The Bob Saget Comedy Central Roast


This was the funniest Roast I’ve had the sheer pleasure of watching in a very long time. I haven’t laughed this hard in I cant remember when. If you didn’t have the chance to see it for yourself, check out this link to see what you missed.

One of my favorite Roasters of the evening was given by the very old, and yet still very talented Cloris Leachman. I can only hope to maintain her sense of humor when I am her age.

When the award-winning actress sniped, “I can’t believe I shaved for this. I mean, what am I even doing here? Who cares about Bob Saget?” I was in stitches. However, one of her best lines was her opening statement when she said, “I didn’t come here to Roast Bob Saget. I came here to f*ck John Stamos.” I just about fell out of my chair. Believe you me, there are plenty of more classic jokes, and hilarious quotes where that came from.

The Comedy Central Bob Saget roast will re-broadcast this Tuesday August 19th at 1opm. Do not miss it.

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