Alec Baldwin

Has Alec Baldwin lost his mind?

Star of 30 Rock, leaves irate message on his 12 year old daughter’s cell phone.

Now, I may not be the most impartial commentator, considering I have a long standing love affair with Alec Baldwin. In fact, I lick the screen when he graces my living room every Thursday night. But, has he lost his mind? I say, “No.”  Should he have lost visitation rights? I say, “NOOOO!”

While watching FOX new this morning, they played an audio file, which can be found HERE! courtesy of, of the hostile message Alec Baldwin left for his daughter.

What I hear is a frustrated father who is fighting to have a relationship with his daughter. After listening carefully several times, I can only imagine the conversation Alec had with his daughter when he bought her the cell phone in the first place. It sounds to me like Alec just wants to communicate with his daughter on a regular basis, which is not happening.

So he purchased her a cell phone, with the hope and promises to speak with his daughter on regularly scheduled phone appointments. Yet Alec can’t ever seem to get a hold of his own daughter. I’m sure Alec is paying a hefty cell phone bill, where everyone, but him, can talk to her.

I am not saying it was appropriate fore Alec to call his child a “pig”, but I can see how upsetting it must be for Alec to have made several attempts to at least connect via telephone relationship with his daughter all to no avail.

Maybe he went a little overboard with the excessive use of profanity, but I am sorry, in this day and age there is way too much coddling of ‘children’ and sometimes a child just needs a good smack down.

I, for one, have handed out a healthy dose of nuclear style screaming at my own child. Who hasn’t ripped into their own kids when they don’t act right?

Alec’s daughter is not 4; she is not a ‘baby.’ It sound to me like the daughter had a deal with her father, and agreement, a promise which she did not keep.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that a Hollywood icon, is truly upset over the fact that he is not able to talk to his own daughter. There are plenty of Hollywood (and regular life) fathers that don’t make any effort at all to have any relationship with their kids.

That appears to be what Alec is really yelling about. He lives far away, he can’t see her everyday, I’m sure he is limited in participating in her life to begin with and all he wants to do is talk to his kid. Yet, he can’t even do that. So he yelled. Big deal.

By the way, who even released the recording to the public? Kim Basinger. And why? Why would she do that? Hasn’t she interfered with their relationship enough? What good does it do to air the message Alec left for his daughter to the general public? Is Kim so furious that Alec is doing so well with his career, while she couldn’t deliver a line from someone else’s mouth? Is Kim so jealous that she will do just about anything to steer Alec’s relationship with his daughter in to full blown media scrutiny. Alec’s relationship with his daughter is just that…it’s THEIR relationship.

Now Alec has lost visitation rights because of his rant?

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life. A father can lose visitation with their own child because he yelled at them.


It’s not like Alec threaten her with physical violence, he didn’t beat her with wooden spoons (like we were back in the day). He yelled at her and threw in some profanity. La-de-freeking-da. Since when did reprimanding your child become a crime, punishable by loss of visitation?

Thank goodness none of MY screaming matches have ever been recorded and/or released to the public.

Please weigh in on the comments.

What do you think?

Does Alec deserve to loose visitation?

Was his phone message too intense?

45 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin

  1. I have to side with you on this one. If their acrimonious divorce had not been in the press so much over the last few years, and I had no background on how crazy it has been on both sides, I might think he deserved to lose visitation. But knowing what a hateful divorce it’s been makes me think you are right.

  2. Way to go media! Another common occurrance blown up into an obscenely horrific episode of humanity’s dark side!!

    Give me a break! I don’t know one parent (myself included) who hasn’t lost it in a screaming match with their child over something the world-at-large thinks is petty.

    Not being able to speak to your child (after buying and paying mucho bucks for G-d knows how many calls and text messages NOT sent to you) is no minor matter and is certainly up there on the “lost it and screaming” parental ladder.

    Even if this is just one incident in a string of maniacly over-controlling, S.O.B., piece-of-crap-dad moves…then maybe he should be mandated to enter counselling with his daughter to find a better way to communicate. But, this???

    Hey! Even a pedophile father gets to have supervised visitation with his child. Should Alec Baldwin LOSE CUSTODY over an out of control voice mail?

    You’ve gotta be kidding me!

  3. Good article w/ very good points made. I don’t believe Alec should lose
    visitation. Love is frustrating and can make people act in ways they
    normally would not. I am sure their is more of a history regarding his
    inability to connect (speak or see) with his daughter, or regarding Kim’s
    maneuvering or manipulation to put distance in their relationship, but we
    will never know. Alec is no threat to anybody, especially his daughter. He
    is only guilty of loving his little girl and wanting to be closer to
    her. I must admit I have not heard the audio and I probably would have
    handled the situation differently. However, I am sure their are things he
    said that he does not truly feel, and that he would like to take back, but
    the bottom line is the punishment does not fit the crime!

  4. Leslie! Yo Momma! Thank you for agreeing with me. I know that there will be some people who feel differntly. Since the media was shunned for too much V-Tech coverage now they are going after my “husbad” and I just wont stand for it!

  5. Holy Crap! The only things missing is forced anger management classes, and
    a “friendly visit” from DYFS inspecting Alec’s refrigerator to ensure that
    it’s stocked with adequate food for the child…. I guess that judge never
    heard of “righteous anger”…. What a shame it is when an angry child or
    ex-wife can turn a parent’s world
    upside down, and make it a living hell… If “words” are Alec’s weapon
    of choice, I’d say that makes him a pretty damn good parent… Alec, I hope
    you win in the end! Brian

  6. I don’t think Kim Basiner is “Jealous” of her husbands career. She’s an Oscar winner from way back and can still act when the script call for it. I think the man has a horrid temper that no one wants to deal with and it’s possibly the reason they are no longer married. There’s no excuse for leaving that child that message – none what so ever. He deserves not see his daughter. Yeah it’s wrong to put your child in the middle of custody, but she’s old enough to realize what a jerk her father really is.

  7. All of this support and the lame excuses made for Alec are disturbing. What in the hell could all of you be thinking??? I’ve got a news flash for you, ladies…your raging hormones are no substitute for a brain and a heart.

  8. wooooah, woooah, woooah!! He lost custody? This is absurd. She is at an age where he can say the things he said to her. HOW else can he make it clear??? We all do it!

    I am on Alec’s side.

    (!fyi! its spelled….like this…..RIDICULOUS)

  9. I hate to admit that my HUGE CRUSH on him does run deep and therefore I have to TAKE HIS SIDE…he is my internet & television husband. Even if he is sweaty, and bloated with anger issues! Who hasn’t lost thier cool at one time or another! Im just glad that nothing I ever yelled at my child was recorded and released to the public!

  10. Seems he left the message with the wrong person. If Kim Basinger is the culpret in all of this why take it out on an 11 yr old? Kids unfortunately get caught in the middle of all this crap with their parents and end up paying a high price for it. I don’t think he should loose visitation rights over this but I would sure push for supervised visitation until he seeks help for his outragoius temper that we’ve become accustomed to seeing and hearing over the years. No child deserves to be talked to like that for any reason let alone for not answering the phone. I wouldn’t trust a man with proven of lack of control to be alone with my child.

  11. You are clearly insane. A parent should not talk to their child this way. A human should not speak to another human this way. It is great you are hot for the guy and all for some bizarre reason, but that does not allow the guy to be abusive to his child. Jennifer, the one who said that she is old enough to be talked to this way, you are genuinely crazy. Underwriter for life, without any other facts, you assume this is all a sign of great love. The insanity in these posts and some of these replies are unbelievable.

  12. She may not be 4, but she’s still only 11. Alec needs to pull his head out of his behind and start acting like an adult. No wonder Ireland doesn’t take his calls…

  13. I very much dislike Alec Baldwin–he’s made some seriously snotty remarks offscreen that put him in my shithouse–BUT, I think there is an overreaction to that call. I can understand the frustration of a father stuck in the middle of a nasty bit of post-marital squabbling. And I know young gals can be thoughtless or manipulated by parents.

    I’m cutting Alec, as much as I can’t stand him, slack. He didn’t say he was gonna beat her to a pulp or something that might be a real threat. Yes, the angry tirade is immature and, maybe, bespeaks a very controlling and egotistical nature that can’t take being ignored, but he didn’t say anything that I think warrants taking away visitation rights.

    Plus, excuse me, who leaked that tape. Isn’t that a private call? If Bassinger did that, she needs to be punished for it. Sorry, that’s tacky and below-the-belt.

    IN this case, probably both actors–Kim and Alec–are at fault, one for not controlling his temper and the other for leaking a tape (at minimum).

    This no-fan-of-Alec thinks the judge overreacted.


  14. Hey MIKE TEFLON! Everyone thinks your dumb.

    Insane I am not, but thanks for trying to “sum me up” & label me from the few words I typed as a comment to this post.

    First of all, Alec Baldwins voice mail was that of a stern and concerned Father. He mentioned he was dissapointed more than once with his kid. He called her a pig…so what!

    Did you hear him cursing?
    Did you hear him verbally abuse his kid?
    Did you hear him threaten her?


    He simpy told her to be ready for his visit so they can discuss further what he can never discuss with her on the phone.

    You MIKE TEFLON, obviously DO NOT have children. I don’t know if they taught you this in the land of fairies, lollipops and rainbows where you obviously, if not grew up, then at least spent most of your summers, but you’re in the real world now…..


    GET a life MIKE TEFLON. & GET your facts straight.

    INSANE wasnt the best word to describe my comment.

    A simple “I don’t agree” would have sufficed, MORON.

  15. mmmmmm I’ve been and always shall be an ANTI-BALDWIN but since Mel is my friend I will and shall always keep certain comments to myself 🙂

  16. Wow. I was worried that I would be the only person who saw Alec’s angry message as more than the rant of an abusive feather. Alec has long been my future husband (yeah, me too), and I was shocked when I first heard the message. I was upset knowing how this will further impact the negative view of him in the nasty custody issue. I was also upset that he had lost his temper in this way.

    That said, as a parent, I do know how it feels to be so upset and let things come out that you wish you had never thought, much less said. He isn’t alone in his anger–every parent has been there or will be at some point. That isn’t an excuse! We should never treat our children so poorly or say such portentially damaging things to them, but, unfortuntely, we do sometimes. The most important thing is that we apologize and let them how we feel when we have calmed. We try and heal the hurt and give them a chance to express themselves as well. And I’m hoping that this is exactly what Alec has done.

    Being Alec comes with a steep price anyway. The media (and Kim) have been looking for any little thing to chop him down and throw him out–and they have the perfect weapon now. And stuck in the middle–as always–is Ireland. When will it end? I don’t see it ending until the media is ready to back away, but scandal and tough times sell.

  17. love can truly be a painful emotion when mishandled in the heat of frutration. sure,I bet you dollars to donuts that he would love to take some of that back ,but,honestly I would seriously consider couseling for the two of them alone, and , WHY ANYONE WOULD ALLOW THAT TO GO PUBLIC IS COMPLETELY CALUS AND SHOULD BE PUNISHED. MY KID WOULD GET AN EARFUL FOR THAT FOR SURE AND THEN SOME. IN PRIVATE!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I tend to agree with Oliver. We as people do tend to regret the things we do and say when we’re angry. But to use it as a public tool to smear Alec is pretty sleazy…thanks Meleah for posting on this! Can’t wait until your next post!

  19. Nice article,agree with you right down the line.Kids can be thoughtless and selfish and a good chewing out is sometimes needed.Better than what I got when I was a kid.

  20. AMY!

    A VOICE of REASON is so nice to hear after a day full of ANTI ALEC attacks…. I think it takes being a PARENT to understand!

    PS…. Has anyone even looked at the fact that ALEC is mad because he CANT talk to his daughter? Where are the KUDOS for a MAN wanting a relationship with is daughter?? Does anyone take into consideration the “recorded call” has been edited to FEED the frenzie?

    Thanks for the comment… ALEC IS MINE! BACK OFF WOMAN!

    Welcome to sitcoms Amy!

  21. Oliver, Michael, Bernie! welcome to SITCOMS. Thank you for your comments! Much appreciated!

    Yeah, Um? Who? and Why? is this “EDITED for media / smearing purposes only” audio file public anyway? I would hate to have one of my voice mails gone public… I am famous for loosing my cool when I am heated, emotional or (over the top) passionate about something, or SOMEONE in this case….

  22. I agree with Ms. Hawthorne. Having been both a visiting father and a custodial one, I know that there is nothing harder than dealing with an ex-wife (or ex-husband, I imagine) with an agenda. It seems pretty obvious that Mr. Baldwin is desperate to have regular, on-going communication with his daughter and ‘someone’ (Kim Bassinger? Hmmmm) is meddling. Good call, Meleah!

  23. Ahem!! I never said I was an anti-Alec, I am an anti-BALDWIN which means all the Baldwin brothers, cousins, nephews, sisters, next door neighbors, dentists etc etc.
    No more comments about him 🙂 will wait for your next blogger Ms. Mel 🙂

  24. You said exactly what I’ve been thinking and feeling. And all day today I’ve been defending Alec to whomever brought it up- it’s like “huge news” to everyone. Please! You all should have heard some of the things both my parents said to me growing up, especially in adolescence, and guess what? I love them both very much and have good relationships with them today. The reaction of everyone to this is just another item adding to my ever increasing feeling that we are becoming more and more a nation of the word the rhymes with wussies. From this Imus thing, to fighting terrorism, to everyone’s damn political correctness, every damn person is offended by everything now. We all need to grow a pair, and teach our children to be tougher, as well. I don’t have kids yet, but I want them to be able to face a scary world and come out on top. I know I meandered a bit off topic, but who as a kid hasn’t got their butt whipped even? And aren’t we fine now? The kid will be fine, too.

  25. OK I must admit I nave not been a fan of the Saldwins and all their publicised trials and tribs but I must say that Alec handled himself ,dispite what it sounds like,with a COPIUSand abundunt amount of parental tact by refraining from profanity when he accused his daughter, or/and ex-wieypoo,of being a selfish “SELFISH LITTLE PIG!”. THAT is the heart of the matter.I too, would be offended,and deeply hurt ,nbot to mention saddened and ,possibly scared for life, I applaude him for that because that is a language that either of the girls can clearly understand.
    LOLLY HERE aka (in my opinion)


  27. I was torn over this one. Having two boys and having to leave them numerous messages before getting a response I do feel his frustration. I think he is wrong saying some of the things to his daughter no matter how much frustrated he had become. I don;t think he should lose any visitation rights in fact they should probably provide more time in order to maybe make them closer. I have to comment that it does show a side of Alex which has been shown in the past that he has a temper and maybe should get some help in controling that. I know going through a divorce the other parent does impact the relationship with the other parent. So hope it does work out for him but still think he needs some help in controling his anger.

  28. Hi Ms. Hawthorne,

    You have a real way of looking at things from another perspective. How many of us have yelled at our own children, & been irrationally angry and arent we glad those tiradesarent on tpae for the world to hear. We can pick and choose lots of other peoples behavior to meet a specific message were trying to send about that person, but it doesnt tell the whole story and you really pointed that out.

  29. I just can’t believe he lost cutsody over this.

    Kim bassinger, “the faultless mother” is so hungry for attention instead of encouraging a father/daugher relationship for her broken family, she chose to magnify ALECS harsh message for her own sick pleasure. Now the media has blown it all up , like she wanted, and her name is being brought up all over and she is loving it.

    I would rather see Kim out nightclubbing without panties then hear her bitch and complain about how Alec sux as a father.

    Shes a piece of shit for not realizing that he wants a relationship with his kid!!!

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  39. I totally didn’t see it that way, thanks for putting a new spin on it. You are totally right, and it completely pisses us of when the “kids” (28 and 26) don’t return our texts, vm’s or even bother to answer the phone, we say all of those things, just not on vm.

  40. Well, Meleah, you know how you always say “I don’t care about football” ? I don’t care about movie stars … I expect them to be narcissists and I’m never surprised at anything they do. So I don’t have an opinion. But I’ve never seen a post set off such a firestorm of comments, with commenters picking on each other, even.

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