Trashy Summer Televison

Most of you know that outside of the Fox network, or All Things Dexter, I spend most of my television watching hours on the E! Channel. And this summer E! brings not one but two Trashy Television Treats my way.Lets get started shall we!

1. Denise Richards – It’s Complicated.


Okay. Okay. I know this isn’t something I should be watching. At. All. It’s absolutely awful. Literally despicable. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to look away. (And no. That’s not just because there is NOTHING else to watch on Sunday nights at 10pm.)

“Opening up her life for the first time Denise Richards lays it all on the line. Follow the high-profile star as she navigates Hollywood, romance and motherhood after a tumultuous year in the tabloids”

From what I saw, it was nothing but a bunch of Bad Choices, Bad Interviews, and even Bad Clothing. Um…Yeah. To be fair, I will give Denise Richards some credit for giving us a slice of the sought after T.M.I. But, so far all I can say is “Congratulations Denise, you some how made me feel sorry for Charlie Sheen.

Next Up? The show I have secretly been waiting for.

2 . Dina & Ali – Living Lohan


“Being a manager’s tough. Being a mom’s tougher. Follow Dina Lohan as she guides daughter Ali toward a shot at stardom.”

OMFG. Again, I know this isn’t something I should be watching. At. All. However, this comes on the E! Channel (directly after the above mentioned disaster at 1030 pm Sunday nights.)

Since I am slightly obsessed with Lindsay, I was curious to get a glimpse into the world from which she came. Dina? What can I say about Dina Lohan. Nothing Nice. That’s for sure. And Ali? Ali Lohan. I can’t believe she is only 14 years old. To quote my one of my favorite TV Host/Comedian/Writers Chelsea HandlerAli Lohan acts like an 85 year old woman from Boca Raton Florida.”

This family is a real live slow motion train wreck. I am fully amazed LINDSAY is even remotely capable of interacting with the rest of society. Let alone keeping a girlfriend.

To say that I am Horrified by Dina Lohan is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

“This is a family that knows how to roll with the punches and come out on top. Dina is an incredibly hard-working, passionate mom that I think our viewers will find both relatable and highly entertaining.”

* Translation *

This is a family that knows how to roll with the punches suffering from a long genetic history of metal illness and come out on top that is frightening for the general public to witness. Dina is an incredibly hard-working, passionate mom media whore psycho-path, vicariously living out her personal fantasies for fame and fortune by using her own children. I think our viewers will find the show both relatable repulsive . And highly entertaining alarming.”

Yep. I will be tuning in to THAT every Sunday night. Somehow after watching that Hot Mess going to work on Monday mornings doesn’t seem so bad!

What TRASHY SUMMER TV will YOU be watching? 

13 thoughts on “Trashy Summer Televison

  1. totally off subject… but i keep on forgetting to tell you i devoured the first season of dexter… and now… i cant egt the second one yet on netflix????WTF???? i have it on order for when they get it but JFC,, i wanna know what the heck is happening now!!!!!!

  2. GRRL! You need some DEXTER SEASON TWO = All of it.

    And, watch it marathon style, back to back. That will really alter you. As a person. Forever!

    I was ‘different’ after 18 consecutive hours of Michael Hall.

    Season Two is 50 billion times BETTER than Season One.

    *pinky swear*

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  4. I hate to admit it but I am going to watch the Denise Richards show too (it starts in Oz next week.) Sometimes tackiness is the only way to go. I really should watch Dexter, my friends rave about it. Must rent the first season.

  5. Oh my gosh, I watched the first episode of the Denise Richard’s show. All she kept saying was, “I’m not the Bond Girl, or the girl from Wild Things”. Clearly she believes that defines her as she doth protest too much. Also, I’m not a prude, but cool it with the language with small children around. Sheesh! It’s just sad..

    Hey, I forgot to add this site to my link list so I’m off to do that now.

  6. I know! Her gutter mouth is not funny. At All. its offensive and upsetting, and really kind of unnecessary!

    gah. I can’t with her.

  7. It was awesome watching the second season of Dexter. I got Showtime just to be able to do that.

    I am looking forward to the second Season of Burn Notice on USA. Gabe and I love that show. It’s funny and smart.

    I don’t think I can stomach Dina and Denise for a whole hour on Sundays, so I will just rely on The Soup for the most interesting clips.

  8. Ingrid:

    DEXTER RULES ALL. PERIOD!! Season Two Kicked Season One’s ASS.

    I am interested in checking out Burn Notice, but I dont know if I will be able to get into it? Do I need to know backgrounds and charcters? or, can I just jump in?

    I just saw In Plain SIight for the first time, and I gotta say, I am a FAN!!

    Oh and you can COUNT on The Soup to cover all the important scenes!!

  9. holy cow and your killing me with this. your feeling bad for Charlie SHeen is totally funny Mel, and The Lohan part I mean – what can I say it was hilarious. I think AMerica would rather see real people at this point, or am I wrong.

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