Watching Sitcoms!

This is my first post on this blog. I thought I might introduce myself to you. I am an avid couch potato and remote control aficionado, who prefers spending the night at home alone absorbed in situation comedies. While yes, that is sad for me, it is good news for you! Now, I will now be bringing you the best, and worst, of television sitcoms for the rest of the year!

NBC Launches 2 new shows. Are they HOT or NOT?

1. Thank God You’re Here which premiered Monday April 9th 2007.

2. The Real Wedding Crashers to premier Monday April 23rd 2007.

The show, Thank God You’re Here will never last simply because, it’s lame. The show appears to be a combination of two earlier shows, “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and “Laugh In” rolled into one really painful, hour long ordeal (I barely made it through 20 minutes.) Not only does the show lack originality, the only funny parts were the sponsors’ commercials, which provided a much needed break for what turned out to be longest hour of my television life. Tell me? What did you think?

The other show, which looks to be much more promising is The Real Wedding Crashers. The commercials preview two guys at various weddings with lots of physical comedy. But, how many weddings can you destroy before that gets old? From the producers of PUNK’D, the avaible clips on NBC had me rolling on the floor laughing out loud! I love the premise (having crashed my own brother’s wedding). I can’t wait for more. Whatever will they think of next! Priests answering cell phones during the ceremony, angry brides, and lots and lots of cake! I guess we will just have to wait and see if this show proves to be all that has been proposed!

9 thoughts on “Watching Sitcoms!

  1. I hadn’t heard of either of these shows yet – thanks for the warning – I hate wasting my time with bad TV. Speaking of which, aren’t you glad SANJAYA is GONE!? YAY. FINALLY. Welcome to 451 Press, Meleah!

  2. Thanks Leslie! Bad TV is the worst! I am thrilled SANJAYA is GONE! What a relief! I can finally watch IDOL again.

    PS…(Of course after I hit publish I realized I screwed up my opening sentance in this post! ooops!)

  3. Oh yea, I was so happy that Sanjaya was voted off that I almost knocked over a lamp when I jumped up from my chair.

  4. yea! For the most part the new show get pretty lame. I liked whose line is it anyway and I tried to watch it but I’ll thank god for a new law and order first. Thanx for the heads up and welcome aboard.

  5. Thanks for the comments, Richard and Oliver!

    I have to agree with you Oliver, I’d rather be watching LAW and ORDER before I wil sit through another episode of Thank God Your Here!

    Stay Tuned daily for updates!

  6. Thanks for the warning Mel!!! I’m not a network TV watcher to begin with, so I know I won’t be spending any time watching either.

  7. Yeah I agree with Pam. I don’t do much network television but it’s cool that someone is out there warning us in advance what to duck! Looking forward to your next post!

  8. Hey! Thanks Michael and Pam. I will watch TV and happily post carefully. In a few weeks I plan on teaching the two of you to LOVE you some Network TV! hehe

  9. I am so proud of you. Never thought you would be here four and a half years ago, did you? Keep up the great work!!!

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