance of David Cook. Undoubtedly he would bring something fantastic to the table in order to make Neil Diamond ‘fresh’ again. And he did NOT disappoint. David gave Neil the chills during the rehearsals.

Song One: I Am Alive. And of course, he rocked. No. It wasn’t his Best Song Ever…but it was pretty freaking awesome.

Song Two: All I Really Need Is You. That time he gave ME the chills. David Cook (hands down) “owned” Round Two.

—– —– —–

David Archuleta:


Song One: Sweet Caroline. But, I think because I am sooooo used to the Neil Diamond version, it was a little hard for me to get into it. His performance also lacked the bar full of people singing in unison I am all too familiar with. I suppose its because without that sort of ‘back up’ I wasn’t as enamored with his performance as I usually am.

Song Two: They’re Coming To America. It’s not as if he was born to sing Neil Diamond covers. However, he really did a Great Job. Perfect Song Choice for him.

—– —— ——

Brooke White:


Song One: I’m A Believer. After that disaster, I believe it is time for her to go. That was the WORST performance she has had all season long. She did a better job last week when she forgot the lyrics and had to start over.

Song Two: I am I Said. She does not have a strong enough for that song. Bad Choice. Bad Performance. Better than the first song….but um no. While I do like her behind the piano, I think I would like her more….Off The Show.


So what was the best part of last night’s American Idol?

When Paula noticeably, seriously, in full blown train wreck fashion, F-U-C-K-E-D UP. Big. Time. And So Very Badly…ON LIVE TELEVISION, in front of millions of people.

Paula was giving a ‘review’ to a contestant about a song that he HADN’T SUNG YET.

(Yeah. Um. Now we already know that American Idol is a LIVE television show, and clearly the judges notes on what to say or how to critique the singers are written before hand. Obviously, if any of those papers happen to get mixed up and put back ‘out of the sequential order they are supposed to be in’ … Paula is screwed. She barely knows where she is at any given time. How is she supposed to figure out on her own where they are in the show?)

Man, I wish I had recorded that, just so I could re-live watching Ryan Secrest’s horrified facial expressions. His eyes screamed crazy desperation for someone to jump in and STOP her from speaking.

And then she made things even WORSE by trying to back peddle.

SIMON had no other choice came to her rescue, by changing the subject and asking her a simple direct question.

That was absolutely CLASSIC. Classic. And He-LAR-ious.

I will be spending the day Googling and searching The Internet. I am positive that someone, somewhere, has a video clip of that posted. I am on a mission to find it. And when I do, I promise, I will add it to the bottom of this post.

THIS LINK is a great re-cap of what went down!

10 thoughts on “American Idol- Season Seven – Top Five

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  2. I agree with you completely. David Cook – love him. Want him to win. Brooke – please go. PLEASE.

    I couldn’t believe that thing with Paula, either. Is she really as dopey as she makes out? I thought Ryan was going to have a stroke!

  3. Selma:
    I died when Paula did that… I think she has LOST her mind all together. She NEEDS to go. Maybe she will be the one with a Pink Slip for next season??

    David Cook = Winner.

    Brooke = GAH!

  4. I agree with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Scary, huh? Loved Cook’s second song. And Brooke’s first? Jeez. Have you ever seen Four Weddings and a Funeral? Remember the man & woman singing at that one wedding…Shucky Darn! It was awful! And Paula? OMG. What Bat Channel is she tuned in to?

  5. I still have that episode on the DVR. I am SO gonna watch it. I mean I think most viewers are smart enough to know that a lot of what happens on the show is scripted. But you think they would AT LEAST continue to promote the idea that things are spontaneous and “real”, ya know?

    It’s like when actors in a sitcom break the 4th wall. It takes the audience (well me, anyway) out of the moment.

    Anyways… LOL… Paula needs to get it together. And even though I have said they need to get rid of her… I’m not sure the dynamic between the judges would be the same. As annoying as she is… her presence…. works.

  6. Kellypea:
    You Crack Me Up! HA. Yes, OMFG that was sooo 4 Weddings And A Funeral. HA HA HA……Brooke and that guy with the dreads need to Go Away Now.

    Oh you HAVE to see it for yourself. I mean that was absolutely off the chain, because it was completely GENUINE. Unscripted, Kra-Zee Paula let loose and rain off the rails.

    Yes! yes! YES! Thank you lova! xxoo

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